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'The Pressure Is On' With Five Fourth-Round Picks


Ravens Assistant General Manager Eric DeCosta entered the draft saying Baltimore's four fourth-round picks would "make or break" their class.

Well, DeCosta has even more picks to work with now.

After two trades Friday night, the Ravens netted an additional early fourth-round pick (No. 107 overall) and fifth-round pick (No. 146). Baltimore now has five picks in the fourth round (Nos. 104, 107, 130, 132 and 134).

"The pressure is on," DeCosta said Friday night. "We still have a lot of needs and a lot of really good players out there. We have a lot of guys that we're going to target."

The Ravens have yet to address needs at cornerback, inside linebacker, guard, wide receiver, returner and possibly safety and defensive tackle. They have also reportedly been active in the quarterback scouting process.

The Browns and Bears have four picks in the fourth round, but no team has as many as the Ravens' five. At one stretch between the end of the fourth and start of the fifth rounds, the Ravens will have four selections in 17 slots.

"It's going to be fun!" General Manager Ozzie Newsome said. "Tonight, a lot of work is going to get done on the fourth round, and when whoever it is from the league office says the fourth round is getting ready to start, we'll be ready."

That doesn't mean Newsome will use all of the picks, however.

"I will say, because we have all of those picks, our phone will be ringing again," he added. "The opportunity to take some of those picks and throw it into 2017 could present itself."

The Ravens could package picks to move up or, as Newsome said, roll one or two into next year. Only the first two fourth-round selections (104 and 107) can be traded. The three compensatory picks at the end of the round cannot.

DeCosta joked that Baltimore is in a "trading mood this year." The Ravens have stockpiled picks, subscribing to the theory that the more players you get, the higher the chance of hitting on one.

Some of the top targets in the fourth round include defensive tackle Andrew Billings, quarterback Connor Cook, cornerback Zack Sanchez, guard Christian Westerman, safety Miles Killebrew, inside linebacker Joshua Perry and many more.

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