Transcripts: Ravens Post-Game Quotes

Head Coach John Harbaugh

(opening statement) "OK, thanks for hanging around here. I think Torrey [Smith], he summed it up about as well as you can sum it up. Just a gutsy effort – faith and guts. It kind of goes to your point about the question you had in terms of being frustrated or discouraged or whatever. I think our guys kept faith and fought right to the end. Credit to the Browns, they played a very good game, especially on defense. They were determined to stop the run, and we were kind of banging our head in there a little bit, but it finally cracked in the fourth quarter. Just to bring Joe [Flacco] up – and then I'll take questions and things like that, because you guys probably got everything you need – Joe stepped up at halftime when he talked to the team, briefly, but he just made a point, kept it simple and said, 'Let's just go win a game.' That kind of summed it all up for us. Let's go do what we have to do to win a football game. We came out and struggled a little bit in the third quarter again, both sides of the ball. I think we had the ball for three minutes on offense in the third quarter, then gave up a big play, and they got the lead. Our guys battled through that, and I guess for that, I'm most proud. And to me, that's how you win games, at the end like that."

(on QB Joe Flacco's halftime speech and if he had done that before) "I probably can't remember a time he has ever done it before. He has said some things before, but I was glad to hear it. He said it better than I did. I said what I said, which was basically the same thing. My point was, 'Let's go for it. Let's not be playing scared, and let's not be playing tight, and let's go for it, let's go make some plays.' And Joe said, 'Just go win a game.' To segue into that, Torrey [Smith] made a play. Torrey just talked about it, the slow starts, or whatever those things are, and that is frustrating. But, at some point in time, someone has to step up, and you have to make a play, and you have to make another play, and you have to follow up with another play. And Torrey was the guy who got the ball rolling there. Earlier, we had some key first downs, and Steve [Smith Sr.] and some guys did some good things, but that was the most rewarding part of the whole thing."

(on WR Torrey Smith's catch in the fourth quarter and if that was a turning point in the game) "I don't know if I felt it pivot. I just felt like, 'Hey, we finally got something going, we have a chance.' We got down on their end, and we have a chance to get some points here. Did it go to a field goal on that drive? So, we wanted a touchdown there, and it went to a field goal, so we were still scratching at that point."

(on having multiple games where there was frustration on offense and when he thought it would turn around) "I think you think about a lot of things. Certainly, that's part of it. It's not the main thought, you think about a lot of things. It's amazing, all the different things that go through your mind besides the football stuff. But, more than anything, it was just trying to maintain the type of posture where our guys understand we have [however many] minutes left we have in this game to find a way to win the football game, and let's keep fighting to find a way to do it. And I'm proud of our guys for doing that."

(on if seeing the scores from the Kansas City-San Diego game provided any motivation late in the game) "Do you mean, that's why we played better in the fourth quarter?" *(Reporter: "Do you think that inspired them, knowing that the opportunity was right there in their hands?) *"No. I don't think that was the key thing. I think they were inspired from the get-go to go out there and fight and play. I don't think there's cause and effect there. I didn't see that."

(on whether he looked at the Kansas City-San Diego game score) "Sure I did. (laughter)" (Reporter: "It didn't seem like you peeked up.") *"I peeked up there. It's not hard to peek up there. *(laughter)"* *

(on achieving playoff success over the past seven seasons) "I think, really, you don't think about that, Peter [Schmuck], because that's really not … It's like Joe [Flacco] says, it's not the way you're thinking right now. This is a new team, this is a different set of guys. You walk in that locker room, and you see the faces, and you hug those big guys, and you say congratulations on making the playoffs, especially in this division, especially in this conference, the way that things have gone this year. You're just happy for them, for this team, for this group of guys. Not the guys seven years ago, for these guys. That's what you think about. It's year-to-year, it's week-to-week, it's minute-to-minute. The difference between how we felt 15 minutes before the end of the game and the end of the game, right? It's second-to-second. That's the beauty of it. That's what makes it great."

(on if QB Joe Flacco's fourth-quarter performance was a reflection of his experience in clutch situations) "I guess, probably, sure. It's Joe Flacco. Joe has been a great fourth-quarter quarterback. I'll bet you [the] numbers back that up pretty good. We get two touchdown drives, 14 points in the fourth quarter, he throws for almost 200 yards, I think, at that point. We get two three-and-outs from our defense. Those are the kinds of things that make a difference in games like that. That's when you have to get it done. We've had games where we haven't gotten it done, as we all know, sitting here. So, to get it done in this situation was important for us. You have to give the Browns a lot of credit. I think they are very well coached. I think they have a bunch of guys that play really hard and played really well today. So, that was a very valid victory."

(on what his emotions are following a season of ups and downs, and what it means to make the playoffs) "It means a lot. It means a lot, Ryan [Mink]. You'll do a much better job of expressing that, I hope, because that's what [the media does], if you can kind of put that together. I said I think our guys have a lot of guts, and that means a lot when you say it and try to wrap it up into one word, and a lot of faith, and that means a lot when you wrap it up into one word. And I told them, I said, 'Go read the story of Gideon. Go check that story out if you get a chance.' Now how many of those guys will actually do that tonight, I don't know, maybe a couple of them will. Justin Forsett will. He already knows the story. To me, that's kind of how life goes. And the thing I think is great, I don't want to get too wax philosophical here, but sports, football, all these things, they're a metaphor for life. That's what draws our attention to them so much. It's not life, but it's a look at life. It's kind of the things that happen to us, and for these guys, if kids can look at this and say, 'You know what, if you persevere, if you stick together, if you keep fighting until the end, if you don't get down when things go bad, and you can handle the criticism and the attacks and those kinds of things – which are part of it, part of life – If you can do all that, in the end, you can come out on top in your world.' To me, that's what football or sports show us every single week."

(on DT Timmy Jernigan's injury) "I don't know. I don't know that, and I don't know about Arthur Brown's hamstring yet. So, we'll probably have more on that tomorrow. I think Jernigan needs an MRI. Is that right, [Kevin Byrne]? That's what I was told. I can tell you this, it's not a Lisfranc. I was told that, and that's really good news.'

(on how pleased he is with the way the offensive line played) "Really pleased with the way the offensive line came through at the end. They were stacking the box, they had a bunch of guys up there like you knew [Browns head coach] Mike [Pettine] was going to do. [Browns DB] Jimmy Leonhard was basically playing defensive tackle in there a lot of times to stop the run and did a good job. But I thought our guys, as we said, just kind of stuck with it and did a heck of a job. To open those runs up in the fourth quarter, to finish the game, that's what you need to do. Especially this time of year."

(on the defensive line's play without DE Chris Canty and DT Timmy Jernigan) "That's a great point, thanks for brining that up. To lose Jernigan … We lost Canty. We lost Haloti [Ngata] already, so he's already out of there. For those guys to come in and play the way that they did, and those guys whose names are Brandon Williams, who has been there all year, but help me out, [Casey] Walker and [DeAngelo] Tyson and [Lawrence] Guy. Those three guys come in there and play the way they would. Who would have thought that early in the year? That's a credit to [defensive line coach] Clarence Brooks, and it's really a credit to those guys."

(on whether he will watch the Steelers-Bengals game to see who the Ravens will face in the first round of the playoffs) "Yes, I'll probably watch a little TV tonight. It'll be fun to watch. It's a lot more fun to watch TV after a win than it is after a loss. I'm telling you, after a loss, I don't watch any football. It's just too painful."

(on whether he's confident DT Haloti Ngata will be ready to play upon return from his suspension) "I'm confident Haloti will be ready to go, that's his job, to be ready to go. I'm confident he'll do it. He has done it before. He has been there, he knows what's at stake. One thing I think I should mention, really quick, is the crowd, the crowd in the fourth quarter. Would you all agree? The crowd in the fourth quarter was just out of sight. Deafening, deafening crowd. That was fun."

(on how dangerous this team can be as the AFC's No. 6 playoff seed) "I think [we] can be very dangerous. We all know the history. It's a 0-0 tournament right now. We've been on the road plenty of times in the playoffs as a group. We're as dangerous as anybody else, at least. So, I'm excited to be coaching the Ravens in the playoffs, I can tell you that."

(on whether the off-the-field challenges in the beginning of the season make reaching the playoffs more special) "Yes, it probably does. Again, it's hard for me to put that all into perspective right now, and wrap that all up into some kind of a statement, but all those things and how our guys have handled them. I mean, players, coaches, [the Ravens] organization, [Ravens owner] Steve Bisciotti, [Ravens general manager and executive vice president] Ozzie Newsome, right down to everybody that's involved in our organization that we work with day-to-day in football and everything else. We have a great organization. We have great players, great people."

QB Joe Flacco

(on how the big passes to Torrey Smith changed things) "Yeah, give a lot of credit to Torrey. It was funny. A couple times, they rolled to him with the safety over the top and a couple times, they played the safety underneath and played the corner like he was the safety. So they were trying to roll to him in some way, and that's what they did there, and he was able to run by the guy and make a play that's huge. We had a chance earlier in the game; I think [CB] Joe [Haden] made a pretty good play on the ball. That definitely broke it open, those two plays right there, and you've got to give a lot of credit to him."

(on his thoughts when seeing Torrey Smith going one-on-one against Haden) "Hey, when I hit my back-step and the ball's getting ready to fly, you kind of forget who's out there covering him. You're giving your guy a shot. I don't really care who's out there. You have to have trust in Torrey and Steve [Smith Sr.], whoever it is. That's where the ball is supposed to go, and you can make a play there, and you've got to give them a chance. I don't care who's out there."

(on the emotion of making the playoffs after a tough season) "It feels good. I remember sitting at home last year, a week from now, and it didn't feel very good. So, that at least won't be happening this year, and it feels very good. It's a great locker room right now, and we've just got to do all we can to go get ready, have fun this week and get ready for another challenge."

(on the emotions of playing from behind and watching the scoreboard) "The last two years we've been put in a situation where we can play a game, and you see the scoreboard. There's no not seeing the scoreboard. It's all over the place; the crowd's cheering and all that. It's definitely different but you have to just go out there and play a football game. Today, it was just struggle, struggle, struggle. That's our job, to stay one way and have faith and have belief in everybody that we're going to go out there and get the job done, and that's what we were able to do. We played the full 60 minutes, and that's what won us the game."

(on if he'll focus on the recent struggles or just the upcoming playoffs now) "Well, I think every time you play a game, you look at what you did and try to improve on it. Having said that, we're in the playoffs. There's a reason that you put six teams from the AFC in the playoffs and six teams in the NFC. Over the course of a 16-game season, that's how you decide who has a chance to go win the Super Bowl. It's been done plenty of times. We're 10-6, we had a good year, and now everybody's 0-0, and we just got to go get ready."

(on if he's approaching the playoffs with a kind of anything-can-happen attitude) "Well, anything can happen once you get into the playoffs, but I don't necessarily want to approach it with us. I'm not going to be surprised if, three weeks from now, we're sitting here and still playing. I think when I say anything can happen – or if I was to say that – that's implying we don't deserve to win any games in the playoffs. Like I said, there's a reason why there's six teams from each [conference] in the playoffs. We played a tough year, had a lot of ups and downs, but obviously enough ups to give us a chance to go win it and that's what we're going to do."

(on his thoughts hearing boos in a game like this) "It's the name of the game, man. These guys want to be sitting on the couch having parties and cheering for us in a week. They don't want to be watching anybody else and everybody else playing and listening to their buddies talk about how good their team is and all that. They want to watch the Ravens play. They want to watch the Ravens win. They want to root. They want to have a good time. They want to do all that so when we're out there, and we're not playing well, that's what happens. They want to see us do well and believe me, we want to do well. We want to win the game. Like I said, it's just the name of the game and whereas it's not great, it's just how it is and as football players, it's our job to not really worry about that and continue to play the game and do our best to have the outcome the way it was today."

(on the problems of the first series) "I have a tough time saying it's guys not being able to handle the situation. I don't know the exact reason for those things that happened today. It happened throughout the course of the game. It wasn't just the first series. I mean, we had some false starts, some miscommunications, center-quarterback exchanges, we had that throughout the whole game. I don't know what the reason for that was, but obviously it's not good to see that and glad to see that we've overcome it."

(on getting 3 AFC North teams in the playoffs) "I think that's happened, it's at least, I think, the second time since I've been here that it's happened. It says a lot about the division. We've obviously lost some games here and there. For three teams to be able to go and be in the playoffs, it obviously means they've done a pretty good job outside of the division, and it's impressive. I think we all have the abilities to go out there and play well. We'll be playing one of them next week."

(on what clicked for him in the final minutes and his thoughts when seeing the Chiefs were winning) "The only thing I was thinking was man, they're winning, They're going to win the game. All we've got to do is score a couple of points and we're going to be in. That's what I was thinking, and they were playing pretty tight up in there. They were giving us a chance to get over top of them, and we were able to do it. I think that's what made the difference there at the end was Torrey just stepping up and getting by guys and making [catches]."

(on if the success he had in the fourth quarter is a big moment and if it defines a QB) "I have no idea. We go win the Super Bowl, I guess it will be. The goal is not to make the playoffs. That's  the first part. That has to happen in order to achieve your goal. That's really not the goal. I've been here through plenty of wins in the playoffs and then losses in the AFC Championship game, losses in the division round and believe me, people aren't any happier just because you made the playoffs. It's not a good feeling, so like I said, I think if we go do what we're capable of doing then a game like this will mean something."

(on if he needs to be this hot to carry the team through the post-season) "I'm not going to have to. We're just going to have to play fundamental football, get back [and] run our offense the way we need to run it. If there's plays to be made, then we're going to make them. We've just got to make sure that we give ourselves enough opportunities to make plays."

OLB Terrell Suggs

(on the feeling of getting into the playoffs) "It's awesome. It feels awesome. We haven't taken it all in yet. We really stuck together in there today. They played a hell of a football game. You know, Cleveland, they always fight us. They always play us tough. They fought us to the very last play. But we're in, baby."

(on the second half and what that was like) "Going into the playoffs, basically down the stretch in December, you've got to find a way to win, and we did that. We didn't play perfect, but we stuck together. Defense, we didn't make all the plays, we just made the necessary ones, and we kept giving our offense opportunities and five [QB Joe Flacco), he started playing like five in the second half."

(on dealing with Browns QB Connor Shaw) "That's the thing with playing a player like that. He was out there playing street ball. If there was something he didn't like in there, he was just taking off and running. We knew he was going to do that. That just shows how dangerous a guy can be when he's playing with back to the well, playing with nothing to lose."

(on the importance of QB Joe Flacco's big plays with WR Torrey Smith) "We had the lead in the game a couple of weeks ago and ended up losing it. You've got to play. We knew it was going to come down to us getting off the field, and that's what we did the very next play.

(on if he paid attention to the KC-SD score) "[Heck], yeah. When we were down, we were down, 10-3, and we [saw] they were up and then [KC] went up again. They were up, 19-7. I was like [heck] no, let's go. Yeah, we'd been paying attention, and it was just like, we've got to handle our business – and we did so."

(on how good he thinks the Ravens can be in the playoffs) "Oh, everything starts 0-0 now. All you've got to do is win all your games now. So, if you ask me, I think we're a [heck] of a team on the road. Sometimes, that's the way you've got to go. But everything's 0-0, all things are new, and we've gotten to the second season."

(on the injury to DT Timmy Jernigan and the return of DT Haloti Ngata) "We get the big guy back. It's very unfortunate about young Timmy Jernigan, but he's young. Those kids heal amazing. He's going to heal, and we're going to get him back when we get him back. But it's great to get my brother back, to [get] one of the leaders of this team back. That's huge for us."

(on if there was a sense of desperation on the bench when the Browns took the lead) "Definitely, definitely. It was like, you know, too many things can go wrong after they scored. Like I said, we just banded together as a team, and we didn't give up any more big plays."

(on if the Ravens can win the Super Bowl) "We'll see. We better."

WR Torrey Smith

(on his 53-yard catch being a play he's been waiting to make) "Yes. I missed out on one earlier, and, as always, I was trying to be greedy. I felt like I was wide open, and rather than stopping and going back to get it and making a play, I just tried to sit there and slow it down. I couldn't really judge it because it was coming to this side. But I was like, 'Man, if I get a second chance, I don't care what it is – I'm stopping [and] I'm squaring up regardless of what happens.' Even if I misjudge it and it drifts past me, I had my mind made up for sure I was going to stop and go back. And that's what happened."

(on the Ravens' mood knowing the Chiefs were winning late in the game) "You know what's going on. The coaches can talk that stuff all they want about it … That's why it was kind of disappointing in the first half – we obviously started slow as ever, but you watch, like, 'We have a real opportunity here. We're wasting it right now.' But we got back on track and made a couple big plays and got [the win]."

(on how much of a relief it is to make the playoffs) "We're in the playoffs, man. Sitting home last year was miserable. All you can really ask for is an opportunity, and that's what we have. It's all about what we do with it from here, and we stand as good a chance as anyone else, regardless what anyone thinks."

(on what was said in the locker room at halftime) "'Win the game,' by Joe Flacco – very intensely."

(on how it was more intense than usual from QB Joe Flacco) "You all act like Joe is the most boring guy in the world. He has some fire to him. It was definitely Joe speaking up, though."

(on if QB Joe Flacco delivered a long halftime speech) "You can't expect anything long from Joe, but the delivery was powerful."

(on if earning the postseason is more meaningful due to his personal uncertainties in Baltimore) "I wanted to make it to the playoffs regardless. That has absolutely nothing to do with my future. I'm focused on now. Everything else in the future [will] take care of itself. We're trying to get back to where we were a couple years ago, so everything will take care of itself. I'm not concerned about myself at all. We have a chance as a team … I'd be selfish as hell to be worried about myself."

(on QB Joe Flacco heating up in the fourth quarter) "It always clicks when we click on offense. That even helps the defense out as well. And when Joe is hot, he's tough to handle. And that's on us at times to get him hot and our offensive line to do a great job protecting him. When you get him hot, we've seen what he can do. So, hopefully, that last quarter, or whatever amount it was he got hot, hopefully that continues on."

(on if he has a sense of why it took so long for the offense to get going) "If I knew, I swear it wouldn't happen. (laughter) It's like a theme, [and] we have to break it."

(on if he was starting to get discouraged at any point) "Definitely frustrated, because it was like, 'Man, here we go again.' The bad part about it is that was like, 'We know what we're supposed to be doing, we know we have to fix this. We have to execute.' And then it's like, 'Man.' The good thing is we've been there a thousand times, so we don't really panic. We need to start fast [against] whoever we play next week."

RB Justin Forsett

(on his emotions) "We had to just focus on us. If San Diego took care of business, and we didn't, it wouldn't matter. We had to take care of our business. So, we just let it play out. We had to focus on us all week, and thank God it worked out."

(on the offense's slow start)  "We started slow, but sometimes it's not about how you start, it's about how you finish. We finished today."

(on Torrey Smith giving the team a spark) 'Yes, we needed that spark at that time in the game, and Torrey and Joe delivered it for us. Sometimes, you need a guy to just step up and make a play. Torrey was that guy today. We fed off him, and we were able to get some more after that."

(on the offensive line reshuffle)  "I think we had 100 yards today, and they were huge. They did a great job, and this is what you play for. Trying to make the playoffs, I've been in this league for seven years, and I've only made it twice. So, I know it doesn't come around as much as you'd like. So, we just have to seize the moment, take nothing for granted and enjoy it."

(on the team's slow start) "Oh man, we just started clicking. The offensive line got it going. We fed off Torrey [Smith], and that started us off. Everyone felt that urgency. We knew we needed to get this thing going. We knew what was on our shoulders. We took it and literally ran with it."

OLB Pernell McPhee

(on his emotions) "It was great to get it going and have that spark from the crowd in the fourth quarter. I mean, we all knew what we needed from San Diego, but we knew we had to do it ourselves first. And it was great when it all came together."

(on the loss of DT Timmy Jernigan) "We have talented guys here, guys that can play multiple positions. And that's exactly what we did. Me and Lawrence Guy and DeAngelo Tyson, we know we had to step up and do whatever we needed to do, whatever position we needed to play."

(on making the playoffs) "We're right where we need to be. The secondary is playing great, Joe [Flacco] is throwing it great, Torrey [Smith] and Steve [Smith Sr.] are catching it great and we're running the ball. I remember the Super Bowl season and how it felt to just be a part of that. I'm going to do whatever I can do to get us back there again."

TE Owen Daniels

(on his emotions) "[That was] just a crazy finish to a crazy season. But now we've got more and that's great. I'm not really good with emotions when it comes to football, but you obviously go through a lot in a situation like this. Emotions do run through you, but ultimately, you can only do what's in front of you and take care of your business. We started slowly, but we did that today."

WR Steve Smith Sr.

(on struggling early today) "I think sometimes it's tough in a game. Everything kind of goes up and down so much. Sometimes people don't understand that just because they're [the Browns] 7-7 coming into this game doesn't mean that they're just going to lie down and that they don't have any sense of pride. That's a good team. They're going to get better this offseason. They have Pro Bowl players.  I really think that people underestimate sometimes how good they are."

(on getting it done in the fourth quarter) "We said at halftime in the locker room that it fell on the offense. There are some things that we didn't do very well in the beginning of the game, and also last week. So we had to play much better. In the fourth quarter there are no do-overs. The fourth quarter can make everything right. All the things you've done poorly don't matter. At the end of the fourth quarter, you have to make more plays and erase everything that had gone on, and that's what we did."

(on why they were successful in the fourth quarter) "I think it really just goes to our coaching staff. Coach Kubiak did a great job. He was doing some plays and we weren't making them. In the fourth quarter we just executed. Torrey [Smith] had some great passes that he caught against a Pro Bowl corner. That's just what we needed."

(on making the playoffs) "I think it's step one for everybody. You lose as a team, you win as a team. We're just going to have fun and enjoy it. We have to understand it's 0-0. There are no do-overs. We have to play perfect football all four quarters."

(on the ups and downs of the season) "It's typical football. That's why our game is such a great sport. You don't have a hundred some games. You have 16 games. That's why it's any given Sunday."

(on keeping track of the Chiefs) "I wasn't trying to pay attention to it. I was just trying to focus on us. I wasn't trying to get distracted. I just put my head down. Jacoby [Jones] was looking and giving us updates."

(on the playoffs) "[It's a] great opportunity. Everything that happened in the regular season has nothing to do with what is going on. You could beat a team by a hundred points in the regular season and then get in the playoffs and it could go a hundred different ways."

(on all the adversity the Ravens have faced) "It sounds like a pretty good Hollywood story. We have a lot of guys, next man up, and these guys are chomping at the bit to be the guy- that's the next guy up."

G/T Marshal Yanda

(on RB Justin Forsett's big runs in the fourth quarter) "After we hit those couple of big passes, the running plays came behind it. It was a lot of offense in that fourth quarter. It was nice to end on a high note. Now we just need to build on that in the playoffs. We're all ready to roll."

(on watching Chargers-Chiefs) "Heck, no. For the first three quarters we couldn't get it going. We had to take care of our business. It wasn't going to matter if we didn't get it going in the fourth quarter. It was all about us locking in and staying focused. When we were kneeling the football is when I checked the score. That's a great feeling—that's for sure."

(on the playoffs) "It's a clean slate. We were 10-6, but now everybody is 0-0. It's all about the next game. We're all fired up to play that next game."

(on playing on the road in the playoffs) "I think that we're battle-tested, and we've been through a lot, and we're ready to roll."

(on changing from guard to tackle) "I'll sum it up for you: you just have to get it done. I have to adjust out there, and I just have to block my guy. That's part of the 'next man up' philosophy. We had two tackles go down. You just have to do your part on the team. I haven't played out there since 2010, but I mean we just have to roll. It's just the way it is."

(on fourth quarter success) "It was obviously the passing game—those two big shots, those two plays. We scored in two plays. We had a play-action pass, and Joe [Flacco] hit Torrey [Smith] deep, and then Joe hit Torrey in the end zone. That's just Joe and Torrey stepping up and making two big passing plays to show that we can throw it down the field. Then the running game came after that."

(on running the ball in the fourth quarter) "You just have to stay focused. Everyone was a little frustrated the first three quarters that we were stalling, but you just have to keep grinding. That's football. It's not easy. Everybody wanted to get it going and get it on the right track. The good thing is that we all did that in the fourth quarter. We really stepped up as an offense. I feel like we had struggled for the last two-and-a-half games. Finally that fourth quarter, we just made plays. Joe [Flacco] and Torrey [Smith]—the two huge plays led to the touchdown, then we built off the momentum and started running the ball. It takes all of us. It's a good feeling."

(on being the anchor of the offensive line) "I just think you have to do your part for the team. There are no special words or anything like that. You do your part, and you do it to the best of your ability. Two tackles go down, so you just go out there and fight your butt off. I think we did well as a group. All that matters is that we're playing well as a group. I'm not worried about myself individually. I'm going to do my part. I'm going to fight my butt off. I'm going to give him [Joe Flacco] as much time as I can, and we're going to make our plays."

(on making the playoffs) "It's awesome. This is what we live for. This is what we get excited about. This is Ravens football. This is playoff time. Throw the records out. This is one game at a time, a one-game season. I'm excited. I can't wait to play next week."

DT Brandon Williams

(on getting Haloti Ngata back) "He's good. He's ready to go. We'll just figure out who else we've got and be ready to play."

(on OLB Pernell McPhee) "He's a beast. Anytime you need that play he's there. Great guy, great teammate."

(on Browns QB Connor Shaw) "He was good out there. He was fast. He did some good things, but in the end we won."

(on Browns RB Terrance West) "He's a good back. He got some great runs in. He got some good stuff in. Obviously, we kind of messed up on some plays. We'll fix that and worry about next week."

(on the pressure of winning today) "We knew we just had to get out there and play. We had to get our offense the ball as much as we could, and that's what we did."

(on being in the playoffs) "It's great. It feels amazing. Last year we missed out. You've got guys who haven't been there, like Darryl Smith and Eugene Monroe. Having those guys go, and getting those guys to the playoffs means a lot to me. It feels good. That's a team."

(on the Ravens' resiliency) "That's definitely a shout-out to our coaches [for] getting everybody ready for game day. If somebody goes down, somebody else has to come up. The coaches do a good job of getting those guys ready."

(on playoff mentality) "It's a one-game season. You've got to work hard every week, every practice. It starts at practice – studying film, studying your opponent, and getting ready to play. That's all we can do right now. Whoever it is, we'll be prepared."

LB Daryl Smith

(on the Ravens having a tale of two halves today) "I can't really put a finger on what happened, but Cleveland is tough though. They came in with their game plan and they ran it. We made some adjustments [at halftime] and came back and just played better."

(on getting it done in the fourth quarter) "Yeah, when it comes to the game we just knew we had a chance, and we just had to see what was in front of us, and we were able to get the win and we're happy."

(on their preparations this week) "We'll go back to work, find out who our opponent is going to be, and that will be that. I don't think we change anything. We'll just keep doing what we've been doing, and hopefully that will be enough."

(on what his emotions are) "I mean, happy. We're in the playoffs. But we all know we've got work to do. We'll celebrate tonight, but we know we've got work coming."

CB Lardarius Webb

(on getting the team focused for the playoffs now) "I don't think it's going to be hard to get everybody to focus. I think a lot of guys are going to be happy that you kind of look at the season and kind of be like, 'OK, all the bad things I did, all the mess-ups I did, I can let that go. It's a new season, it's a new me.' So, we're just going to look at it like that. We've got a whole new start, and our goals and dreams are still alive."

(on how that feels) "It feels awesome. Knowing that we didn't make it last year for the first time, it hurt us. So to get back in it this year, especially when we didn't know before the game … We just had to have faith. So, it feels awesome now."

(on what his interception meant to him personally) "I just saw the ball. It was one of the first times I could actually have a ball that I could make a play on. I was me – I just made the play, just caught it actually. It was nice to get it. It'd been a long year – I missed the first five games – and just to finally get that interception, man, that was big. It's going to help out a lot going into the playoffs."

(on if it feels like his season has come full circle now) "I just know I've been playing better since I've been feeling good. And when I'm feeling good, I make plays like that. So, I'm just going to keep on playing."

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