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The Law Firm: Smith, Smith & Associates


Steve Smith Sr. has a nickname for he and Torrey Smith.

"I think you can call us, 'The Law Firm: Smith, Smith & Associates,'" he said with a wide grin Wednesday.

Yes, Steve Smith came up with that on the spot. Now there's the matter of performing well enough to make it stick.

The 25-year-old Smith has the blazing speed and an overall growing game. The 35-year-old Smith has the feistiness and the experience.

Put them together and it's one fine duo.

"I think that we can be as good as anyone out there," Torrey Smith said. "We just have to work and go out there and do it."

Last season, the Denver Broncos had the league's top wide receiver pair with Demaryius Thomas (1,430 yards) and Eric Decker (1,288). Decker is now with the New York Jets, however.

The Chicago Bears had the league's second-most productive twosome with Alshon Jeffery (1,407 yards) and Brandon Marshall (1,295), and have a good chance of repeating that success.

The Ravens' Smiths could give them a run.

Torrey Smith is one of the NFL's brightest young receivers. Last year, he finished 17th in the league in receiving yards (1,128). He was the league leader in receiving yards after five weeks last season, but finished with just 176 receiving yards in the final four games.

Smith has upped his game each season, and should get plenty of chances to produce in new Offensive Coordinator Gary Kubiak's system, which utilizes bootlegs and complex routes to get receivers open deep. His role could be similar to that of Andre Johnson, who enjoyed six Pro Bowl seasons in Kubiak's offense in Houston.

"[Torrey Smith's] going to have a breakout season, and I'm excited," Head Coach John Harbaugh said.

Whenever Torrey Smith is asked about what he's improved specifically, he always says his entire game. It's the route-running, it's his hands, it's his knowledge of what defenses are doing.

Quarterback Joe Flacco pointed directly to the route-running. Flacco admitted that he was previously "never quite comfortable" throwing a short stop route to Smith when a defender was playing bump coverage against him.

"I think I was 100 percent with him these OTAs and minicamp, and I feel really comfortable," Flacco said. "I don't know if something is hitting his brain a little differently there, or something like that, but that's just an example of him getting a better understanding for some things and running some things a little better."

It could be a bit of Steve Smith rubbing off.

Steve Smith drew praise from Harbaugh for coming back to the ball routinely during practice. He's drawn rave reviews throughout organized team activities (OTAs), minicamp and the start of training camp for more than that. He's shown a bit of everything.

Steve Smith burned speedy cornerbacks Lardarius Webb and Chykie Brown for touchdowns in Thursday's first full training camp practice. He's had diving catches, one-handed grabs and sideline snags.

He's done it all with his own flair. After each of his impressive catches, he'll often jump up and spin the football on its nose. He'll even yell for other receivers to do it after they score touchdowns.

Still, Smith knows his career is on the opposite trending direction as Torrey Smith's. While Torrey Smith's receiving yards have gone up each year, Steve Smith's decreased last season. He went from 1,174 yards in 2012 to 745.

"You can never perform at as high a level at 35 that you did at 25," Steve Smith said. "My job is to go out there and catch what's catchable and have fun doing it. … Hopefully, I will accomplish better things statistically, but I'm living the dream."

When Steve Smith first signed, he said he was no longer a No. 1 receiver. That distinction would go to Torrey Smith, he said. But the younger Smith isn't about to proclaim himself Baltimore's top receiver either.

"I think we have a bunch of great receivers that can play," Torrey Smith said. "I'll never really get into the labeling thing, because what does it mean?"

The only label the Smiths are going by, for now, is the Law Firm.

"I saw that on twitter, man," Torrey Smith said. "Steve is crazy, man."

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