Transcripts: Broncos Postgame Quotes


On an injury update

"Coming out of the game, [S] Omar's [Bolden] got a foot we're checking out. [DE] Malik [Jackson] is being evaluated for a concussion and [S] David Bruton's got a hip. That's where we're at."

On the defense's control of the game

"It might be the greatest defensive football game I've ever been a part of as a coach. On both sides of the ball, it was just tremendous. It was a battle all day. Offensively, early in the game, we had a chance to make a couple big plays we didn't make. Then it was battle from then on, but [we] found a way to be at our best at the end with a huge drive. Defensively, like I said, we were at it all day long and then make the great play there at the end. That was [S Darian] Stew[art]. Just a tremendous play between he and David [Bruton Jr.] in the back end."

On if it seemed likely that one of the corner backs would have an interception due to the defensive pressure

"I think it was kind of that way on both sides, both offenses were struggling. They make the play defensively coming out. Defensively, we were close to making a couple big plays. We talked about turnovers turning the game--Two defensive touchdowns. You just keep battling. The good news is, as much as we were struggling offensively, nothing ever got away from us. We just needed to put a good drive together or something. It's nice to know you can win a football game like that. We physically held up and got it done."

On if the ineffectiveness of the running game hurting the passing game

"I think that we knew it would be tough to run the ball against them, but we didn't want to give up on it. At one point in the game, we got really out of whack as far as heavy run-to-pass. We struggled to run the ball at all coming out of the locker room in the second half. We just tried to do everything we can to stick with it. Obviously, the defensive touchdown gives you a little bit more patience as a coach. No, it's just a struggle all day. Give them credit. They're a great defensive football team. They got after us. We struggled with some situations, but we just kept battling."

On his rhythm with QB Peyton Manning

"It's got to be better than it was today. I've got to help him out better. Obviously, we've got to play better than we did offensively. Whether it's run or pass, it doesn't matter, but he kept battling and had us in the right situations there at the end of the game and made some big third downs. That's part of this league -- got to keep battling, but we've always got to get better."

On the importance of a defense that did not fold after allowing a late first down

"Clock-wise, we were at the point, I think we had one timeout because of an injury, so we lost a timeout. We weren't going to be able to do anything as far as hanging onto some time. It was about whether or not we were going to stop them. They got four new downs. The thing we did today, we played everybody. You go back and I think it was a key factor. One of the big third downs there at the end, I know [OLB] Von [Miller] and [OLB] Demarcus were standing by me and [Defensive Coordinator] Wade [Phillips] on the sidelines and we talked about everybody having to contribute."

On if this game felt different as the head coach

"No, it was another battle in the NFL. It was a great football game and just, like I said, it's hard to win in this league. I know for us a team, we talk about being physical, holding up physically and winning these type of football games. You've got to be able to win all kind of ways in this league. For us to find a way to win this game the way we did today is a big step."

On the importance of the final offensive drive

"It was huge, but I think the most important play was the first down play coming out of our end zone when [QB] Peyton [Manning] found [WR Demaryius Thomas] D.T., I think, for a first down. Or else maybe it was second and short, I can't remember, but we kept ourselves in second and short. I thought [RB] Ronnie [Hillman] came in and gave us a little juice. He made some really nice plays. We even had a chance there at the end -- we break a tackle on that third down. We've got a chance to finish the game the right way. It was hell of a drive. What was it, close to 11 minutes somebody told me? 10 minutes, 50-something seconds and 17, 18 plays. That keeps your defense off the field and you're getting something done."

On why Manning was sacked more today than usual

"I think it's a combination of things. Obviously, we can't get him hit like that. I'm thinking of three sacks right now. One was a play-action pas and one was a max protection that we busted, I want to say two of them might have been max protection. I'm thinking of three of the sacks, I don't know if there was four or not. We're in the best possible protection we can be in and we're getting sacked. I've got to go back and look at it. We're going to have to play a lot better. We as coaches have got to figure out how we can help them play better up front because we've got to protect them."

On if it is okay to win games this way

"You better be able to win this way in this league. It's just too tough a league. You've got to have confidence as a football team, when you get one of these games, that you will find a way to win. I don't think we ever panicked. We kept battling and did that. You're going to have to win some in this league 42 to 35, too. We know that. But today we got it done and it was a tremendous job defensively and just a gut check as a football team."

On how to improve as a team before Kansas City

"It's a tough start for us. You play a late game on Sunday and then turn around and play Thursday on the road. There's not much time for us to get everybody fresh and get a game plan going. It's another challenge in this league. You know it is coming. You've got to be able to handle it. We've got to get our guys fresh and ready to go. We're probably playing in as a tough a place as you can play in this league. We understand that."

On if he is surprised Manning has not scored a touchdown this season or preseason

"Obviously, we've got to get that done, but I sure am excited about the fact that we won today. That's what matters -- finding a way to win. We played a great football team today. They played a great game just as well as we did, but we found a way to win. That's the most important thing."

On what it means to be given the game ball from Executive V.P. of Football Operations/GM John Elway

"I'm excited, obviously. It means a lot to me, but I'm just more excited for the football team. To me, we have been working toward a mindset that we can win games this way -- physically, as a football team. To walk out of here today and get it done the way we got it done, that's why I'm so proud of these guys. It took everybody we had."


On if a defensive win is still a good win to him

"Yeah, it's a team win is what I think. Our defense played outstanding. [CB Aqib] Talib made a good play, obviously, to kind of negate the turnover that our offense had, so that was huge. Of course, a great stop at the end. You're getting down there, Baltimore had some momentum and just refused to break. To get the turnover there on that third down, keeping them from getting one more shot at it was really fun to watch. Everybody did their part. Just a great defensive performance. Offensively, certainly did some good things to start the game. We had a 16-play drive to start the game and then an 18-play drive at the end of the game. Of course, settled for field goals, which wasn't enough to win, but certainly like to finish those with touchdowns. We've just got to find a way to punch it in the end zone."

On why the offense relied more on the pass than the run

"I'm not really the spokesperson for that. I'll just tell you that Baltimore's got a really good defense. They were pretty stout all day against the run like they have been against a lot of teams. In the end, I thought our line hung in there. On that last drive, we created some holes. They sort of got more comfortable there on that last drive and created some nice holes. [RB] Ronnie [Hillman] and [RB] C.J. [Anderson] made some nice runs. That's kind of what you've got to do verses these guys. It's not going to be these gaping holes throughout the entire game. I think we've got to build off that last drive. That'd be pretty impressive."

On the chemistry he has with the wide receivers

"Everybody is looking for these summaries of our offense and our team after Week  1 and I just don't think we're going to be able to do that. It's Week 1. We're a work in progress. If you need a catchy headline for your little article or whatever it is you might be doing, we're trying to get better every single week. What's another cliché I can think of? We're chipping away. Something along those lines."

On why he played in the shotgun to start the game

"Like I said, these are pretty specific offensive scheme questions. I don't think I'm the right guy to have to answer those type of questions. Every game plan's going to be different. However, our coaches think we need to attack a certain defense based on what they're doing. I think you'll see a mix of that probably throughout the entire season, but every game's going to have kind of a different game plan, different type of identity."

On throwing short passes and less deep passes

"Once again, every play may have a deep threat on that play with a short throw, as well. [I] had a couple of chances to [WR] Emmanuel [Sanders]. [I] just missed him by a little bit. It's not a team that you want to sit back there and test how long you can hold the ball against. I think the smart way to play against those guys is to try to get the ball out of your hands quickly and take some shots. We had some chances for some other shots down the field but weren't able to quite get everything taken care and couldn't really get the throw. That just happens in Week One. We're going to keep grinding and try to play better, certainly against Kansas City. That would certainly be our objective."

On the encouragement of having a good defense

"Sure, we're excited about the win. Great win. Beat Baltimore at home in Week 1 against a team that we just know is going to be in the postseason. They always are. They're always a Super Bowl contender. It's a tough team. You beat them at home. Like I said, the one thing that no matter how many times you ask it, this is not three different teams we have here. We don't have a Broncos offensive team, a Broncos defensive tea and a Broncos special teams. That's how you have to ask the question, right? But the Broncos beat the Ravens today. There's your summary right there."

On his analysis of his performance

"Just fair, I guess. We were kicked off to a good start. I thought we were going to have some pretty good things and felt in a pretty good rhythm early. I thought we were pretty good on third down on day. Usually [we were] pretty good on third down. It just seemed like we had to overcome too many each drive. We had to overcome some third-and-longs and had to do another one three plays later, which was tough. We had some self-inflicted wounds with some pre-snap procedure penalties. I had a delay, [which] actually, we overcame. We had some pre-snap penalties which set us back and it just hurt us being able to finish those drives. I'm pretty tough on myself most weeks so you'd be hard pressed for me to tell you that I played great, even if I did. I'm going with fair."

On why he incurred a delay of game penalty

"Earned the delay? Just trying to get a protection square. Trying to get their guys accounted for. Just couldn't get the snap off in time."

On not looking as comfortable in this offense

"I'd expect that to be the case. It's kind of a new."

On having days off in training camp

"That's really I think irrelevant. When you make some changes, everybody's kind of feeling their way out. It's just going to be a work in progress and we're going to try and improve throughout the season."

On if he wanted to call an audible in the game but didn't feel comfortable


On why the offensive line performed better on the last drive

"I just think we probably got into a rhythm. Maybe the offensive line -- we were going against a really good front -- they probably got a little beat on some of the things they were doing in their front. Everybody just executed and did their job. Of course, it couldn't have happened at a more critical time. That's what we can, I think, build off of as an offense of what we did when we had to have it -- backed up on our own four, just trying to change field position and keep from punting. We'd been having some three-and-outs and been punting a little bit. That's not what you want to do. Baltimore's got the wind with them. We're down three. To flip field position was critical, but to convert those third downs and go down there and get a field goal was critical. It made a huge impact on the game. Now our defense has to give up a touchdown, as opposed to a field goal, and you're looking at over time. That was something we can build on and I believe that we will. Like I said, it came at a really critical time."

Broncos S darian stewart

On his interception to end the game"I just saw the ball. It allowed me to have vision and I was able to make the play."

On Head Coach Gary Kubiak's emotions after the game
"I think any time you win in this league, you have to take it. He's happy. As a defense, we played a good game and we made something happen out there when we needed to. "

On getting help from S David Bruton Jr. in coverage on the final play"I think I could've got there, but he was in perfect position to at least tip the ball up a little more for me. I appreciate that from him, definitely."

On if Ravens TE Crockett Gillmore got a hand on the ball on the final play
"I just saw the ball. I don't know if his hands were on it or not. I just tried to grab the ball and made the play."

On playing his former team
"Yeah, I made a play. That was big. I think as a defense, overall, I think we've done some good things after today."

On if his interception was the play of his career

"It's up there. Yes, definitely."

On how it felt to make the interception against his former team

"It felt great. That's my old team and it was just good to go out there and finally get to hit them. I wasn't ever able to touch them last year, so I was active today. It was good."

On the irony that former Broncos S Rahim Moore wore No. 26

"I'm aware of it, but that's one guy. I'm not one to make anything out of it. It's a new guy, so I'm able to make that play."

On how gratifying it was to cap off a good defensive performance

"We knew that someone had to make a big play. They were able to get the ball all the way down to the 10. [Ravens QB] Joe [Flacco] came to me, so it was good."

On how good the defense can be

"I think that we can be No. 1 absolutely, without a doubt. From the rush to the secondary and linebackers, I think that we have what it takes. It's just staying consistent and just playing ball. I was thinking the other day, the potential that we have in that room is big. Every week there's someone that's going to have to see us."


On his pick six

"It was a premium look for us. We were going to get the play all day. I checked the situation. I saw the look. He threw it right to me."

On getting pressure on the quarterback early and often

"It's a dream come true. It's a DB's dream to have that kind of pressure up front. You put that kind of pressure on a quarterback, he's throwing off his heels a lot. Receivers have to get in their route; not a lot of dancing at the line. It's a DB's dream to have pressure like that."

On the defense steeping up

"We try to make it happen all day. We don't really pay attention to how the game is going. Every time we go out, we try to make a play trying to score touchdowns. I'm sure our offense is trying to do the same thing, special teams trying to do the same thing. That's just how we are as Broncos."

On being OK with the philosophy of winning games defensively
"If the defense wins it, makes a big play at the end to win it, that's great. But at the same time, after the touchdown, we were up three. Peyton put together a 10-minute drive to put us up six and make them need a touchdown, so that was huge for us by the offense."

On the dropped pass by Steve Smith Sr."I think when you really look at it, [Bradley Roby] got a hand on that ball and kind of misdirected it, you know, changed the course of the ball and made Steve drop it. It was a huge play by Roby."

On playing a short week"We're professionals. We've all played on Thursday nights before. We've all done it before. [Coach Gary Kubiak] has a great gameplan for us as far as how we're going to practice this week. If we come out pretty healthy, we'll be all right."

On S Darian Stewart becoming rising star in secondary
"Huge play. That was another pretty good look for us. We had a good idea of what was coming. [David Bruton] got a hand on the ball. Bruton played real good defense on the seam route, tipped it up and [Darian Stewart] ended the game for us. It was a great play."

On playing under Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips
"There's not a lot of talking on Wade's D. He calls a play, we line up and just go. There's not a lot of checks. There's not a lot of communication at all. His defense allows you to play so fast. I think it's paying off for us."

On the possibility of a Peyton Manning team having a defensive identity
"I think John Elway had like 115 yards and won the Super Bowl one time, so it's definitely possible."

On Ravens OLB Terrell Suggs' season-ending injury
"He's one of the greatest edge centers, pass rushers, edge players. Period. With him down, that's a huge loss for them. I'm just now hearing that. That's sorry to hear."


On the defense being aggressive

"No doubt. Our main responsibility on defense is to get to the ball. So if we have multiple guys around the football, good stuff is going to happen -- like the last play, me pulling it out and Stew [S Darian Stewart] with the pick. It's great stuff. It's just how we've been taught since April, since we came back for OTAs, and that's what we want to do."

On what he saw on the interception

"Oh, three-by-one, I knew they were going to go to their tight end. He [Ravens TE Crockett Gilmore] is a big target; he's made plays throughout the preseason. They went to him on the fourth down [earlier on the drive], so I felt like they probably had something. So I was just playing for that, and if he ran it out, he ran it out. I was going to take care of that middle read."

On whether he proved that he should play extensively

"Yeah, I definitely think so. They said they had confidence in me and I think I've shown that they can continue having confidence in me with live bullets. I'm very ecstatic that the coaches have confidence in me to play every down."

On the defense making the difference-making plays

"It's great. We know that we can go out there and win the game. Sometimes it's going to fall on the offense; sometimes it's going to fall on the defense. Sometimes special teams has got to make its mark. I feel like we definitely, as a defense as a whole, we made plays, whether it's getting to the quarterback, getting to the ball, no matter what it was, we made the plays that we needed to make."


On the offense looking like 'Peyton's offense' vs 'Kubiak's offense'"I think the tempo was more Peyton's tempo. We were running our plays for the most part, what we've done previously in Kubiak's offense. The tempo, which we want to do here, we want to keep it up tempo and wear those guys out. I think we definitely were when it came to the fourth quarter and that big drive we could tell how tired they were getting. We have to play better though that's the bottom line."

On the defense and how much they helped the offense

"You can say that a bunch more times. They've been playing super well all of the preseason and to see them step up today, obviously, a huge defensive battle. We have to be better on offense. But the plays the defensive guys made, scoring a touchdown. Big stops there on defense, especially there at the end by [S] Darian [Stewart]. It's hard to pass rush over and over again, but those guys were and you can't say enough about them."


On S Darian Stewart's interception

"That was a great play by Darian to just come up big. He [Ravens QB Joe Flacco] was really watching me and Robe [CB Bradley Roby], then he [Stewart] came out of nowhere on the tight end. That's great awareness. That's something that we've missed in the past and to be able to have that in the middle, that's huge."

* *

On CB Aqib Talib's interception and return

"Some games, [QB] Peyton [Manning] needs a boost, so that's what we had to do. We had to give him that little boost and then usually everything turns around. That was a great play by Talib and was really a game-changing play."

On the defense's ability to stop the run

"That's what we were going to do. We were going to load the box and you can throw the ball on Talib and me. That's what it's going to be all year. We expected a challenge, and we're glad to have that challenge. [Defensive Coordinator] Coach Wade [Phillips] has a lot of confidence in us and that's how it's going to be all year."

On Talib gambling on his interception

"That was film study. We had a great film study and he was able to know the route concept. With that pressure, Flacco, he had to get rid of it and Talib made a great play."


On the game

"In the end we came out with the 'W'. To me, that's all that matters."

On the defense making it look easy against a great QB like Ravens QB Joe Flacco

"It's never easy. I just think we played our techniques. We ran to the ball, we out-physicaled them I think and that's why we stopped them."

On how good he feels for S Darian Stewart (former Raven, current Bronco)

"I feel great for him. The team didn't sign him back or whatever the case may be and he came here and got the game-sealing interception against his old team; I bet those guys are regretting letting him go right now."

On the challenge of dealing with a short week before Thursday night game at Kansas City

"It's tough. Everybody's body is a little beat up after the first game so everybody is a little tired. But, everybody has to go through it. We just have to push through the circumstances and we can't control that."

On what it was like to have the game come down to the defense needing to make a stop

"It was awesome. It was one of the first games that we won like this, since I've been here at least. It felt great to be able to say that the defense won the game for us. We put our offense in great positions and we put ourselves in great positions. I just think it was a great day and we won the game. It was a tough win and now we're going to Kansas City."

On this defense being aggressive and designed to win football games

"This defense is great. [Defensive Coordinator] Wade [Phillips] and those coaches do a great job with the scheme. Historically, it's a great defense and we have the players to play in it and to dominate. When you bring that defense here, with all of our talent, the sky is the limit. That's the style of defense we play. Everyone is a one-to-one battle, I had the running back on that play and I beat him on the one-to-one and I got the sack. It's great to have that happen in my first game back. I'm just elated right now."

On Ravens QB Joe Flacco getting rid of the ball quickly to avoid sacks

"He did. He knew we had pressure (coming). But when he got rid of the ball, most of the time it was incomplete so that's great. Kudos to the secondary, kudos to the rushers and everybody got to the quarterback and we covered well all day."

On blitzing in a close-and-late situation like that:

"It feels good. I think whatever [Defensive Coordinator] Wade [Phillips] decides to call is a great defense. He's a seasoned, very seasoned vet as far as play calling, being a defensive coordinator, and we have the players to play the defense regardless. He might feel like we have such good rushers, we might not have to blitz, but then he might say, 'OK, let's dial it up, and have everybody have one-on-one [coverage], or somebody's going to be free,' whatever the case may be, and that's why we did great today."

Broncos kicker brandon mcmanus

On whether being in a low-scoring game adds more pressure for him"I don't think you can look at it that way. Obviously, you don't want to put any added pressure on yourself. Trust me, each kick is hard enough alone, so you don't want to add any pressure to yourself. I was just obviously excited that we got this win and had a great game."

On the Broncos going with him as the kicker

"Yeah, obviously it definitely helps to have a big leg, but I know I had to work on some accuracy in the offseason. I did that and I was happy to earn this job and show to this team that I can do this job well. It's great to have a great game and have a team win today."

On whether he feels more confident when he lines up to take a kick this season"I wouldn't say I ever felt unconfident. I just knew that no matter what I would be in the same spot on every single kick. I knew that I would have the same rhythm compared to in the past I might have been a little off and it might have resulted in a missed kick. I know that I'm in my right groove out there now and I don't think I have any more confidence or any less."

On being only the second player in NFL history to have two kicks over 56 yards in the same game"Obviously I don't know those types of stats, but that's definitely exciting. It was a great win to start the season I would say."


On the final defensive play and his emotions from the sidelines"That's exciting. I think my heart was racing as much as everybody else's and they held them off for the win."

On whether he felt he was going to be so involved in Week 1

"I don't know; that was up to the coaches. I was ready to play and we'll go back and look at the film to be able to tell you how I did. I think I did alright."

On having to play Kansas City in such a quick turnaround"I'm excited about it. I'm excited to get back out there and have a chance to get to 2-0 before anybody else."

On his anticipation leading up to this game"Yeah, it's exciting. For me, it's been a year or two since I've been out there, so I was excited about it. Just really excited to get this win, honestly."


On his performance despite not playing in the preseason"Yeah it felt good to be back out there; the first drive I got an opportunity to catch three first downs so I was excited about that. You know, this game is about being able to get in a rhythm and I was able to get in a rhythm early."

On the offense not appearing to be in a rhythm throughout the game

"Yeah, you know it happens. But the good thing is we still won the game. We have an opportunity to go in the lab and just keep getting better. We have guys like myself that haven't played in a preseason game and we're just trying to find our way. The good thing is, as long as we win our games there won't be any complaining from me."

On the inefficiencies on offense being a result of timing or just bringing in a new offense"I think it is a little bit of both. I think it is just an adjustment that we have to make, but at the same time when we took our shots we weren't able to connect on those. I should have run faster on some of those deep balls and we wouldn't even be having this conversation. So, that's two touchdowns right there. We just have to continuously get better. I think we have the guys in this locker room that are willing to do that."

On the fans booing the offense at one point"Ah, I don't know. It is what it is. You know how it is, one day you're getting booed, the next day you're getting cheered. That's the process of the NFL. We all understand that. So, we just have to get back in the lab and create some touchdowns. The good thing is we have an opportunity Thursday night against Kansas City."

On how vital it was to get a win leading up to the Kansas City game"Any time you win, no matter what team is four days away or one day away, any time you get a win in the National Football League you have to celebrate that and I'm extremely happy."

On his thoughts on the defense and their performance"The defense always plays spectacular. [Defensive Coordinator] Wade [Phillips] has said several times that this may be one of the best defenses he's ever coached. They showed up today and thank God. They made a big play at the end of the game, but we expected that out of them. [CB Aqib] Talib's touchdown definitely sparked a lot of energy in the stadium and throughout the team. It was good to see those guys score on defense."


On the play of the defense

"It's just another day. We always talk about, from a defensive standpoint, of just being consistent. It sort of rolled over from the preseason to the season and that's what it's about. As a defense, being able to close the game out shows that we really matured from last year. We have to keep it up each game."

On the magnitude of the win

"It's a big win for us and the thing is that we have a short week. We can get to 2-0 fast or we can go downhill. We're going to take it one step at a time, get ready to practice tomorrow and get ready for Kansas City."

On tying former New Orleans and San Francisco LB Rickey Jackson on the all-time sacks list

"I didn't even know that, but that's a big deal when you talk about being consistent throughout your career. There is a lot more ball to be played. I'm just going to get out there and do what I need to do."

On missing a few plays

"[OLB] Von [Miller] and I hit each other. He just kneed me in my thigh. We were trying to get to the quarterback at the same time. After that you know how it is, your muscle sort of cramps up a little bit once you get that impact, then it loosened up and I was able to go back out."

On the playmakers in the secondary

"That's what has really been helping out the pass rush. Guys, especially in [Defensive Coordinator] Wade's [Phillips] defense, being able to rush the passer up front is first and foremost. In the back end, they're able to make the quarterback hold the ball for us to get pressure and then making the plays that they need to make."

On if there is room to grow as a defense

"There's always room to grow. You just have to be your worst critic, forget about this game and get ready for Kansas City because it's a short week."

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