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Top 10 Moments From Ed Reed's Hall of Fame Speech

Ed Reed's speech at the Pro Football Hall of Fame was so Ed Reed. It was unpredictable and heartfelt.

Reed started crying before he even unfolded the notes he brought to the stage, which he said he wrote while sitting in the audience watching the Hall of Famers who spoke before him.

Reed touched on a wide variety of subjects, both lighthearted and serious, and thanked many people who helped him along the way.

Here are 10 top moments, in chronological order:

  1. When Ed took the stage smoking a huge cigar

2. When he saw his bust for the first time

3. "There's no place like Baltimore!"

4. When Ed showed love for the fans

5. When he gave nods to the Ravens' two other Hall of Famers

6. When he talked about the need to do better for under-privileged kids

7. Some playful jabs at the Bengals and Browns

8. When he thanked his barber

9. A shout out to a special man in O.J. Brigance

10. His powerful closing message

Check out former Ravens safety Ed Reed getting his Pro Football Hall of Fame gold jacket and the ceremony around the event.

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