Torrey Smith Not Panicking About Touches


Torrey Smith's season started with a bang on a 52-yard reception.

He hasn't had a whole lot since, however.

Through two weeks, Smith has four receptions for 108 yards and no touchdowns. It's a bit surprising considering Smith tore it up in training camp and the preseason.

"I'm not panicking at all," the second-year wide receiver said. "I haven't had the ball thrown too many times my way. It's not that I'm not getting open or Joe's not looking for me. It's just the progression at times. We'll get there."

Smith was targeted three times against Cincinnati in Week 1. He said the Bengals paid a lot of attention to him, especially after his long catch to open the game.

Smith was targeted five times in Philadelphia and caught two passes for 51 yards. One was a 40-yard reception on the final play of the third quarter, so Smith is still making big plays.

With all the weapons on the Ravens offense, the debate of who is getting touches and who is not may rage on throughout the season. If one player does get targeted, it means a whole lot more aren't.

"As we all know, there's one football," Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron said. "You're going to get to one guy at a time. [Smith] has been very involved, and we'll keep him very involved."

Cameron said opponents are probably studying Smith's technique after he had such a breakout rookie season. They're trying to read what routes are coming. "They know who he is; there's no doubt about it," Cameron said.

Opponents are also doing everything they can not to let Smith get deep on them, including jamming him at the line of scrimmage and continuing to jockey with him down the field. The Bengals especially rolled more help over to cover Smith.

"You have to try to get open regardless if there's 20 people on you or one," Smith said. "My job is to go out there and try to get open and I'm working on it."

Smith had a big game against the Patriots in the AFC championship last year. He notched three catches for 82 yards, including a 29-yard touchdown that gave the Ravens their first lead in the third quarter when he spun off a defender following a comeback route.

Now Smith is looking to do the same against a familiar foe in New England's Ras-I Dowling, who Smith battled during their college days at Maryland and Virginia, respectively.

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