The Harbaughs Donated Meals for Baltimore Hospital Workers

Ingrid Harbaugh and John Harbaugh arrive at the 3rd annual NFL Honors.

Last week, Head Coach John Harbaugh called critical-care workers at Union Memorial Hospital to hear from them about the COVID-19 crisis and provide any encouragement he could.

It went beyond that, as Harbaugh and his wife, Ingrid, also donated to the Central Baltimore Partnership to fund two meals a day for all emergency and critical-care workers at the hospital over four weeks.

The program is called Square Meals and it was developed in collaboration with the owners of several Central Baltimore restaurants. As of last week, the program had raised an additional $30,000, per The Baltimore Sun.

"This makes the Harbaughs our largest donors, and we are deeply grateful," CBP executive director Ellen Janes said in a release.

"It's the absolute least we could do. We're looking for other ways to help as well," Harbaugh said during his call to the workers.

"We are just so appreciative and so proud of what you do. I know you guys take it in stride and I know you feel like it's part of the duty, and in some ways what you signed up for. But it doesn't lessen the sacrifice and service and courage."

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