Transcripts: Ravens Postgame Quotes Week 6

Head Coach John Harbaugh

Press Conference – October 18, 2015

San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens

* *

Opening comments:

"OK, obviously not good enough. Didn't play well enough. Way too many mistakes."

The challenge flag, your last one that they said didn't come in time, did you think you had it in before the snap?

"No, it was late. Probably glad we didn't get it in, honestly."

What do you think held the offense back in the first half?

"I'll look at the tape to figure that out. There's no one single answer I could give you that would be accurate, that could give you any kind of indication of reality. I'll look at the tape to see what it looks like."

Is Baltimore Ravens S Kendrick Lewis' injury really severe?

"I don't think so, but we'll see. We'll know more tomorrow when he gets the MRI, but I can't give that kind of indication right now."

* *

I know you haven't looked at the tape, but the pass defense, was there anything that kind of stood out? The struggles, the moves out there for you guys?

"Oh, the double moves. I mean, you put your eyes where they're supposed to be in man coverage. It's as simple as that, you know? You've got to do that or you can't play. It's simple, you can't be, you got to play with discipline in the back end. A couple plays, they made some good plays with tight coverage, but no you can't do that from behind, that's below the line."

Is it more frustrating when you lose that many games when it comes down to the last play or two in almost every game?

"I don't know. I don't have the frustration gauge out. You know, you ask a question like that. It's just frustrating. It's not frustrating. I don't get frustrated I've said that before. You know, I don't get, I don't get, I get down a little bit. I get disappointed. You know, but we got to get better. I mean, I can get determined is what I get, you know? And I believe we have a bunch of guys that feel the same way. We got to get it done. It starts with me. The guys are doing the right thing. I don't care if you've been here for four days, you put your eyes on your coverage in the right spot. It's that simple, you know? We got to execute, you know? We got to execute. Offense, defense, and special teams, we find the stuff that we do well and we got to go out there and make sure they do it. That's on coaches. That's how I see it. I'm not making excuses for injuries, or for the players we might have or don't have, you know? You always have good enough players. That's how I look at it. The guys who can get the job done, you find a way to put them in position to get the job done, not just throw plays out there. You throw plays out there that are gonna work, that got a shot to work. And practice 'em and practice 'em and get really precise at executing. That's what I keep chasing. Now, it's not like we're out here and we can't compete. We're right there, and we got heart like you can't believe, obviously. We got a bunch more games to play and there's a lot of wins in front of us for the season, and we'll find a way to get 'em. And what anybody else says, or what anybody else thinks, or what anybody else writes, or what anybody, whatever any scoffer or mocker wants to say, they're not in our shoes or anybody else's shoes in this league playing. You can make fun of anybody you want however you want. We'll keep fighting. I'm not talking about you, I'm talking about just anybody out there, you know? We understand that. That's the arena that we're in. You know, that's just the way it is. That's what you sign up for. And we'll go to work, you know and we'll find a way to get better. That's what we gotta do."

* *

How much did the interceptions hurt you guys?

"How much did they hurt us? What do you want me to say? What's the answer to that question? They hurt us a lot. OK, I mean, I can't put a percentage on it. They hurt us a lot. Turnovers are bad."

QB Joe Flacco

Press Conference – October 18, 2015

San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens

* *

What were your general thoughts on losing another tough one? What went wrong offensively in your eyes?

"We had a lot of room out there to make plays and I felt we should have had 600 yards. We should have put up a lot of points because we had so much room. We had two stupid mistakes by myself and the one gave them three points and took points off the board for us. It all starts with me not making those mistakes. We can't afford to do that right now. We have to go out there and play fundamental football, take care of the football, and when the plays present themselves, we've got to make them. We weren't able to do that. I didn't play smart and we didn't make the plays here and there to get us going."

Where were you throwing that ball? The only guy there was the defender.

"I should have kept going with the keeper. I was looking to hit the shot over the top. I was hoping to buy time on the play and it got to the point where I didn't see anyone open so I was just trying to throw it away. I didn't see anyone down the field, but it ended up being a really dumb play."

On the first interception over the middle, could you not see?

"I saw them. I thought we could sneak the ball in for the first down but obviously I couldn't."

Was there anything holding you back in this game after the first half?

"We just needed to score touchdowns. That's the difference in these games and we needed to make the most of every play. We didn't do that."

* *

What can you say about WR Steve Smith Sr. coming through with big plays even with the injury?

"He's a tough guy and I wouldn't expect anything less from him. It was never really talked about and we were very impressed this week."

People are seeing this, but with the players, having such high expectations and being 1-5, is there any way to describe the frustration the team is going through?

"I'm sure everyone has gone through this. It's not good when you don't win football games. It doesn't feel good. The thing is we're out there and going through it and we haven't been good enough to win these games. It's frustrating but at the same time we know we just need to get better. That's all we can do is put our head down and continue to try and get better. Just go out there and win a football game. We just haven't found a way to do that yet."

* *

WR Marlon Brown

Postgame Quotes – October 18, 2015

San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens

Did Baltimore Ravens WR Kamar Aiken steal your touchdown?"Yeah, we talked about it and were laughing about it. He stole my touchdown but it's all good though. We scored. It's a team thing."

Speaking of team things, Baltimore Ravens WR Steve Smith Sr. scored with that back injury he has. What does it say to everyone else that he's fighting through that?"He's really putting it on the line for us. He has to really talk to himself to get himself going. For me I really appreciate that coming from a vet. He's dying basically out there. He's working hard to make the team happy. I feed off of that, other receivers feed off of that and the team feeds off it, as well."

So many guys on offense are playing banged up. Is that the tone you need with what you guys are going through now?"Yeah, for sure. We just need to keep on pressing, keep going hard and trying to find a way to win these games."

LB C.J. Mosley

Postgame Quotes – October 18, 2015

San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens

* *

The 49ers were struggling coming into this game. Today they got some big plays. What happened defensively?

"They made the plays they had to. Not much else to say about it. We've been going through this road most of the season and just have to find a way to win."

Is it frustrating to answer the same type of questions every game? The close loses and mistakes are mounting with this team.

"Yeah, pretty much. We fix one thing and then another thing happens. We know how to win and we know what to do. We practice our butts off in all of these situations in practice. So far things just haven't been going our way so we just have to find a way to man up and turn the season around before it's too late."

Are you at a loss for why these losses keep happening if you're practicing hard and you feel you're ready for these games?

"Maybe we're just setting up a Cinderella story, I don't really know. We know what kind of men we have. We all have each other's back. We never point fingers and never have any doubt in our heart, starting from the owner to the last person on the team. We have to get to work Tuesday, correct our mistakes and keep moving forward."

How would you describe the mentality of this team?

"I would say more disappointed than anything because we know who we are. We're way better than 1-5. Like I said the way we are practicing, the foundation was built going into training camp. Nobody expected to be at this record but we can't blame anybody but ourselves. We're the ones making the plays and we're the ones on the field at the end of the day. We have to get to work, make some changes and corrections. It's just part of life, everything in life can't be perfect."

WR Jeremy Ross

Postgame Quotes – October 18, 2015

San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens

* *

What are you feeling about helping out this team?

"Whenever you can come in and help your team in any way that is always a good feeling. So I feel good about it and get an opportunity to be on the team and get an opportunity to help contribute."

Baltimore Ravens WR Marlon Brown just said himself that WR Steve Smith Sr. is out here dying with a broken back; he is kind of firing everyone up. What is it like to see Smith play under these circumstances?

"It inspires us all. Whenever someone plays hurt or plays through injury, it is always something that we look at and we can look back at ourselves and say that life is hard and challenging right now but the situation can always be worse. We are all out here working hard but seeing Steve push through helps us to just keep pushing."

Is that the leadership that this team needs right now at 1-5?

"Yes. Definitely. (You) need guys like that on your team. When you have a guy like that on your team it is definitely motivating and is contagious."

LB Daryl Smith

Postgame Quotes – October 18, 2015

San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens

* *

Does all the cross country traveling play apart in what you guys are doing?

"No, we just have to go out there and execute and stop hurting ourselves in certain situations. It doesn't matter what time we play, where we play, we just have to be ready."

Not only that it looked like you had a stop before the two-minute warning when you forced them out of bounds and they called what looked to be a very suspect holding penalty against you guys but you bounced back and stop them after that.

"That is just one of those things that we have to find a way to eliminate those penalties in crucial situations and see where we go from there."

How do you keep your confidence level up when things like this happen, at 1-5 and nobody expected that and you had a chance to win all of those games?

"This is our job. We will turn over every rock and do whatever we can to find a way to breakthrough and start winning in these situations, so that we can start winning these games and we will do that."

CB Jimmy Smith

Postgame Quotes – October 18, 2015

San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens

* *

Baltimore Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh says the effort is there, but it's just not coming together. Can you put your finger on why?

"Execution in the clutch moments and giving up big plays when we can't afford to. We had that game kind of in our hands at one point. I kind of put this game solely on my shoulders. I felt like I lost this game for us by giving up a huge play down the field. It cost us. They went down and scored and we couldn't bounce back."

Do you feel like there's more pressure on you by having to play from behind most of this season?

"There's no excuse. I'm not going to say it's because we've been playing from behind. We're in every single game, so that means we have the opportunity to win. It's more magnified when we're losing games. When you mess up one play is more magnified when you're losing a lot of games. It's tough. I know everybody is sitting with probably the worst feeling in their stomachs. But we have to come through. It's unacceptable."

Do you feel like you've got the players in place, even though you gave up more than 300 yards in passing?

"The yards put on us are big plays. They're not just going down dinking and dunking. They're huge plays and they're getting 60 yards on a tight end delay. It's just things like that and it's very frustrating because when you watch the game, it's not telling the same story. Like I said, there's no excuse. For us as a secondary, we have to be perfect on every play."

You know this game meant a lot to Baltimore Ravens CB Shareece Wright to come in here and play against a team that just released him. What's the message to him at this point?

"Keep your head up. Every corner gets beat. Playing corner, you either win the game or lose the game. There's no in-between. Everybody sees you.  I know he's sitting over there feeling the same. I'm feeling like the whole secondary is feeling like he feels. We put that on us. Again, I'm tired of saying the same thing, but we have to come through. It's unacceptable."

* *

CB Shareece Wright

Postgame Quotes – October 18, 2015

San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens

* *

How much of a change was it to finally play a game here and not be for the 49ers but for the Baltimore Ravens?

"It's part of the business. I'm just happy to be playing football."

Obviously, this wasn't the way you wanted this thing to go. What was the difference today in some of the big plays that San Francisco had?

"This was my first game. I gave up a big play and that's on me. I'll take ownership of that. I can't allow that to happen."

What happened on the second one? It looked like you fell down.

"Our feet got caught up. He kept his balance and I didn't."

Did you expect WR Anquan Boldin and WR Torrey Smith to have big days today?

"I just don't get too caught up in that, just play the game of football, play within the defense and not get caught up too much in them. It's more about us. It's always about us."

* *

Did the San Francisco 49ers show you anything different from when you were there? Was it pretty much what you expected?

"Yeah, pretty much. I felt like they threw the ball a lot more than they usually do. Usually, they want to run the ball. They came out throwing the ball more than they usually do."

It was a quick week to get yourself ready. Did you feel like you were ready with the short week?

"It was a quick week, but I've got to be ready. It was long hours and a fast turnaround for me. But that's part of this process. When you come into a team at this part of the season, you're expected to play a big role and you've got to get it done."

G/T Marshal Yanda

Postgame Quotes – October 18, 2015

San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens

* *

How is everyone handling this position?

"We are going to continue to fight no matter what. I feel like we have a good leadership, good group of guys where we are going to keep fighting no matter what. We have the right guys to turn this around. We are going to fight every day. That is just the way that it is going to be."

What is the difference, this team has prepared well, and coach has said that he is proud of the effort, but what is the difference?

"I just feel like when the game is on the line we are not making the plays on both sides of the ball, whether it is us on offense or them on defense. I just feel like we are just not making enough plays to win the game. That is the number one thing in my mind right now, us not making plays in the fourth quarter to win the game."

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