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Transcripts: Ravens Postgame Quotes Week 13

Baltimore Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh (transcribed by Frank Brill)


(Opening Statement)– "Obviously a very disappointing loss, I thought our guys played their hearts out. They played tough and didn't come away with the win at the end."

(What are your thoughts on those two plays in 20 seconds for TDs) – "Those are the two plays in the game that made the difference in the game, just like you said."

* *

(On the plays close to the goal line, did you think you had made it?)– "Well, the first one we didn't have a look at it to get it so you've got to have a look or they're not going to give it to you and you're going to throw away a timeout there. The second one to me, it was clearly, the surge clearly went across the six inches or less that we had to get and he didn't give it to us on the spot, and you can't challenge that because in New York if they don't have a ball, if they can't see the ball, they're not going to overturn it. So whenever you get surge and the quarterback's got the ball right there up in his chest and he's behind that offensive line, that's a first down in football. Always is and always has been."

(Did you get an explanation on Daniel Brown's pass interference call?) – "I think he got it backwards. I think he got it backwards. He didn't tell me that but based on what I've been told, I haven't seen the play but I've been told by everybody that he pushed off and fell down and Dan Brown didn't push him off at all so he must have just got it backwards. He's a rookie and he messed it up."

(How is injury to Crockett Gilmore?) – "I don't have an update; he was out for the game. I don't really recall the exact play it was on but I just know they told me he was out for the rest of the game."

(On the extra point the Dolphins missed, did he tip the ball?) – "I don't know. I'm not sure."

(It was Matt Schaub's second straight pick six, do you think it's a matter of bad decisions, bad luck? What do you think is involved?) – "It's probably all that, all that goes into it. You've got a guy in your face and he's probably going to tell you he doesn't want to throw that and just eat it in that situation. He probably thought he could get it through there and it was a great play, there's no doubt about that. To bat one down and catch it and run it in is a phenomenal football play and he deserves all the credit for making a play like that. It was a great football play."

(We saw that your brother (Jim) was here, what kind of dialogue do you guys have?) – "Let's not get into all that right now. It was great having him here; you know I'm very proud of him. He's down here recruiting, whoever he's recruiting, I hope they go to Michigan."

(On the play of the running backs) – "They both played great. Terrance West, let's start with him, he was smashing it up in there. He was running with some physicality and Buck (Javorius Allen) the same thing, he was running really hard too and then he made the plays in space. To make guys miss like that and catch the ball the way he did out of the backfield, he's really coming on and becoming quite a threat and that's really exciting."

(On the play of the defense) – "They played good and I think our secondary is starting to play the way you envision them playing with the type of discipline and eyes and those kind of things. They stuck that double post in there on a coverage that's a little bit tough. We got to push the coverage back quicker but that's a route that's a little challenging in the high red zone there so give them credit on that. I thought our defensive coaches did a really good job of adjusting as we had to kind of figure out what direction they were going to do. We kind of knew they were going to run the ball but we still felt like we still had to defend some of the spread stuff and we played with more of a nickel type front early. We were moving our front maybe more than we wanted to for those reasons and for that stuff and they were sliding the ball behind us a little bit. It was nothing that was debilitating by any stretch and then we just cleaned it up in the second half and they didn't do much after that at all."

(How much of the offense not clicking was just switching quarterbacks?)– "That's kind of an analysis thing, I don't really know. It's hard to comment on that and say. You know we're just doing our best out there right now. I thought the offensive line played really well for the most part. I mean, number 93 (Ndamukong Suh) is a really good player, and I think he won his share and we won our share out there. (RG) Marshall (Yanda) and (C) John (Urschel) mostly were the guys dealing with him and they really fought him in there, but give him a lot of credit. He's a premier player and we did ok. We had a couple of protection issues that cost us. They were more us getting to the right protection than they were anything else. Those are just things that we need to get better at and I think that goes to your point. That could be a little bit communication and being in a new situation that way; that I'm sure we can keep working on."

(In the second quarter Matt Schaub took a hit, did you see it and check with him?) – "I did see it. Our trainer went out right away. (Offensive Coordinator) Marc (Trestman) went right out and talked to him. And then we brought him back in and he said he was fine, and he was good, and he was clear. And whatever the test is they give him. Then we put him through the concussion protocol anyway. And he was just screaming that he was fine and that he had no issue. But our doctors grabbed him, put him through the protocol and he passed it."

Baltimore Ravens Linebacker C.J. Mosley (transcribed by Albert Panariello)


(What do you guys have to work on to prepare for next week?)  – "Not really much, (we) played a good game. We gave up one big play on the touchdown at the beginning, so I mean pretty much that's it. We have to keep practicing like we have been practicing, we have been working hard. We have 4 games left and we just got get ready for next week."

(How well do you think the Dolphins did to perform for your guys' defense?) – "They got a few runs on us. They started out really fast. If anything my slow start kind of hurt us. In the second half we came back and played good defense. Like I said, they got that one pass touchdown but other than that we played good run defense, good assignment football. They won the game today."

Baltimore Ravens Linebacker Elvis Dumervil (Albert Panariello)


(Can you explain the frustration of losing a game when they only scored 15 points?)– "(We) played great all day except for those couple of plays. Its' frustration, I think we held them to under 100 yards passing. They have a run game; they had a couple of big breaks. Give them credit they made more plays then we did. We just have to make more big plays starting with myself on defense on these types of close games."

* *

(When you guys got the turnover, did you think that's the one to get you guys back in the game?)– "You do what you need for the team. Kendrick Lewis made a great play; Courtney Upshaw came and recovered it. We have to finish it and get some points."

* *

(Did it feel like you had the game in control?)– "Yeah, on defense we did a good job of keeping the yardage down but we can't give up points. They had that one big play for a 49 yard touchdown play action pass right before the half. It is a momentum swinger on that point. We created a couple of turnovers one I believe. We just have to get more big plays on defense."

Baltimore Ravens RB Javorius Allen (transcribed by Alex Onaindia)


(Every game seems to be close, even the losses. Does it get any easier or does it still remain frustrating? You're not getting blown out, it's always one or two plays)– "It's a little frustrating, the thing you got to realize is we got to play every play like it's the last play down to the whistle and execute when we got an opportunity. I wish we would have got it in there when we we're inside the five. Just got to execute and play the game."

(How comfortable do you feel in this offense? It looks like in the passing game you are being utilized. )- "Yeah, I'm very comfortable. Like I said from the beginning, whatever the coaches need me to do, whatever they want me to do, whenever my number is called, I make the best of it and execute the play."

*(Is that a game you felt like you controlled throughout?) *- "I feel like it's a game that you have to make more plays, myself included. At this point, put it on me. I feel like I should get it done. As a team, we should get it done. We just got to go out there and execute and make the plays when it's time to do it."

*(You looked like you were only a step away on that hook and ladder play. Did you feel like if you had one more step you might have made it down the sideline?) *-  "Yeah, one more step. You know it was a good play we drew up, just got to make it happen."

*(On that touchdown, you made a pretty nifty, elusive play. Did you see him coming or was that just pretty much reaction?) *-  "I had a great block. The wide receivers did do a great job blocking and Coach (Harbaugh) is always preaching make one guy miss. That's something I've been working on since I was in college, you know trying to make the first guy miss. You know one-on- one, I go with myself over anybody so just a reaction, nothing planned."

Baltimore Ravens QB Matt Schaub (transcribed by Darren Smith)


(Early in the second quarter, maybe midway through it you got hit on back-to-back plays. Afterwards you were touching your helmet a little bit. Did you get dinged up at all?)– "Not really. I just had to make some adjustments. Yes, I got hit and thrown to the ground so I had to adjust things a couple things, but I was fine."

(Did you get looked at by doctors?)– "Yes, doctors looked at me and came over to do their necessary test. However, everything checked out fine."

(That second interception you were chasing him into the endzone, did you think that you were going to be able to get him from behind?)– "When it first went up in the air, and I found out where it was going there was a time where I thought yes I could or at least keep him from getting to it, but that just wasn't the case."

(On the pick sixes do you feel that there is any bit of bad luck where they catch it to kind of end up in a position to where they have the opportunity to run it back?)– "Yes, I would like to call it that. Unfortunate circumstances, that one right there I'm trying to throw it on the flat against their three-deep coverage. I had Buck (Javorius Allen) open and then the guy throws his hand up and bats it right up in the air in the same direction that he is running towards the endzone and just catches it. That's part of this game and you see it happen. That was the difference in the game."

(On jumping when throwing the ball to RB Javorius Allen later in the game)– "It wasn't intentional but it might have been subconscious just making sure off the throw because I had him. So just insuring that I was getting the angle that they couldn't get a hand on it."

(On if he is going get further looked at?)– "I mean we just finished up talking so I don't know what they have planned, I'm sure there is going to be something. It was a physical game out there but we have to get ready to play Seattle next week."

(On if it was his shoulder that he got slammed on)– "At the end there in the fourth? Yes, I just came down on it wrong on it. I just need to put everything back in place.?

(How disappointing was it to have a chance for a field goal at the end?)– "Yeah we had a long way to go and very little time and no timeouts. So you got to get out of bounds after every play essentially because there was only 20 seconds to start the drive. Tough to not get in position, but we had a long way to go on that. We should have had the kick closer for (Justin) Tucker on the previous series."

(Did you have a chance to look at the pass interference penalty that nullified the touchdown?) – "You mean the one early in the game? You know I didn't see it. I just knew based on how I threw it, and that the flag was thrown, I knew what it was. But I didn't see what happened, I didn't see any replay, I didn't see it live because when I threw it I was distracted, I had people in my face."

(What do you think is the biggest thing to overcome to get this offense on track?) – "Consistency I think. You know there are plays there that we repeat. We repeat plays of ours throughout the course of a game, especially if they work early in the game, and then obviously they get paid too, they can adjust to things. But you'd like to see the same success and consistency throughout the ball game and in what we're doing. There are some plays we made out there and some we left out there. We didn't convert on the fourth down early in the game, in the second quarter down inside the five and that obviously took points away from us. We just have to find a way to execute on all cylinders a bit better."

(Did you think you had that first down?) – "Yeah, I think I did. I know I did."

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