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Tim White's Injury a 'Shot to the Heart,' But Creates Opportunity for Keenan Reynolds


It wasn't just Ravens fans who were smitten with undrafted rookie wide receiver Tim White.

Special Teams Coordinator/Associate Head Coach Jerry Rosburg said Monday that it was a "shot to the heart" when it was discovered Friday that White's season is done. The day after White scored a 33-yard touchdown on his first NFL catch, an MRI revealed torn ligaments around his thumb.

"We all saw his promise," Rosburg said, pointing to what White had done both on offense and special teams, where he was the team's first returner to take the field in Thursday night's preseason opener.

"Those are some of my favorite guys, the undrafted guys that come in and you see them blossom, and he was doing that before our very eyes. That's why we push him forward, because we thought he had some special qualities. The injury bug bit us."

Injuries are always tough, but a lot of people were rooting for White after his fast start. The Ravens hope White can turn into a dynamic wide receiver and returner down the road.

"I feel for him; I bleed for him," Rosburg continued. "He's still here. His time will come, and adversity for one man brings opportunity for others."

White's injury creates more chances for another fan favorite: Keenan Reynolds. Reynolds actually set up White's touchdown catch with a 46-yard punt return on the play before.

The record-setting former Navy quarterback caught the long punt and immediately set up one Washington Redskins special teamer with a fake to the outside. Reynolds then exploded up the seam, surprising another Redskins player. Suddenly, he was off to the races.

He ran by a third Redskin who dove fruitlessly at Reynolds' ankles, then split two more. It was as if every Washington player took the wrong angle. Reynolds had just the punter to beat, but he clipped Reynolds' ankle and forced him to trip and go down.

"Keenan hit it exactly how we like," Rosburg said. "It was beautiful, and I think Keenan also showed why he gained so many yards and touchdowns while he was in the Naval Academy.

"He ran a lot of inside running plays, and he can get vertical. He can put his foot in the ground and make people miss. He's developed a lot better ball-catching skills, both in punt return and kick return. So, he's going to get opportunities now to show us what he can do through the rest of training camp."

Reynolds said the team has been working during training camp on making the first player miss and then going straight up the field. He complimented veteran receiver Griff Whalen for helping to spring him with a key block.

As excited as Reynolds was after the play (there was a lot of shouting and flexing), and despite how happy Head Coach John Harbaugh looked on the sideline, Reynolds quickly moved on after the game. He also took some teasing from fellow wide receiver Jeremy Maclin about having his touchdown denied by a punter.

"I told him I tripped; he didn't tackle me," Reynolds quipped. "I mean, it's just a play. I've got to come back out and do it the next day, the next week."

Reynolds still has a lot of competition when it comes to making the 53-man roster. Michael Campanaro is another primary option for returning punts, and Campanaro sees more offensive action. Undrafted rookie wide receivers Quincy Adeboyejo and C.J. Board have also stood out.

Reynolds has made a ton of progress, and also displayed that during the team's practice at the U.S. Naval Academy. Now he needs to keep it up.

"You're remembered by the last play that you made out there, so every time I get out there, I just try to do my best and be the best Keenan that I can be," he said.

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