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Transcripts: Ravens Day 2 Draft Pick Conference Calls


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Second-Round Pick: OLB Tyus Bowser

On his immediate reaction to being drafted by the Ravens:"It is hard to describe right now. Just in my mind, I was hoping … I got a call from a Maryland number – and just talking to my agent and how the visit went with them – I was hoping that I got a call from them. Just seeing that number on my phone, it was amazing."

On what stands out about his pre-draft visit with the Ravens:"Just the coaches, being able to talk with them and seeing how down to earth and how real they are. That is just always what I want, that is how I have always been – just having coaches that can be real with me and are down to earth and real cool to be with. The football team and just how it is now and what they stand for and the culture, [there are] just a lot of things about the team that I really enjoyed on my visit there."

On if his basketball skills can translate to sacking the quarterback:"Yes sir. Just being able to play basketball, you can guard a lot of smaller guards and quicker guards. I played shooting guard, so I am out on the wing trying to play against quicker guys, and I just felt using that and what I did in basketball to be able to cover receivers and running backs and tight ends – I feel like that contributed a lot."

On what he knows about the Ravens' defensive tradition:"Just a hard-nosed team, a hard-nosed defense that goes out there and plays hard and takes it seriously every single Sunday. [They are] just a great team and [it's about] just bonding with brothers and being able to come together as a team and play hard for each other."

On the opportunity to play with and learn from OLB Terrell Suggs:"It is amazing. I got the chance to see him on film and get to see how he plays. I kind of critique my game off of him, too. Just being able to have that chance now to play with him – I'm speechless right now."

On what type of player the Ravens are getting: "They are getting a great player – just a guy that is good on and off the field, a guy that is going to work hard, that is going to play hard, a guy that is going to rush the passer and that is also going to be a huge factor on special teams. [I am] just an all-around competitor."

On what set him apart from the other pass rushers in this year's draft:"I just feel like I am able to use my hands a little bit better, being able to get off the ball and continue to fight every time I am rushing the passer. I am not going to give up on anything, and I take so much pride in getting to the quarterback, and I am willing to get there in any type of way."



Third-Round Pick (A): DE Chris Wormley

On how it feels to be going from one coach Harbaugh to another:
"Hopefully it's similar. I was used to coach [Jim] Harbaugh's ways at Michigan the last two seasons – hard work, success. So, hopefully the other coach [John] Harbaugh has the same values and mindset."

On if he believed he would be drafted earlier than he was:
"Originally I had thought so through some of the mock drafts I had seen on TV and Twitter and things like that, and also what my agent was saying and things like that. But I'm super excited to be a part of this organization. I talked to [Ozzie] Newsome, so it was good to get to hear his voice, and obviously, I talked to coach [John] Harbaugh and [defensive line] coach [Joe] Cullen, too. So, I'm just super excited to be a part of it and ready to get to work."

On what the fans should expect from him:
"A guy that is hard-working. The Ravens are known for their defense, so I'm going to be that defensive player that they can count on. I can make big plays and be there for a long time, hopefully."

On if he's taken notice of all the defensive acquisitions the Ravens have made this offseason and through the draft, and how excited that makes him:
"Yes, it's exciting to see, like you said, the free agency pickups they had acquired this offseason. They are super invested in the defense and what that means to their team and the city of Baltimore. So, like I said, being a defensive guy, watching the [AFC] North growing up and watching the Ravens dominate on the defensive side of the ball for so many years, to see them still putting in that use of those resources and the time into building that defense, it's an exciting time to be a part of it from an early start as a rookie."

On what Jim Harbaugh has told him to expect from his brother, John:
"Coach John Harbaugh came in and spoke to us once or twice; he was at our Maryland game a couple years ago. I kind of got the feel from how he spoke to us before the game and kind of got a feel for how he is as a coach. I've spoken to Willie Henry, who is there currently, who was our defensive lineman two years ago. I talked to him, and I'm just kind of expecting the same as Michigan's head coach Harbaugh and how he carries himself and the type of mindset they have as a coach. Hopefully it's the same, because coach Jim Harbaugh, it was definitely a pleasure to be coached by him and to be led by him."

On if he had any idea the Ravens might draft him:
"I had lunch with coach [Joe] Cullen before pro day and had spoken to him a couple times before the draft; saw him at the Combine. I had a decent idea, and my agent was saying that they had some interest in me. Like I said, I'm super excited to be a part of the organization and super excited to get started. From that standpoint, I kind of had an idea, but I think as any player in the draft, it's a little bit of a shock, but also very exciting."



Third-Round Pick (B): OLB Tim Williams

On how it feels to be joining his former Alabama teammate CB Marlon Humphrey in Baltimore:
"[It's good] knowing that he's coming there and we both won championships at Alabama, so we've got that championship pedigree. Me and him are really good friends, so just to see that he's going to be there also, it's going to be great. It's a great feeling."

On how having a baby girl recently has changed his outlook on his career and the future:
"Just knowing that when I look at my kid, I'm not living for myself. I know that I'm not going to be here forever, so I have to leave a legacy, I have to show them … I have to be their role model in life, I have to be their hero, because I have to be the brave one for my family. So, my newborn, she's a beautiful baby girl, and she's going to be born into being a Raven."

On what he took away from his pre-draft visit with Baltimore:
"I always felt like I was meant to be a Raven. [I like the] the coaches and the past players that have played there, just the culture. And also, one guy that I used to run sprints with when I was a freshman and he was a junior was C.J. Mosley, and I always wanted to model my work ethic after C.J. Mosley. Coming into Alabama, I looked up to him a lot, so knowing that they have those types of players on the roster, I'm just going to go out hard and work hard."

On what his conversation was like with the team that made them want to draft him:
"Just me being a man, me being accountable and being responsible for everything that I have been through, everything that I have witnessed at Alabama. Just being open and honest, they saw that I was very truthful and that I was a very, very passionate guy. I'm not a liar – I've never lied about anything – and they really respected me for that."

On if he was surprised he lasted this long in the draft:
"Honestly, I was feeling like I should have come out earlier, but like I say, I'm on God's time. I'm not on my time. I knew God would help put me in the perfect position that He thought I was going to flourish. And what better place than being a Raven? I stayed close to my family and experienced prayer, and my phone started ringing in the midst of somebody praying over my head, and it was Ozzie [Newsome] calling me. Like I said, it was [up to] God. It was in His hands; it wasn't in my hands. This is a situation that I can't control."

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