Transcripts: Ravens Training Camp Day 10

Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement: "Hey, guys. Nice seeing everybody, and I appreciate you being here – appreciate you being here at 7 o'clock. I know it's a little bit later than normal, so you guys are the true-blue guys. It's good. [It was a] really good practice; the kids are having a great time, so we're excited to be out [here]. I thought our guys really worked hard. I told them I admire how much they work, how hard they work and how well they work. The defense had a great day. Obviously, [the media] saw [that the] defense got after it pretty good. We have a bunch of guys nicked up, or some guys we we're holding out. 'K.O.' [Kelechi Osemele], he was stepped on the other day. He tried to go; it didn't feel right. Maxx Williams, he was poked in the eye, so that's still not OK. I thought he would go today, but he didn't. DeAngelo Tyson, I really don't know. I don't think he has an injury. Something must have cropped up. Brent Urban – to confirm the report on the biceps tear – he has a biceps tear almost exactly like Matt Elam. [It is a] very rare injury. He was reaching – it wasn't even a really physical deal, just a fluke thing – and it tore. That's about a 12-week, 14-week injury, so we'll have to decide all those things once we get to the end of training camp as far as whether we would put those guys on IR [Injured Reserve], put them on designation [to return]. Steve Smith had a personal family matter he had to attend to. Defer to him to explain when he gets back. Marlon Brown is getting closer and closer. The back is cleared up, [but it] turns out he has a hamstring in there, so I think he'll be back next week, but you never know. [Breshad] Perriman is still working on the knee. He's getting closer. Kamar Aiken just had a … [He] was fatigued, [and we] gave him the day [off]. [John] Urschel has a concussion. [Marshal] Yanda, gave him the day [off]. Jimmy Smith, gave him the day [off]. [Robert] Myers has a concussion. Tray Walker is still working back from the hamstring. Is that everybody? Is that a long enough list?" (Reporter: "Today, No. 23 [Kendrick Lewis].") "I don't know. I don't know." *(Reporter: "No. 24 [Kyle Arrington]?") *"He was stepped on a couple times, but he got through the practice, I believe. No one has said anything to me about No. 23 [Kendrick Lewis], so I'm not sure what's going on with that."

Is the defensive line depth a concern now, or [like] with the safety position do you like the guys you have? (Joe Platania) "We're really deep in the D-line, so I like the guys we have. It's a deep group, and I'm really confident those guys will step up. Good question."

*John, two questions: No. 1, is it too early to know if DE Brent Urban is going to need surgery, and No. 2, how much do you... *(Jeff Zrebiec) *"Brent is getting surgery." *(Reporter: "He is getting surgery?") *"Yes, he's going to get it repaired." *(Reporter: "How much do you feel for a guy like that who worked hard, and it looked like he was on the cusp of really having a big role?") "Personally, I was really counting on him. I thought he would really shine, and I still think he will. It's just one of those things. He has had four straight-years where he has had serious injuries. That has been a bugaboo for him that he's going to have to overcome, but knowing this guy, he's going to fight like crazy to do it. In terms of the long picture of his career, that's going to be the thing – he's going to have to stay healthy. As his body matures – becomes more flexible, becomes more powerful through the full range of motion – because he's such a tall guy, he's going to have to find a way to stay healthy, and I believe he will."

*Another guy in that camp, DE Brent Urban is lumped in with DE Kapron Lewis-Moore a lot, because they both missed out last year. What have you seen from Kapron so far? (Jon Meoli) *"Kapron [Lewis-Moore] has done well. He looks physical. He's moving better every day. He looks a little … He's a rugged guy. I think [his] change of direction and flexibility have improved every day, and he looks pretty darn good right now. We'll see Thursday night."

Do you think WR Breshad Perriman will have to get on the field Monday and Tuesday to be able to play Thursday, or at this point is it too early? (Brent Harris) "It's too early to say. I would like to see [Breshad Perriman] get on the field Monday or Tuesday, but I wouldn't keep him out if he didn't. It's just a matter of how the injury is."

How does DT Carl Davis look to you? (Ryan Mink) "Carl [Davis] has looked good. Carl has – as [defensive coordinator] Dean [Pees] said yesterday – has to play for us, and I don't see any reason why he wouldn't. I still think he's a big puppy as far as his body. He's a big one like those big dogs. They're still big, but he's in the process of sharpening up his edges a little bit, and to me, he's going to do that. He's a talented guy, and he really works hard."

Another rookie, OLB Za'Darius Smith. What have you seen from him? (Ryan Mink) "Same thing. He might be a little sharp, more sharpened up right now. He's pretty tough. He has shown a lot of pass rush ability, and he has been really stout versus the run. I am looking forward to seeing him Thursday night."

**How is DE Chris Canty, and are you thankful to have him? *(Cliff Brown) *"Chris Canty is playing like a kid. He's running around out there. I saw him chasing down a crack toss. He came under a block and was picking up his knees and chasing the thing down the line of scrimmage like he was 23 years old again. He looks good."

*The altercation was No. 56 [Steve Means] and No. 82 [Nick Boyle]? (Ken McKusick) *"Was it No. 56 [Steven Means] and No. 82 [Nick Boyle], or was it No. 90 [Za'Darius Smith]? Oh, the fight. There was a retaliation punch. I don't know what happened before, but like most officials, I saw the retaliation, so I threw the flag on the retaliation just like [the officials] do. I want to keep it real out here. You throw a punch, you get 15 yards. We're not like a lot of places though. We don't kick them out of practice. We make them line up and play the next play. That's more punishment when they're tired."

TE Crockett Gillmore

On TE Nick Boyle being physical, determined and what he has seen from the rookie tight end:"Yes, that's his mantra. He [came] in, and he's a big, physical guy, and he likes to play with his hands. And he's doing a really good job."

On his assessment of his camp, being No. 1 on the depth chart and his thoughts entering his second season:"It's camp, and we're all grinding through it. We're doing everything we can to be the best football players we can be. It's really just part of the regimen of going in and going to work every day."

On the two-point conversation, and how the rule change may alter the game for taller, "red zone" players such as tight ends:"As a two-point play?" *(Reporter: "Yes, going for more two-point plays, because … ") *"We've got the best kicker in the league. I think we'll just stick to getting the one [point], and I guess if we decide to run up the score or something, we'll go for two."

On if he ever thought TE Owen Daniels' departure to Denver would open opportunities for him with the Ravens:"My expectation was to be the guy regardless of if he was here or not. That was my mentality going into the offseason. I knew that as soon as Denver picked up [Gary Kubiak] that Owen [Daniels] would probably tag along with him. So, it wasn't a surprise to me at all, but my mentality was to be the guy regardless of who was here."

On if the way he finished last season gave him confidence entering this year:"I always knew I could be a tight end in the NFL, or I wouldn't have been here. I think the biggest thing for me was the beginning of last season and understanding what I needed to do to change body-wise and physically to alter my game to be an all-around guy. And that wasn't at the end of the season; it was more at the beginning."

On if the team is looking forward to competing against another team at this point in camp:"I'm excited to play. It's still new. [I'm] still excited to get out there and hit somebody. So, we really feel that we're practicing at the hardest level, at the highest level, of anybody around. When that time comes, we'll be ready, but we're still kind of cleaning up our game against ourselves first."

On who has been the toughest player to block on the edge, excluding OLBs Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil:"You name it. We have every pass rusher, run-stopper in the league here. Courtney [Upshaw], he proves it day-in and day-out. You can ask Big Ben [Roethlisberger] if his sternum is healed or not. I don't know." *(laughter) *"But every guy that rolls in here is the best at their position, and that's why they're here."

On why he was lining up against OLB Za'Darius Smith in practice:"Our scheme, we're working on certain things, and if they line him up out there, that's just what we're doing that day."

On how active TE Dennis Pitta is with the tight end group, both on the field and in the building:"Extremely active. Dennis [Pitta] has always been a guy that's excited to help anybody around him. Obviously, his numbers have helped, but we're just excited to have him around. We watch film with him, because that's your ideal to be a tight end. A Pro Bowler, Super Bowl champ, you're going to listen to him."

On Denver head coach Gary Kubiak's offense being tight end-friendly, and if he thinks he will get opportunities this year with a new offensive coordinator:"I think the NFL is tight end-friendly, and it's just going that way. Right now, it's kind of a trend, and luckily for me, it's the right time. So, it's just part of what we need to do to win games, and that's what we'll do."

On his impressions of rookie TE Maxx Williams:"Maxx [Williams] is doing a great job. [He] came in very in shape, very ready to play Raven football. He's definitely a Raven. He's done a great job coming in – no real issues. He's on time, does what he's supposed to do and he keeps his mouth shut."

DT Brandon Williams

On losing DE Brent Urban to injury and how the defensive line will absorb his loss:"It's always hard losing a guy like that. Plus, it's his second year and he's out again, so you definitely feel for him on that. But you've just got to … That's why coaches [always talk about] the next person to come up and execute and step up. We're ready to go. We definitely wish him the best going in with his biceps and all, but the show must go on."

On how the defensive line is holding up so far in terms of stopping the run:"I feel like the defensive line is doing great. Obviously, we've got some young guys in there that are still learning [and] still making strides, but other than that, I think we're executing well [and] doing a great job. Coach 'C.B.' [defensive line coach Clarence Brooks] is doing a great job teaching us anytime we make a mistake or anytime something goes wrong. He makes sure he comes in and lets us know what we have to improve on. So, I feel like everybody is doing a great job, and that's the No. 1 thing we pride ourselves on, is stopping the run. I feel like we're doing a great job."

On what he's seeing from DT Timmy Jernigan going into a second year:"Timmy Jernigan is doing a great job. He's a pit bull, he's a great guy, a great teammate, great player. He's making great strides, and that's the same thing that goes with 'C.B' [Clarence Brooks] teaching him how to be a better player and turn it up a notch for his second year."

On if defensive line coach Clarence Brooks has cussed him out any less going into this season:*(laughter) *"'C.B.' is going to be 'C.B.' I love him, no matter what. He's a great coach."

On if he expects to see more people coming after him after the year he had in 2014, and if so, how he plans to prepare for that:"I feel that our coach prepares us for the worst. I'm going to definitely make sure I have a better season than last year – all of us actually, as a defense, have a better season than last year. But I feel like we just have to execute. Go back to our training and our fundamentals and do our best."

On if he physically feels any stronger than last year:"I feel great. I definitely feel great. Everybody is looking good on the team, actually. As a unit, we look a lot better than last year. I feel really good going into the season."

On if it's getting to a point in camp where he's looking forward to going against another team next Thursday night:"Always. Oh, definitely. But these days, to get up to that point, are definitely necessary and definitely needed. So, we just take it day by day, worrying about right here, right now. Then when we get to that point, we'll handle it."

On if any of the younger players are looking up to him in a type of leadership role:"I don't think there's just one person. It's just all the new guys: Carl [Davis], Micajah [Reynolds], the new guy we just got. [I am] just taking them and showing them the ropes. 'C.B.' [Clarence Brooks] is always getting on them. I'll bring them to the side before 'C.B.' gets started and I'll just tell them, 'Hey man, make sure you pop your hands. Do this and that.' It's kind of weird just being in my third year, kind of already being seen as that figure, but I'm just here to help the team."

On his take on DT Carl Davis:"Carl Davis is definitely a raw, great player. He definitely needs work, like I did in my rookie year, but at the same time you can see him getting it. He's getting it slowly but surely."

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