Transcripts: Ravens Post-Game Quotes

Head Coach John Harbaugh

(opening statement)  "OK, first of all, just want to say congratulations to our guys. To step up like they did, in a really important game at home, a game that we needed to win. We're about to head on the road, we're about to be the road warriors here for a while. And that becomes a very important game to win. Just a couple notes: Five touchdown drives, I was just informed. Five, eight, seven, ten and twelve plays and a nine-play field goal drive. So, sustaining, stacking a positive play on top of a positive play. Our guys did a great job of that. What goes along with that is [the] offensive line, no sacks. I think we've got a little streak going here. OK, we'll keep that going. But, not just the offensive line, the fact that our receivers and our quarterback, in the face of some heavy pressures, especially on third down, got the ball out. Joe [Flacco] made some throws in hot situations where he converted on some third downs and some guys got open and made some catches that were phenomenal. No turnovers was going to be big. This [Panthers] defense thrives on turnovers. Just four penalties says a lot about our guys and the way they're playing right now. And one of them, I think, was a personal foul that probably shouldn't have happened. I thought Joe played phenomenally well. The stats will all say it, but beyond that, the way he operated, he got us in some really good runs, away from some of the pressures. Steve Smith [Sr.] had a little fun with that. The oldest player in the history of the National Football League to have over 400 yards in his first four games. So, I guess we'll have a game ball for that, but that was pretty awesome. He stepped up. Our team kind of made a little bit of a statement during the week that they were going to send Steve in and out of this game a winner. And they did a great job with that. And then, time of possession. The Panthers held the ball for 11 minutes in the first quarter. Time of possession … I think they won the first half as a result of that, pretty handily. But our defense did a good job of staying after it. Cam Newton made some throws, now. He made some throws, they made some catches. He made them under duress, he did a really nice job under pressure. [He] took a lot of shots. He's a heck of a quarterback, that's a very good team, really well coached. And they're going to make a lot of noise this year."

(on RB Justin Forsett's performance) "Yes, I think you hit it right on the head. He's making yards after the hit on his own. That's kind of how you measure a back. I remember reading, way back when, Woody Hayes' book, when I was almost a kid, and he called it 'a string of pearls.' How many tacklers can you leave in your wake? That kind of is a measurement of a great back. And Justin is playing that way."

(on whether WR Steve Smith Sr. had to reel in his emotions after his first touchdown) "That's a great question, and the answer is no. He was calm throughout. He was calm before the game. I asked him in the training room, before the game, I said, 'How are you doing? You doing OK?' and he said,'Nope.' (laughter) What does that mean? I think it means he recognized the gravity of the situation a little bit. And he recognized the need that he had to, like anybody, get control of those emotions. He did a great job of it."

(on whether he thought WR Steve Smith Sr. would be this productive when the Ravens signed him) "I was hoping, I had my fingers crossed. You saw on tape where he was still getting out of breaks and then after he caught the ball, making those cuts and getting up-field, and making tacklers miss, which has really been his trademark. He's not a big guy, but he has a long stride, and he's really quick. He can cover ground in that first and second step after a catch. And seeing him be able to do that kind of made you feel like he still had the step, so to speak. But, the kind of production he's had, it would be pretty hard to predict that."

(on whether the first touchdown drive was how they planned to draw it up) "I told Gary [Kubiak], 'That's the best design I've ever seen in football.' You know? It was nice to get one of those. We had a couple breaks, really in the first half. A couple plays like that. Joe [Flacco] drops the snap and throws it up to the corner of the end zone, and Steve [Smith, Sr.] goes and makes it. You don't see that too often."

(on T James Hurst's play in his first-career start) "Well, I didn't notice him, so that must be a good thing, right? I can't wait to see it on tape, but it seemed like he played well. We ran the ball well. We did a good job across the board, I think, blocking as a group. The unit has played exceptionally well. We have to keep building, but it's nice to have some depth in there."

(on his thoughts on the pass rush) "I'm not sure how much we blitzed on third down; I don't think it was a ton. We were kind of leaning towards four-man pass rush in this game, and give those guys a chance to get off the ball and go get the quarterback. It seemed like we did well with it. It seemed like Elvis [Dumervil] got some good edge rushes. And when the tackles got back there deep enough with him, he power rushed them back into the quarterback. I thought we got good pressure inside, too. You have to with Cam [Newton]. He got out a couple times, too. But, he made some really great throws with guys in his face."

(on OLB Pernell McPhee's playing Nose Guard) "Yes, you saw that? Those guys kind of did that on their own. They're kind of interchangeable, a little bit, I think. So, he's a great athlete, we need to get him on the field more. For him to get in there and rush the passer, especially over guards and centers, is a good thing for us."

(on the offense's run-pass mix) "That would be a great question for Joe [Flacco] to answer. But, it felt like any time he could run the ball, that sets everything up, and that's the kind of offense we've always wanted to be, and that's really what football is. You can't be one-dimensional. You have to be able to do everything well, and that's really what we did today. We made them pay when they blitzed us, because Joe got the ball out and made some great throws under pressure and converted some third downs, and we made them pay when they pressured us, by running away from them, too. So, it was a good effort all around that way."

(on getting the first ball out to WR Steve Smith Sr.) "Well, we wanted to get started. I think it was good to get Steve started with a catch. It's always good to have a positive play in the first play. It was a pretty simple play, and it was well-executed, then he broke a tackle and got some yards. Probably good for him to start that way."

(on the edge WR Steve Smith Sr. brings to the offense) "He's a great leader. He's a great competitor. The more competitors you have, the better off you're going to be. So, we have a lot of tough competitors, but he has been there. He has been down those roads before, so he can kind of show those guys a little bit."

(on WR Torrey Smith drawing pass interference calls and ultimately scoring a touchdown) "Well, it's amazing. Jacoby [Jones] and I are having the same conversations right now. Because, it's how you handle it when you know you're in a dry spell a little bit. You know you're going to come out the other end unless you basically get down on yourself and don't believe that you can come out the other end and compound your problem. So, Torrey, I told him, I said, 'You might be leading the league in drawing big pass interference penalties.' Is that a bad thing? That's a play made. So, he didn't really want to hear it, but he came back and made the next play, so it was good."

(on RB Bernard Pierce not being ready to play) "He wasn't really 100 percent. I told him before … He told me, he gave me a percentage, and I said, 'When, and if you get out there, you need to be 100 percent. Whatever percent you are, be 100 percent.' But, it turned out we didn't need to go with him, so it was a plus for us."

(on WR Steve Smith Sr.'s mentality towards the end of the game) "Right, that would be a great question for him, but I think he handled it with tremendous class and poise. He's a mature guy, he has been down these roads before. This was a new experience for him, he's probably happy to have it in his rearview mirror and [to] move onto the next thing."

(on the secondary not giving up big plays) "They played good, solid ball. We had the one touchdown pass early that was just misplayed. We played the coverage wrong, and that was disappointing. But, all the rest of the plays were good, so that was good to see. Hopefully, we'll get out of one of these [games], and we don't give up any of those types of passes. But, they're working hard, doing a good job. Jimmy [Smith] did a really nice job on [Kelvin] Benjamin. What did he get? Two catches for 14 yards, maybe? That's pretty good."

QB Joe Flacco

(on his emotions on his first touchdown pass to Steve Smith Sr.) "I said from the beginning to some of the games, 'I didn't even have time to react in a negative way that we didn't complete it because it happened so quickly, and he was running towards the end zone with the ball.' It was one of the craziest plays you'll see, greatest touchdowns you'll see, but I'll take it."

(on Steve Smith Sr.'s emotions during the game) "He didn't really ever, throughout the course of the week make a big deal about it, or a bigger deal than any other game. Even though he didn't do that, you knew it was an important game for him. Everybody's been in this situation or one similar to it – you know how you feel, and you know how important it is for you to go out there and play well and get a victory. So, the fact that we played so well together as a team and got [a win] made it very nice that [Steve Smith Sr.] could enjoy it."

(on the touchdown pass where he initially dropped the snap) "They pressed [Steve Smith Sr.] on the left side, and if I got that, we had a little quick gain to the right, and we had Steve [Smith Sr.] on a go-route on the left side. I knew I was going there with the ball right away, so when I dropped the snap, I tried to pick it up as cleanly as I could and give him a chance – kind of lucky, but it worked out."

(on if he thought it was his day after the first touchdown pass) "If you believe in that stuff, once you throw that first touchdown pass that it's your day, I don't necessarily think about that stuff, but I was happy in the moment. I got a little freebie. We did a great job, we kept our focus all day, and that's why we were went out there and were able to play the way we were for 60 minutes."

(on the most important thing that Steve Smith Sr. has brought to the Ravens) "The most important thing is that he can catch footballs and score touchdowns and keep us on the field. It's really simple. He's a good football player. Anytime you bring in someone else who can play football, your team gets better."

(on the play of the offensive line) "It's been really good. We get the ball out, and those guys have been holding up big time when we do the play-action, when teams come after us and when we're dealing with really good defensive lines. I think we've got a lot of good guys up front, and they're communicating very well, and they're being really physical. We're allowing them to play very physical and get really confident, so it's been a good run."

(on if this is what the Gary Kubiak offense is supposed to look like) "I hope so, yes. It would be great to be able to play like this every week. I think that we have the ability to do it. It's not like we're doing anything complicated out there. We're going out, and we're playing football and doing what we're supposed to do. I'd say, yes, this is what it's supposed to look like, and we just have to make sure to continue to do it."

(on Steve Smith Sr.'s emotions throughout the game) "Like I said, I didn't really notice anything too different with him. He comes out and warms up in his [University of] Utah gear and gets going, and that's the same thing that he did today. He wasn't any more excited or less excited. When he caught the ball, he was just excited. It's kind of cool to have a teammate like that. You know it was important to him. It was great to get that win for him, but he never made it so big that it was about him or anything like that. It was always about getting a victory for the team, and we were glad to do it for him."

(on if RB Justin Forsett's physicality surprises him) "It's not surprising, but I see what you mean. At the same time he's very low to the ground. He should have pretty good balance, and that's kind of what he has. When people hit him, he's very good about keeping his feet underneath of him. I feel like he spins a lot while he's getting contact, guys fall off of him. The touchdown run – a couple of guys hit him, and he made sure he got in the end zone. That's huge. To get the ball into the end zone from the 10-yard line, and not have to go in there and pound it one, two, three times, that's huge for us; that's huge for down the road in the game. He's been able to do that all year so far."

WR Steve Smith Sr.

(on his feelings for this game) "No, I was ready to play ball once I was out there. Now it's on the ending. Going to watch a few highlights, eat a little apple pie, move on."

(on emotions even at the coin flip) "No, I don't think so. That's kind of what I came here to do is be all business. Once we go between those lines that friendship…they were going to help me up, and I wasn't expecting I was going to put my hand up to be helped up."

(on the deflected TD pass) "On the route, they were playing me in and out. They had  [Charles] Godfrey was inside, and Melvin White was outside, and I was in tight. So when I ran my out route, they played me in and out, and Melvin was trying to bait Joe; Joe saw that so he moved on. But from my vantage point, it looked like he was starting to scramble, and so when he started to scramble, on my side of the field, just kind of like Cincinnati, you take off running. So I took off running, and then the flight of the ball, the nose was up, so that means it's going to continue to go. Then all of a sudden I saw [Owen Daniels], but I was still already on my horse running, and [Owen Daniels] tipped it, and I was still running, so I caught it. When it tipped, I ran forward. Somebody's going to have get it, I guess. So I happened to be there."

(on his emotions, if he got vindication) "Not really.You go out there and you play, you start to lose and forget who your opponent is. You just start to go and understand that there's DB and a safety, and guys are trying to hit you. Those jerseys, you focus less on the jersey; you start focusing on the scheme. And that's what I did. I didn't really say too much to guys, except some guys I didn't get a chance to see and earlier said hello to. Other than that, I was just playing. My whole goal, I know so many people were saying this over and over, I get ejected, I fight, I talk mess. What I went in there and did is, I just went in there and played and not have anything good, bad or indifferent to say. I just played, and at the end of the day, honestly, they didn't deserve anything I had to say that would be derogatory, and I had no need to. They didn't even deserve for me to spin the ball on them. I just caught it, and put it down and got on about my business. It was all business, and that's what it's always going to be."

(on his looking for Carolina WR coach Ricky Proehl afterwards) "It's probably a shocker but me and sleep are pretty good. Me and sleep go together pretty good. I didn't sleep very good, so I was up watching UNC Chapel Hill ; I was watching the Tar Heels get ran through, and Ricky Proehl's son, Austin, was playing. When Ricky came to Carolina, Austin was nine years old. I watched that young man, now he's a freshman in college playing. Ricky's had a very huge significant part in my life as a man and also as a football player. So it was great to just see him, and I'll embrace him because, and I told him that everything I am as a football player and as a man, he had a part into it. Ricky did a lot. He taught me a lot. Honestly, he taught me more than any receiver that I played with. Ricy Proehl  has always been there. It was no competition; he was always giving information. I miss that guy. I have a new guy [Ravens WR coach] Bobby [Engram], but I've known Ricky. Ricky coached me and played, and that's a bond that can't be changed, and the jersey is never going to change that."

(on if this might be the only time they play Carolina) "I'm not in charge of that. That's the NFL. Maybe kind of like the Peyton [Manning] and Tom [Brady], maybe they'll have me come to Bank of America Stadium. Who knows?"

(on if he talked with Carolina coach Ron Rivera and/or GM Dave Gettleman afterwards) "That's a non-question. I'm not going to answer that one."

(on what's different about being with the Ravens) "Yes, [the Ravens] have two [Super Bowls], Carolina has zero. I know I went to public school, but two plus zero, I'll take that. They understand. They know, and they have the recipe. It says a lot without even saying anything, and that's one of the reasons I wanted to come here."

(on his performance fits with his definition of Blood and Guts) "Blood and guts, honestly, at the end of the day is about your heart and soul and putting it out there. Guys got hurt. [Carolina RB] DeAngelo [Williams] got hurt. You're putting it out there. You see those linemen's jerseys, their pants. There's blood out there. It's going to be out there. Blood and guts just means I'm going to go hard, and I'm going to play my butt off. They knew that, and they understood that. They game-planned for me."

(on his meeting with owner Jerry Richardson) "The moment with Jerry is the same moment I had when, after my meeting with [GM Dave] Gettleman. I met with Gettleman whatever day I met, and the following two days later, I scheduled a meeting inside his home and thanked him for the opportunity. That meeting with Mr. Richardson is the same meeting I always had. Nothing but respect and honor, and it will always be that way."

(on emotions playing against certain Panthers) "There's some guys I talked to that I caught myself getting choked up that I had to leave. I played with Thomas [Davis] for 10 years. Now he's on the other side. Jonathan Stewart, we talk repeatedly, text each other. So it was a lot."

(on his not being as angry as some Ravens folks thought he might be) "Honestly, you guys see us for 45 minutes or 10 minutes out of the day for two times a week, and you guys watch us play ball, and you guys write your articles – and you think you know us. We're a little bit broader than you guys give us credit for. And so a lot of people thought I was going to be a certain way, and I knew how I was going to be. You guys are shocked, and [it's the] same reason now all of a sudden you all are saying I'm playing so well. How is that? What is your diet? You just play ball and you take care of yourself and do the right things and you try to live right. Every so often, you get caught on camera saying something that you've got to explain to your kids – why Daddy shouldn't say it – but it happens."

(on where the second TD ball will go) "That second touchdown ball will probably go in Junior's room. It's pretty special that it's [about] Steve Smith Sr. That means a lot to me. So that's where it will go."

(on if he made good on his promise from Week 1 saying he can still play and wait for Week 4) "That film was a coaching session. They're going to be coaching. I'm 35 years old, and I ran around them boys like they were school-yard kids."

OLB Terrell Suggs

(on his injury) "I'm alright. I'm going to be alright. It was nothing big. We were up, so we just pulled it, so we're good."

(on playing Panthers' QB Cam Newton) "It was fun. Definitely had some opportunities- he's a competitor but we got to him a couple of times. So, overall it was pretty good."

(on limiting the Panthers' running game) "That's important every week. You don't want to have a team hitting you with both the run and the pass. If you can make a team one-dimensional, that's always good."

(on starting fast) "I just think our defense did a good job of executing plays. I wouldn't say we rattled him [QB Cam Newton] because he stuck in there and played well. He ended up throwing a touchdown in the second quarter. We didn't rattle him but we just did a good job of executing today."

(on the Ravens' first sack) "It was a big play and it's good to get the 'W' at home and get ready for next week. We like to come out and set the tone. We just want to get off to a good start and I think we did that. We did a good job executing."

(on WR Steve Smith, Sr.'s success) "It was good. We know this game was emotional for him. I think from the moment we signed him, and he saw the schedule, this was a red letter game for him. We do a good job of handling business around here when guys have things like that going on. We really wanted to win that for him as a team and he really wanted to win it for himself, too. You could clearly see that by the game he had. He had a great game, and it was good for him."

(on the defensive game plan) "The game plan coming in was definitely tending to [RB] DeAngelo Williams. We really didn't want to get him going, especially since he made the 'goggle statement.' We definitely wanted to limit his success and we did that."

WR Torrey Smith

(on having a few catches and a touchdown today) "It felt good. More importantly, it felt good to contribute to a win rather than not having it and we lose. So, it felt good, it felt kind of like breaking the ice and I look forward to more."

(on his touchdown catch) "Just a fade press [and I] beat him. Joe [Flacco] made a great throw."

(on the afternoon that WR Steve Smith Sr. had) "Yeah, it was unreal. It was crazy, crazy."

(on how the team could tell this game meant a lot to Steve Smith Sr.) "You could tell just by the nature of it, but it wasn't like he was walking around like, 'Man, this game.' We all knew when he got here he had it marked, so it wasn't really heightened up at all. Steve's mad, and I'm convinced that he's always at the extreme level of madness, so it wasn't like he went overboard. He was good to go."

(on if there is power in Steve Smith Sr.'s anger the way he channels it) "It's never negative. He uses it to motivate himself and play with a chip on his shoulder and he did a great job."

(on if the media makes too much of him getting his first touchdown today) "Yeah, you all make too much out of everything. *(laughter) *No, it's high expectations, and that's how the ball goes sometimes. And if [pass interference] counted as points, we probably would have won by 100."

(on being forced into double coverage) "It happens every game which is frustrating for me individually, but it's great that we continue to move the ball. And we miss out on opportunities often times when that happens, but just got to keep on working."

(on if there was any added incentive to come out and play fast for Steve Smith Sr.) "Yeah, we wanted to play well for him. There's no secret to that. He's a guy that we care a lot about, and we knew how much it meant to him. He didn't really have to say it, it was just understood. He means a lot to Charlotte, the city in general, and the organization can't take away what he's done. It's deep-rooted and it means a lot to him – that's his home. And any time he has a chance to go against his team, which he probably never envisioned that even happening, and him playing the way he did, it's like a storybook."

DE Chris Canty

(on if he feels the pass rush is becoming more effective) "I'll leave that up to you guys to talk about it. There's definitely some work that we need to do to improve. We've got to be tied together in some situations a little better. There were some times where they were able to extend the play and get some receivers open, so we want to definitely improve that. But overall, I think there are some positive things on the tape that we can build on moving forward, and I think our team is going in the right direction."

C Jeremy Zuttah

(on the running game being very successful today) "We did pretty good today, but there were some yards we left out there. So, I think we're going to go back in there and be tough on ourselves in the film and see what we can do to get all the yards that we think we missed."

(on the challenge of having four of the next five games on the road) "You just take them one at a time. There's really nothing else you can do – you can't look at it that way. So, you just go out there – I think we got Indy next – and I know it's a tough environment and they have great fans, so we'll just take it one game at a time."

(on playing between G Marshal Yanda and G Kelechi Osemele) "I got the best set of guards in the NFL. There's no doubt in my mind. Marshal's been to three straight Pro Bowls and K.O. might be as talented as any offensive lineman in this league. So, I'm very privileged to be in between those guys, and it's still early for us. I think we're just going to keep getting better."

(on if it is a good thing that T James Hurst's name wasn't called at all today) "Yeah, he's just a solid eye out there. And he's young too, so he's just going to keep getting better. A lot of us O-linemen, we get our first chance by somebody else going down out there; that's how I got my first chance and Marshal I'm pretty sure, is the same way. You've just got to make the most of your opportunity, and I think he did a good job doing that today."

CB Jimmy Smith

(on playing Panthers' WR Kelvin Benjamin) "He's a good young receiver. He has a very, very bright future. He's a young guy right now but he's going to be the guy someday."

(on Panthers' QB Cam Newton) "Cam Newton is an incredible arm talent. He placed some balls today that were incredible. Hats off to that guy – he has a heck of an arm."

(on the near touchdown to WR Kelvin Benjamin) "You couldn't ask for anybody to put the ball more perfectly. I thought I was going to have a pick, and at the last second I was like, 'Wow the ball is still carrying.' Like I said, Cam Newton has incredible arm talent, and hats off to him."

(on Cam Newton's scrambling ability) "You definitely have to be concerned with a dual quarterback threat like that. Obviously, he's hampered by an ankle injury so he didn't run that much. So we were pretty happy about that."

(on the AFC North) "It's a very, very tough division. It's a very hard-nosed football division. Run the ball, powerhouse football. But we all are doing very well against other teams."

(on the Panthers' touchdown) "I would like to say they made a play, but they did not. We literally could not have busted the coverage any worse. It was literally the worst brain fart. It was so simple that we just couldn't believe it happened, but we got it back and we fixed it. We just gotta keep not letting things happen like that."

RB Lorenzo Taliaferro

(on his touchdown) "[RB] Justin [Forsett] did a good job of powering the ball all day so when I got in there, I just tried to keep going, and our offensive line did a good job of pushing those guys off the ball to punch it in."

(on the change of pace to the Ravens' running game) "Justin [Forsett] started the game hot. He broke some big runs. He broke some big tackles. Coach [Offensive Coordinator Gary Kubiak] came to me at halftime and said, 'Hey can you finish the game for us?' I just went out there and did everything I could."

(on LT James Hurst) "There's one thing I've learned about this league. Coach Kubiak told us at the beginning of training camp, 'If you're in this room right now, then you can play in this league. It might not be this team, but you can play in this league. Once this 53 is set, all these guys can play in this league.' It's next man up and we did a good job of surrounding Hurst this week to make sure he was ready for this game."

(on the Ravens' running game) "It's nothing fancy. It's make your read, and get downhill. Football is north and south to the endzone. Anytime you can, just get downhill."

(on his opportunity) "We had a good preseason run of the ball. When you have a guy like Justin [Forsett] and [RB] Bernard [Pierce] to just feed off of and learn from, it's good. They're both great guys so it's not hard to learn from them. I just have to make sure and prepare myself for whenever my time comes. Then I'm ready."

RB  Justin Forsett

(on his determined running style today) "I just wanted to come out and be a spark for the team. Our offensive line did a heck of a job opening up lanes and made it really easy to run."

(on his touchdown run) "When you get that close to the end zone, you definitely want to get in. Im usually not the goal line back but when I get the chance I want to try to make the most of it. But, all the credit goes to my offensive line for making me able to get those tough yards."

(on the chemistry between him and RT Rick Wagner) "It's all about the reps. We try to feel off each other and try to make the play."

(on his role in the back field) "I don't know when my number will be called. I just try to play and prepare as if im starting and whatever happens, happens. You can't control when you're in, but when your numbers called you gotta produce."

(on WR Steve Smith) "Oh man, lotta passion. We definitely wanted to get this win for him."

(on WR Steve Smith's passion and getting the win for him) "Steve still has an intensity every week. We know it meant more to him this week but as far as his passion, his work and his training he was unbelievable this week."

(on if Steve Smith talked to the team this week) "No, not really. He just wanted us to go out and execute and get the win for us."

(on if he plays with a chip on his shoulder like Steve Smith) "After all the experiences I had in my career, being hurt last year, being on the bottom of the depth chart last year, you never know. I didn't know if I was ever going to play the game again. So every game I go out and play, I play it like it's my last. Thank God Baltimore called and I was able to get a spot here. The options were open and I started looking at other careers. I like player development and business, but I would rather be playing football."

(on OC Gary Kubiak's influence) "Oh yes definitely, I feel like he kind of set the table for me. And I thank God for him and the opportunity I have here."

(on his offense running the football) "This is our mentality every week. We want to be able to run the ball and dominate the line of scrimmage. Today was the day we were able to get that done. That was our mentality."

DT Brandon Williams

(on the pressure they were able to get up front) "We were just playing our technique and that's all we really did. We executed and were able to get the pressure."

(on Cam Newton's athleticism) " Yes, he was able to get a few off us. He's going to make some plays because he's that type of quarterback. But at the end of the day we were able to contain him, get to him more than he was able to make plays."

(on the defense after 4 games) "Defensively, we are doing well. We are executing more, obviously we need to tighten up some things. But other than that, we're doing well and we are going to get better as the season goes."

(on the defensive key today) "We were able to stop the run and make them one dimensional. When you have a quarterback like (Cam) Newton, that's what you have to do. There really is no other way. If you don't stop the run, it makes him more dangerous."

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