Transcripts: Kamar Aiken Conference Call 10/6

WR Kamar Aiken  

On how much personal responsibility he feels with WR Steve Smith Sr. possibly missing time: "I don't feel any personal responsibility. It's still a group that we have, and we're still going to approach it the same way and just prepare ourselves the best way we can."

On how important it is to stack games: "It's important to always be more consistent and to be able to stack those games. At the same time, all I can control is what I can control, and that's just [taking it] day by day and going to work and doing what I can do to prepare myself for those situations."

On whether more attention will be paid to the wide receiver group's performance without WR Steve Smith Sr.: "We've been getting that even with Steve [Smith Sr.] being 100 percent, so I don't think that's going to change. We're just going to continue to grind and count on each other. We're a pretty confident group in each other, and I think we'll get the job done."

On whether it is strange to lose receivers that the group started the season with: "It would be if I was a rookie, but I've been in the league for a couple years now, and I've seen it year-in, year-out, and that's just the NFL pretty much."

On if losing wide receivers has become like a domino effect: "It is, but every team goes through their little nicks and knacks, and we just have to handle it the best way we can while we're going through it right now."

On what makes him a better receiver now compared to a few seasons ago: "Experience. I've been able to gain experience. Nothing prepares you more than going out there and actually getting to play and being able to mess up and then correct your mistakes and go forward like that. I would say experience was the biggest thing for me."

On how he stacks days to improve his game: "For me, personally, doing what I have to do during the week in practice. I [give] a lot of credit to the coaches putting me in good spots and positions to win. So, I [would] say a combination of both should help us out a little more on the consistency side."

On how QB Joe Flacco elevates the wide receiver group: "Joe [Flacco] is great. He gives us perfect balls. He's always in the huddle … I know you guys might not see him talk much or encourage much, but he's always trying to motivate us in the huddle and tell us, 'Let's go!' and stuff like that. It's great to have Joe as a quarterback, even with us going through all this. That's why I feel so confident that we'll be fine."

On how QB Joe Flacco encourages the offense: "[Joe Flacco encourages us] just to get us going in the huddle or something like that. He'll tell us, 'Let's go!' or stuff like that. But that's not stuff that, I guess, people usually see out of him. But he does do it, and we rally behind that."

On how he would have reacted at the beginning of the season to being the No. 1 receiver going into Week 5: "What is a No. 1 receiver?" (Reporter: "The top threat, let's say.") "I wouldn't know what to say. I feel like all of us are top threats. It just depends where the ball goes that day."

On receiving more fantasy football attention on social media with WR Steve Smith Sr. potentially not playing on Sunday: "I really don't get into fantasy football or the other stuff. I'm not even sure Steve [Smith Sr.] is out this week. I haven't even heard that. He is still day-to-day from what I know. I don't really get into fantasy – the fantasy stuff – and stuff like that with friends or fans."

On how teams will play their defense differently if WR Steve Smith Sr. is out:"To be honest, I haven't really seen them do much to* *say they're just taking away Steve [Smith Sr.]. I've just seen defenses change it up on us and run different coverages, but I haven't seen people bracketing Steve a lot. I think we've been getting a pretty good deal of respect across the board."

On whether the team can stretch the field:"We feel like we can stretch the field. We just haven't been getting coverages that have allowed us to be able to. We had opportunities, and we came up short on some."

On whether it means something special to be lined up against a defense's No. 1 cornerback like CB Joe Haden: "No, not really. I went against Joe [Haden] last year, so I wouldn't look at it like that. I don't really pay attention to it being a No. 1 corner. I respect every corner out there that plays, just because of how I came into the situation I'm in. I respect everybody that's out there, whether it's the No. 1 or the No. 4."

On QB Joe Flacco not favoring one receiver over another and throwing to the player that is open: "Yes, that's one thing I've been able to experience with Joe [Flacco] compared to other quarterbacks I've been with. It doesn't really matter – the name on the back of the jersey; he's going to find whoever is open. When you have quarterbacks like that, it encourages you to run your route to win every time, because you [don't know] if the ball is coming your way. Even if you're not in the progression, it still might come your way."

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