Transcripts: Titans Post-Game Quotes

Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt

(Opening Statement) "Tough game for us, I thought we did a nice job starting out on the road in a tough place to play. I thought our team responded well in that standpoint. Obviously, you can't fumble the ball on the goal line. That hurts us because we have potentially a chance to be up two scores. It was unfortunate, we did it to ourselves some. They did it to us, field position in the second half. We missed some throws and couldn't get anything going. So it's very disappointing."

(on the play of QB Zach Mettenberger) "I think that's part of being the young quarterback. This is a tough place to play. We got the ball out and made some throws early. Then they changed up their coverage a little bit when they got up and made it a little more difficult to do that. We have to get better at it and [in] those situations, which he did on that very last series when he checked it down to the fullback, and we got a first down. We have to make sure we continue to work on that, getting the ball out to the check points."

(on if QB Zach Mettenberger is holding the ball too much) "I don't know until I see the tape, but probably 50/50. I know [Taylor] Lewan got bull rushed one time where he didn't have a lot of time. So it's really a combination of both of those things."

(on losing TE Delanie Walker and RB Dexter McCluster) "It hurt us. They were both in our package and we felt like we had some plays for them. We had a package earlier where both Dexter and [Leon] Washington were in there, and Leon fielded the short punt. When we lost Dexter, we were out of that. It hurt us, but we have to be able to survive that."

(on if he had any issue on the hit on Delanie Walker) "I have to look at it on tape. It was tough."

(on the offensive pass interference on WR Justin Hunter) "I thought Justin made a good play, but they called what they saw on the other side of the field. That was a big play for us that could have changed the way the game was going. From what I saw, I just saw Justin try to go up and get the ball."

(on if RB Shonn Greene got benched because of the fumble) "He came back in a couple of times later, but it wasn't because of that [fumble]."

(on second-half field position) "No question, field position hurt us. Special teams wise, penalties hurt us badly, starting out inside the 10 and a couple times down there at the one. That's not easy, and it limits what you can do especially when you're missing some of your players. We have to overcome that, and it's part of what we have to learn how to do. And that's unfortunately a painful process right now."

(on penalties) "We'll keep working on that. I promise that. Some of those things were really unfortunate, especially from a field-position standpoint."

(on what happened after starting the game off well) "It was really more after the first half. We struggled in the second half. We missed two, third-down opportunities where we had guys open. Once that happened, it put us in bad field position, which we had really a tough time to overcome. Had we made one of those first downs and moved the ball, whether or not we got points, it would have at least put us in a position where we wouldn't have been backed up when we got the ball."

(on TE Delanie Walker's injury) "He's in the concussion protocol. We'll see how that progresses. I don't know if he actually got knocked out, but I know for lack of better terms, he got his bell rung."

(on RB Dexter McCluster not returning to the game) "He couldn't go, he tried to come back in and go, but couldn't go. His knee was swelling, and that kept him from returning. He was moving around ok."

(on if he anticipated growing pains with QB Zach Mettenberger) "He did some good things today, and made some good throws. I think we just have to work at getting better in some of the things. Learn from what happened from a couple situations in the second half. Really, we'll have to look at it to be certain and see if it really was him holding the ball too long or if it was protection. I think he did a nice job in operating today in this environment which is not easy. But obviously we have to be more productive."

(on his message to the team now) "Our guys fought. My message from today was you showed what you can do from the first half, the way you play as a team. We have to find a way to overcome some of the things that happened to us in the second half. That's a painful part of this process. But if we can do that, we can get to where we want to be. We showed the type of preparation and the work that we did in preparing for this paid off in the first half. We just have to find a way to give those things in the second half addressed and get better."

(on similar second-half deflation from the Cleveland Browns game) "It's different players too. That's effects how you do it too. It's not like we had the same guys that we had in that game."

(on changes that the Baltimore Ravens made defensively) "They made changes in the second half with the field position. They played more soft coverage. Like I said, we had opportunities to make plays. We just had two balls that we missed on third down. We can't do that."

(on if he was happy about Tennessee Titans second-half defense) "Our defense did a nice job. They played hard the first half. They made plays and did a good job as a team in the first half. We didn't help them out in the second half which is tough."

(on RB Jusin Forsett's performance) "I think he had that one long run in the end really. Other than that, he didn't have any plays that big. So you take that out, that eliminates him having a good run day."


QB Zach Mettenberger

(on the Titans great start) "We really did some good things early, the fumble at the goal line didn't help us, but those things are going to happen and you can't control them. In the second half, we just couldn't convert third-down chances. Two of them were my fault, I needed to make better throws."

(on the Ravens' defense) "They made an adjustment and started rolling they're coverage, the safeties were rolling and they played zone coverage, which we were not expecting. But we've got to be ready for anything."

(on how deflating the last fumble was) "That's part of the game, crap is going to happen. I thought we responded very well and we came right back and scored on our next possession."

(on being sacked five times) "I have to do a better job of feeling the pressure. You try to have an internal clock, that lets you know when it's time, but with the defensive lineman that they have, the clock goes a lot faster. I know I need to play a lot smarter. This is a quarterback driven league and I have to play better."

(on what it was like to play the Ravens' defense) "They have a lot of studs in their front seven and they know it. We counteracted them early, but after a while we couldn't keep it going."

(on a possible face-mask call on the last sack) "That's not my call. I'm not an official, just watch the film and make your own decision, but I should have gotten rid of the ball sooner and converted the third down."

(on the hit to Delanie Walker) "I don't know how he is; I haven't seen him. It was a hard collision, and he's one of the toughest dudes out there, so you know he was hurt. We have to have a mentality of 'next man up.' In this league, you have to keep the trains on track."

(on the Titans' penalties) "I don't think we had too many on offense today. Last week, we really hurt ourselves with our penalties on offense, but this week we were better. The special teams' penalties hurt our field position today, and I'm sure that will be addressed."

(on the rest of the season) "I know we have the right guys in the locker room, nobody's going to quit. I know we will work to get better, and our goal is to win as many games as possible."


RB Leon Washington

(on his touchdown catch) "That play is something we've worked on every week. We don't always use it in the game, but it's there. It really worked well today, and we got a touchdown out of it."

(on facing the Ravens) "They didn't surprise us.  They did what we saw them do on film. They have so many tough players on their team, so it's quite a challenge, and this is a tough place to play. But this team keeps sticking together, and I appreciate that so much. We missed some opportunities today, but we kept working at it. We'll keep working on it and we'll get better."


RT Michael Oher

(on coming back to M&T Bank Stadium) "We wanted to get the win. Great atmosphere to play in. I had fun seeing the guys I used to play with. It was alright."

(on the treatment from the Ravens' fans) "It was alright. I didn't get any trash talking or anything like that. I guess they appreciated what I did when I was here. They've got great fans, and all I can say is they've got to keep on taking care of home."


RB Bishop Sankey

(on the offense) "We started the game real well. We were able to move the ball. And then the second half came, and we were struggling a little bit. We struggled moving the ball at times. That's one of the things when you play a good defense like the Ravens; you've got to be on you're A game."

(on the second half let down) "I don't know. I really gotta look at the film. Like I said, in the first half, we came out and were able to move the ball. In the second half, for whatever reason, we weren't able to do that. When you play a good team like the Ravens, you've got to be operating and executing for the entire game."

(on not running the ball as much in the second half) "Given the game situation, we were down points. And we were trying to throw the ball downfield as much as possible. And, again, I've got to go back and look at the film and see what we can correct. And move forward from it."

(on the penalties) "You're going to be given those in the game. Adversity is going to hit you. We just have to do a better job dealing with that and be able to persevere through that."


DT Jurrell Casey

(on the defense) "I think we played a good game today, but we gave up a couple big plays that hurt us toward the end. Overall, we came out for a battle. We knew it was going to be a dogfight, and we tried to hold on until the end. We didn't quit. We kept on going."

(on the frustration of the season) "Of course it gets frustrating, but we've got to keep on building. We've got to keep on going. There are seven games left in the season, and we've got to keep on playing out until that last 16th game. And whatever falls into our place, and whatever happens is what we have to deal with."

(on the front four) "I think we're doing pretty well up front. I think we've got a group of guys who fight for each other. We've got a group of guys on our side with a fellowship who can back each other up. Coach [Ray Horton] does a great job getting us prepared for games, and I think that's what is helping us so far into the season."

(on turnovers) "That's something we have to get better at. We've got to create more turnovers. Coming out of a game with zero turnovers doesn't help our offense. Creating turnovers creates a short field for them."


WR Nate Washington

(on the offense) "We've got to do a better job cleaning up the small things in order to get a win."

(on the offense's play at the start of the game) "Aggressive play calling by the coaches. Everybody was assignment-sound. That's why we were successful on the drives."

(on the second half) "That's something we need to assess from the film that we watch tomorrow."

(on Zach Mettenberger) "Zach did a good job today. We just have to continue and try to make some plays. Zach is a young guy. He has room to grow. So, he definitely has some opportunity to get better."


LB Derrick Morgan

(on the defense) "I think we did an overall decent job. We gave up some big plays, but, overall, I feel like we had a pretty decent effort. We just didn't close out the game like we needed to."

(on pressuring the quarterback) "That was our gameplan. Coming in and getting some hits some sacks on [Joe] Flacco and disrupt him. And I think we did a decent job. They had a lot of quick game passing. We've just got to keep getting better, look at the tape, and see where we can improve."

(on his sack) "There was excellent coverage in the back end, which gave me a little bit more time to rush. And thank God for letting me make that play. It was a good play at a good time, and I need to make more of them."

(on the frustration of the season) "It's really frustrating. This is a team of workers. We come into work every day. We don't complain; we don't gripe. We just want to see some benefits from it, but things haven't been going our way. And we have to continue the work."


LB Wesley Woodyard                    

(on the defense) "We've just got to finish stronger. We came and fought hard for four quarters. Minus one drive and a couple plays, we've got to play harder and find a way to win."

(on the Ravens' offensive gameplan) "We knew what they were going to do for the most part. When it comes down to it, they made about four or five extra plays than we did."

(on pressuring the quarterback) "I think, for the most part, we did a good job pressuring [Joe Flacco] and keeping him off-balance was something that was key for this gameplan."

(on turnovers) "We didn't get anything. That's the tale of the tape. They got two, and we didn't get anything. Anytime you lose that turnover margin, you'll always set yourself up for not having the chance to win."


WR Justin Hunter

(on starting well and finishing slow) "Penalties. Some calls didn't go our way, we kept getting backed up, even at times back to the one-yard line. We just need to overcome some mistakes."

(on going two quarters without a first down) "Yeah, whatever they call we've got to make work. Get yards and move the ball. We've got to go back to work."

(on the pass interference call) "I didn't think it was pass interference at all. I felt like I had great position on him. I guess he did a little acting and drew the flag. We were running so fast, I guess they couldn't believe I stopped like that, and maybe they thought I needed some help. That was my first time ever getting a pass interference call."


CB Jason McCourty

(on the game) "In the beginning, we started out strong. The offense comes out with a long drive for most of the first quarter and [we] weren't able to capitalize. Then we went out on defense and got a three-and-out and the offense took advantage of it. We played well in the first half, came into the locker room 7-7. We just weren't able to finish in the second half."

(on it being a defensive battle) "Yes, definitely. We started strong, but at the end of the day, the team that makes the most plays wins the game. We gave up the deep one in the third or fourth quarter, which hurt us, but we weren't able to do enough in the second half to win."

(on getting regular pressure up front) "Yes, we did, but they made a play. Sometimes in this league, it comes down to making a play. We had our opportunities and we need to take advantage of them."

(on the Ravens WR Torrey Smith touchdown) "I think he just ran a fade. Blidi [Wreh-Wilson] was trailing a little bit and tried to catch up. [Joe] Flacco threw a pretty good pass, and he wasn't able to get there to play his hands, so it's a tough play. They made a play when they needed it."

(on the play of the secondary) "We played OK. Anytime you give up a touchdown pass, it's a negative reflection on us. How you play, if you don't win the game, it doesn't really matter."


CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson

(on the flow of the game) "Coming out for the second half, we didn't make plays down the stretch, and they did. It was just a couple plays here or there that can change the momentum of the game, and we've got to capitalize on any opportunity to make a play. First half, we were fine. We just have to find a way to limit them and do what we do."

(on the play of the secondary) "Communication was good on the back end. There were just a couple plays here or there that we just didn't make."

(on playing a tight game through three quarters) "Yes, it was a defensive battle. Both defenses were playing solid defense, but then in the fourth quarter, it's a make-or-break situation, and the outcome of the game shows [what happened]."

(on the Ravens WR Torrey Smith touchdown) "We were hand fighting, and I got a flag called on me for that. From there, I've just got to stay in position, more of an up-field position rather than giving him that trail that I did and letting him continue to make a clean play on the call." (on similar defensive play from week-to-week) "We have to find a way to change that. We've seen throughout the weeks that we can get a little bit closer here and there, but in other situations, we seem to lose a little bit. We just have to rise to a point where everyone is doing their job in a high, efficient manner, so we can click and get momentum on our side."


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