Training Camp Transcript - Aug. 16

On why some of the players sat out of practice today:"All minor things. You know, bumps and bruises, unless I missed somebody in there. Chris Carr is a mild back spasm, Demetrius [Williams] is the hamstring. You just need to be careful with it. Who else did you say? Jarret [Johnson] has a back spasm. So, those are all things that we can work through. [Dannell] Ellerbe has a knee issue. He's got… It's called a sprained knee right now. It's going to be about a week for Ellerbe, probably. I don't think he'll play in the Jets game, probably."

On his thoughts of signing new QB Cleo Lemon: "We want to see how good he is. We want to see if he can help us. And with John Beck hurting his shoulder and being out for a little while, we need another arm in here anyway, and we had the roster spot opportunity. And Cleo is a guy that has had some success. He's been in the system with Cam [Cameron], so that's a real big plus. He can call the plays the first day – like you saw today. He didn't really miss a beat with that, and we'll just give him a chance to compete and see what he can do."

On the injury status of QB John Beck: "I don't think it's going to be very long. I'm not sure how many days. We'll probably know more tonight when we have our meeting with the trainers, but it shouldn't be too long."

On today being one of the hottest days in camp: "Was it? What was the temperature, 95, 96? What was the humidity? It didn't seem that bad."

On if today's practice was the longest practice of training camp: "Was it our longest practice? We don't really time them. We just have certain things we want to get done."

On if today's practice was planned to be that long: "We felt like we needed it. When we were out here… Our guys are working hard, and we felt like we needed to get some things done."

On if he was impressed by his players handling the heat: "As far as the conditioning, I thought… We've been that way the whole camp. So it's not like we're going to come here for a long practice and be worried about whether the guys can hold up. They work hard the whole practice. They don't pace themselves, which is really important. Hopefully, we get better as a team."

On the status of WR Yamon Figurs: "The main thing with Yamon is that foot. He had the surgery in there, so sometimes the muscles will cramp up a little bit when they get fatigued. It's just a matter of endurance in some of the small muscles in the foot. That's what our doctors tell us anyway. The more he practices, the more endurance he's going to get."

On the status of CB Samari Rolle: "Samari, right now, is seeing a new specialist. We just don't want to take any chances with a neck [injury]. He had the surgery last year, so we're sending him to another specialist. They're going to do some tests. We just want to make sure. It's not like he needs this portion of training camp. Of course we'd love to have him out there, but I guess when you balance it out you say, 'Let's make sure the neck is all right first.'"

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