Transcripts: Friday Media Availability: Dolphins- Week 14


Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement: "OK, good to see you guys. Appreciate you guys being here, and obviously, we're preparing and ready to go for Sunday."

John, we haven't spoken to you since the suspension with DT Haloti Ngata. Just kind of your thoughts on when you heard the news and what happened? (Jamison Hensley) "Pretty broad question." (Reporter: "Just your thoughts.") "My thoughts are my own. They are what they are. The important thing is preparing for this game, getting this game right and doing what we have to do to win the game. And that has been my thought. That's all we really have time for. Any other thought is not important."

Your thoughts on the guys playing for [DT Haloti Ngata], their readiness for Sunday? (Aaron Wilson) "They're ready. Yes, the guys are definitely ready to go. We're deep in that position, and I'm excited to see the guys play, all the guys play. Those young guys are going to get an opportunity to play. They're prepared."

One guy missed practice for an unusual reason [for] his civic responsibility. DE DeAngelo Tyson [had] jury duty. (Aaron Wilson) "Yes, DeAngelo [Tyson] had jury duty yesterday."

*Have you ever had a player [miss practice for jury duty?] (Jamison Hensley) "No, never have I had a player or coach miss for jury duty. It's a first." *(Reporter: "I mean, it is in important game this week. Did you maybe say…") "What can I say about it? I'm not in charge of jury duty. (laughter) I'd love to be in charge of jury duty. Tell it to the judge." (Reporter: "You could possibly, maybe work around and get it delayed maybe.") "Could he? Did you get yours delayed? I don't know how that works. I'm not aware of that." (Reporter: "If it's work related.") "So you've gotten jury duty delayed before, huh?" (Reporter: "You just have to suggest another time, and usually they acquiesce.") "Oh, really? OK. I'm not in charge of that in our organization. You have to talk to whoever's in charge of jury duty in our organization."

Coach, is this almost like a playoff game. These last four games it's coming right down to the wire. (Jim Forner) "You know what it is? It's the 13th game of the season, and we need a win. That's what it is. It's a very important game, and we're preparing for it and we're ready to go. We can't wait to play."

Encouraged by getting RB Justin Forsett and WR Torrey Smith back today? (Aaron Wilson) "Yes, we knew [Justin Forsett and Torrey Smith] were coming back today."

*And the importance of now having TE Phillip Supernaw back at a time when you might need a tight end. Was it nice to have him available to put him back here? (Jamison Hensley) *"Yes, we like Phillip [Supernaw]. Phillip is a really good player, and it was fortunate that we got him back when we did. He did have a nice week of practice."

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