Transcripts: Wednesday Media Availability: Titans- Week 10


Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement:"OK, thanks for coming out. I appreciate it – or coming inside, in this case. We were out, you were in. You guys look warm and comfortable. (laughter) But you were out there earlier. You guys braved it, so we appreciate [that]. It was a good day for practice. [We] had a really good practice – really fast. Our guys like football, so it was good. We're getting ready for Tennessee.

"A couple things: We had some personnel moves – you guys know what they are. Obviously, they're with getting better in mind, improving our football team. We were fortunate that Danny [Gorrer] was available. We have a history with Danny, and he had a good practice today. Tramain [Jacobs] has been doing a heck of a job, too, so we'll give him an opportunity. He's earned it. And then Terrence Cody, as we said, we were looking for an opportunity maybe to do that, and we thought that'd be the best way to do it. We'll get Phillip Supernaw back if he clears waivers. We'll get him back on the practice squad tomorrow if he clears."

As far as CB Danny Gorrer, with the numbers, I don't think it's a secret to say that he's going to be playing on Sunday. How big of a challenge is it for someone who was just claimed off waivers and now you're trying to get him up to speed with you? (Jamison Hensley) "Well, it is – it's a challenge. It's good in the sense he's been playing. He's in football shape; he played last week. He's played a lot of football all year, went through training camp, all those things. It's also a big plus that he … Well, two things: He's been here before, so he has a lot of recall from our system. He's also been in our system since the whole season in Detroit. A few things are called differently maybe, but he knows the defense and we'll get him up to speed on the things that are different. It's pretty unique, and it's a good situation for us."

Did you talk to [Lions defensive coordinator and former Ravens secondary coach] Teryl Austin at all about CB Danny Gorrer, or do you just kind of know enough about him already that you don't need to call? (Garrett Downing)"I didn't talk to 'T.A.' personally on this one, but I'm sure as an organization [Ravens general manager and executive vice president] Ozzie [Newsome] and his guys do their homework and things like that. Whatever they did … I'm not sure what they did. But we knew Danny, we saw him on tape and we know what kind of person he is anyway. We knew he was healthy. Those are the key things."

We're going to have T Rick Wagner up here in a little bit, and with as well as he's been playing, and the line as a whole … [Ravens offensive line coach] Juan Castillo came in for some criticism last year. How much credit does he deserve this year? (Joe Platania) "He deserved credit last year as well for the job he did. Juan is a proven coach in this league, so I'm not going to vary at all from what I said last year. I believe he did a great job last year. I said that last year, and he's doing a great job this year. And the results are different, so that's really good. We're happy about that. The way that Juan works, the way that the guys work, you want to see them have success. But we're in the middle of a fight right now. We're not in any kind of a position to say, 'Hey, this is good,' or anything like that. Just like if last year the results weren't as good, we weren't assessing that either. We were just trying to be as good as we could be the next week, and really, that's where we're at. But he's done a good job with those guys; those guys have done a good job. We just have to get ready to play this week, really."

What has stood out the most about T Rick Wagner? What have you seen from him so far this year? (Jamison Hensley) "Probably the thing that jumps out at me is his consistency. Rick is very consistent. He executes the techniques exactly the way that the scheme calls for. He gets it right most all the time. If he does get beat, like anybody does at times, it's physically, and that doesn't happen very often. He's playing very well and he's done a good job."

John, do you think he's playing at a Pro Bowl level? (Jeff Zrebiec) "I have no idea. That's a good question. It'd be great if he was able to accomplish that."

Coach, what have you seen from Titans QB Zach Mettenberger so far on film? (Jerry Coleman) "He's No. 7 and his last name ends in 'berger,' so there's a similarity there with a guy we just played." (laughter)

Is that the only similarity? (Jerry Coleman) "No, it's not the only similarity. He's a good young player. I had a chance to watch him last year on TV because I watch LSU with Les [Miles] there and Cam [Cameron] there, and [he is] a big, strong-armed quarterback. You say that tongue-in-cheek, because I also happen to think that's how they see him, along those lines of a [Ben] Roethlisberger, because he's the kind of a guy who can make every throw. He has a strong arm, he stands in the pocket [and] he seems like he has good vision. That's kind of what they have in mind for him – try to develop him along those lines. Of course, [Titans head] coach [Ken] Whisenhunt was in Pittsburgh one time. That's really how I see him. It's going to be a challenge for us, because we don't know him that well. But what we see on tape we see as pretty darn good."

John, how would you assess the run game? Has it been difficult for you to go with three guys instead of the usual workhorse – one-plus, maybe, with another guy coming in as a reliever? (Dave Ginsburg) "We've kind of gone with two guys in games. I don't think we've had three guys in any one game. It's been two guys with a third guy being more of a relief role. It doesn't really matter. We had great success early [in] '08, '09 with three guys. I think it was '08. And then maybe by '10 it was more Ray Rice; it was more one guy. It really doesn't matter. Whoever gains yards for us plays."

John, I know after a tough loss … And you said on Monday, "We're past that, moving forward," is it easier said than done, or is it easy to say, 'Hey, we're just pushing that game back and we're going forward." I mean, do you know what I'm saying? Is it one thing to say it and one thing to do it? Is it tougher, though? (Jamison Hensley) "It's both. It's easy in the sense that you have to. And we have a huge challenge in front of us. Tennessee is a very good football team. They're coming off a bye; they had two weeks to prepare for us. Their defensive front is as good as any in football – maybe the best defensive front we've played yet this year. And I say that watching the tape. They are good. They have a very active secondary – they fly around, they get after you. Once you watch the tape, it sobers you in this league every single week, because every single team is very good. We have to win a football game against a very good team that is rested and ready to go. The other side of the coin is these are very emotional games. They're hard-fought, they're played to the wire – they mean a lot. And when you have a loss in this league … It's like baseball, there are 162 games. This is 16 games. It's like losing 10 games. That's how it works. So, if you win a game, it's like winning 10 games. It means that much, and it's just math. You just kind of know that because it's so important and every game matters. And when you win two in a row, you feel it. So, we have to go."**

QB Joe Flacco**

On if he ever doubted the caliber of player that T Rick Wagner has become:"No, not at all. I know that he has a good head on his shoulders and he's physical. I think he's been doing a great job. I don't think about those things in general, but with him, no, never did I ever let myself even begin to think that."

On if it's easy brushing off tough losses like Pittsburgh and moving on to the next game:"No, not really. This is what we do, man. This is what we live for. In this sport, you only get to play one a week. And it can be tough, but you have to be tough about it. You have to come in here and address what went wrong and move on. I wouldn't say it's the easiest thing to do, but it is something that we have to do, and I think we're pretty good at doing it."

On what TE Owen Daniels has meant to the offense and how he has helped TE Crockett Gillmore this season:"I think what he's done talks for itself. He's obviously been able to go out there and catch the ball. He's been very reliable. He runs good routes, gets open, allows us to use the middle of the field and opens up Torrey [Smith] and Steve [Smith Sr.] on the outside. The fact that he's been in this offense for as long as he has been, and Crockett is a rookie, it's definitely proven to help him out. At the same time, Crockett is a very confident young man that has stepped in and done a great job and has used Owen and used him well."

On if he's comfortable with not working out of the shotgun as much as he has in the past:"It's really just based on whatever we're doing. I know we haven't used it a lot this year, but it's nothing that is new to me or different for me. It doesn't really matter. It's just whatever the situation calls for. I know sometimes on third downs we haven't even been in there just because we wanted to stay in some certain things, and I think because of that we're not in it on first and second down. When you add on the fact that even in some third-down situations we felt like we could use it to our advantage not being in there, our numbers have been down. But it doesn't matter to me. I just want to go run the play, and it doesn't really matter how I end up where I end up."

On how to avoid turning the ball over:"You just do the right things and keep each other accountable. It's been the last three games we've had a lot of turnovers.  And we are going to be very tough to beat if we don't turn the ball over, and it's something we have to stop. But, at the same time, we have to stay aggressive. We have to go after it; we have to try to put points on the board; we have to try to stretch the field – all that stuff. But the biggest thing is holding each other accountable and going out there each week and during practice getting better and better at it."

On how he feels like the offense has been doing against the blitz:"I feel like we've been doing pretty well against it. I think last week, obviously, they got to us a little bit. But for the most part, it wasn't guys that were coming straight free. It was just a good job by them. We could have done a better job on some of them. But, in this offense, for the most part, you have to find at least a spot to get the ball out to. And sometimes it's going to be for a big play and sometimes it's going to be a smart play, which is a throwaway. It just depends on the situation, and each of those is individual."

On if the last couple of weeks were an aberration:"I don't know if they are an aberration, but listen, I think we're in a really good spot. I think we've been playing, for the most part, really consistently all year. We've had a few turnovers the last couple of games. If we eliminate those, I think our consistency is still there. So, I think we are in a really good spot and I'm excited about getting after it the next half."

On how much Titans T Michael Oher meant to him and the Ravens' offensive line personally: "What was he here, five years? It speaks for itself. Michael was a great teammate and a great player, and I'm sure he'll be fired up for this one. No doubt about it."

On how much playing corn hole has gone away in the locker room now that Oher is no longer a Raven:"I think guys are starting to pick up playing a little bit more. There's been definitely a little lull in there, but there hasn't been as much trash talking [or] as much other stuff going on probably with Michael out of here."

RB Justin Forsett

On what advice he gave RB Lorenzo Taliaferro after his fumble against Pittsburgh: "'Keep your head up,' is what I told him. We're going to need him. If we're going to be able to win some games, we're going to need him to step up and make plays. [I told him], 'Don't get down on yourself. You're a necessity for this team.' I'm always constantly encouraging him, because it happens to all of us, unfortunately."

On how impressive G/T Rick Wagner has been as a starter: "[Rick Wagner has] been great. I think the whole O-line has been great. No matter who we've had in there, we've had some success running the ball, and I'm excited about it. We take pride in the run game, and the offensive line loves it and of course we love it. But I'm excited for all those guys."

On how his body is holding up after taking so many snaps this season: "It's good – body is good. I'm making sure that I'm doing all the little things outside of getting treatment and making sure I'm taking care of the body, [so] that [when] Saturday comes I'm ready to go."

On whether his routine is different this season because of an increased workload: "[I] get more massages probably this season than I've ever had. I get a little more of a break at home. My wife takes it a little easier on me with the chores, so I get a little more time to nap." (laughter)

On what his wife thinks of the bandage on his nose: "She's not a fan of the Band-Aid, but I keep getting cut on my nose from my helmet from contact. My little son, every time I come home and pick him up, he's like, 'Ew!' It's just nasty to him. He won't let me hold him too long, so that's a problem." (laughter)

On what the offense has to do to turn things around: "We have to do the little things right. Like you said, we've been doing some things that have been shooting ourselves in the foot. I think that when we're on our 'A' game and we're doing the little things right, no one can stop us. We just have to get better. We have to execute, and we have to do the little things better."

On whether he could have imagined this season going so well for him: "I was telling someone else, I couldn't [have] written a [better] story myself. It has been an answer to a lot of prayers throughout my career just waiting my time and trying to be patient. There's still a lot that I need to prove, and – I feel – a lot that I can show. I'm excited about the future."

On whether the offense makes adjustments for defenses that bring a lot of pressure: "For me, nothing. I've been a third-down back for most of my career, so I'm always looking for the exotic blitzes and exotic looks that defenses can give you. My main job is to protect Joe [Flacco] and make sure that I'm staying on film and making sure that those odd looks – when they come – I'm ready for them and prepared for them."

CB Danny Gorrer

On what he hopes to bring to the table now that he's back with the Ravens: "[I've] just been in the league for a little while, so [it'll be] experience and whatever the team needs me to do. I'm just willing to get this thing back on the road and get back to winning football."

On how familiar the language is here after playing under former Ravens assistant coach and current Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin:"Some of the language is still the same – he tweaked a little bit – but everything is basically still the same. I'm trying to hit the ground running and trying to get caught up on everything."

On how crazy the past 24 hours have been for him:"This business is crazy, but again, my job is to hit the ground running and pick up everything as fast as possible to get out there and help this team get back to winning. I've just got to weather the storm and get back to it."

On how he has changed as a cornerback since he was last here:"Just learning the game even more, just picking the older guys' brains. I've been around a little while, but you can never know too much. So, just picking up different techniques and just trying to be a little more physical than I was before, and just still playing winning football."

On his comfort level playing corner on the outside versus the nickel position:"I just want to play football. Being inside is a little different, but at the same time, it's football. Again, wherever they want me to be, that's where I'm willing to be and play well and do my job."

On how much he has seen a secondary turn things around for a team:"It takes one game to turn things around. [With a] win this weekend, nobody will even talk about what's been going on. That's my job and that's the team focus right now – to get back on track to winning football and playing Baltimore football. That's everybody's main goal, and that's everything everybody has been talking about in meetings right now."

On how big confidence is for the secondary as a whole:"That's everything. Being a [defensive back] is [about] confidence. Having that 'swag' or however you want to call it, but just getting back to basic football and communicating – that's always the key with everything. And with certain losses, you've got to communicate. If it takes over-communicating, that's just the key."

On when he learned that he would be claimed by the Ravens:"Coach [Teryl] Austin, he kind of hinted to me that Baltimore may pick me up, and he was like, 'Well, you know, we kind of hope you don't get claimed. We want to bring you back here next week.' But whatever happened, I definitely enjoyed the ride in Detroit and now I've got unfinished business here, really. That's my mindset – unfinished business."

On if he arrived in Baltimore this morning:"No, I arrived last night and I've been going basically since last night."

On if he was speaking with any coaches as early as last night:"Yes, everyone called me last night and [said], 'Congrats.' And basically, 'Let's get in here and let's play good football.' That's my job, so I'm just taking it one day at a time and we'll see what happens."

On how his first stint with the Ravens, playing with such a deep group of defensive backs, prepared him:"That helped me tremendously, just as a man, being in that secondary and how close we were. I'm just feeling some of the newer guys out, and when it's the right time for me to speak up on it a little bit, I'll kind of reflect on the old days and always remember what Ed Reed taught me, what Bernard Pollard taught me. So, it's definitely just about getting back to the Baltimore tradition."

LB C.J. Mosley

On how he gets over losses like the one in Pittsburgh last week:"We just move on to the next opponent. You can't really dwell on the past, because we have a great purpose and we fight for that purpose. If you're looking toward the past, you can't really get better as a team. If you were out there today, you wouldn't even tell that we got blown out the way we did, because the guys came to work. [There was] nobody making excuses, and we got better.

On his impression of Titans QB Zach Mettenberger:"He's always had great arm strength. We saw that on film – we watched it today – and if he has time, he can step up and he can be just like any other quarterback in this league. For us, and just like we have with every game plan, we have to try to get pressure on the quarterback and collapse the pocket and play top-down coverage, because he likes to throw the ball deep."

On how he is working on his coverage skills:"This past game was a great test for me. I had a few plays where I was in man coverage on [Le'Veon] Bell. They have guys play bad leverage on them, so you just have to learn every game. For this practice, when I had the chance to be the man on the running back, I tried to make sure I kept my eyes on it and played low. I just have to try to get better every day. It just comes down to technique, pretty much."

On whether the  changes in the secondary are a wakeup call for the entire defense: "As a defense you notice it, but I think it's more of a wakeup call more so for that group on the defense. Up front you still have to stop the run first. That's what we're all about. For the back end … It's the NFL. That's how things work out sometimes. The guys back there have to know they have to be about their business. If not, they're going to have somebody else in their position. You have to make sure as whole that we have each other's back, and when game time comes we're all going to be ready."

On whether playing a longer NFL season is much different than playing a shorter college schedule: "Not really. Even when I was at Alabama, I tried to take each game one at a time. We have so [many] other things to worry about. I can speak for myself; I really learned to think of it like I played a full season of college already. I have so much stuff on my plate just to be worried about more than having seven more games. I'm trying to take one game at a time and get better as a player and help this defense get better."

On whether he is surprised by how well his rookie season has gone so far: "Not really. I know [what] I'm capable of, and I have to give great thanks to my great inside linebackers coach, Coach 'Wink' [Don Martindale] and playing alongside Daryl Smith. The transition from Alabama to here has been so easy and great for me. I can't take all the credit, but [it is] a great defense and great coaching staff. [I am] just doing what I have to do to make plays."

OLB Terrell Suggs

On whether he has a reaction to being called a dirty player for his hit on RB LeGarrette Blount: "No, not really. I don't really … I don't expect [anything] different coming out of there. I think my reputation speaks for itself. But everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and I'm going to continue to play football – play physical football the way I know how to."

On whether he has heard from the NFL regarding his hit on RB LeGarrette Blount:"A little something, but we're going to see. We're going to look into it. We're going to look into it. But that was last week. You know what I mean? I just have to keep focused. I'm in a seven-game season right now."

On whether it is different going against a rookie quarterback: "I don't think so, for the simple fact of that the advancement of the game. Usually when you go against a rookie quarterback – traditionally, usually – you can make it a hard time for them. But the way the game is played these days, it's pretty much in favor of the quarterback and the offense, so I don't really think that plays into our favor any. We have to treat him just like we treated the guy last week and the guys before him."

On whether the changes in the secondary are a wakeup call for the entire defense: "We as a team we have to trust that our coaches and everybody around the building and the organization will do the right moves for the team. We have to trust them. We've never had to second-guess that around here. We trust and believe in that it was the right move [and] it was the best move for the team. Maybe it is the spark that we need to shake things up a little bit."

On how he moves on from a game like Pittsburgh: "It's very hard. You can probably see a lot of us for a couple days still [are] ticked off about it. But this is the NFL. We're only halfway through. Like I said, we have seven more games left. It's not like we have two or three and we still need one to get in the playoffs and you come off a game like that. I remember last year, the Patriots came and had a similar game like that and they affected us going into the next week having such a bad game like that so late in the season. It's early in the season. I remember in 2012 we went down to Houston, and they put up 43 points. It happens in the NFL. You have to get over it, and you really have to address those issues, everything that happened in the game to make sure that those things don't rear [their] ugly head again in your season."

On the message he gives to younger players after a game like Pittsburgh: "You definitely have to tell them to keep playing. I said it last week, 'The NFL season is a marathon. It's not a sprint.' All you need is something special to happen to you and then you get on a roll and some good things can happen for you. You have to keep playing a seven-game season."

On how impressed he is with G/T Rick Wagner in the starting role: "The Salesman? Think about it. You hear his name, 'Rick Wagner.' Ever since he walked in the building, I'm like, 'That's a good salesmen name. You could probably sell a lot of good stuff.' But he has been working his tail off, and I think that's a feel good story. He showed that he can hold his own, and he has been playing phenomenal for us. You have to tip your hat off to a guy that shows up to work. Those guys [are] in there in the trenches. They don't really get a lot of credit for the things that they do, but he has definitely been a big part of our success, and we're very proud to have him on our team. He has been working his tail off.  [I'm] proud of the guy."

On what he thought of CB Danny Gorrer during his first time with the Ravens: "[Danny Gorrer] is a young kid with a tremendous amount of talent, a lot of potential. He has had the opportunity to go play other places, and he has grown into his game. His game has matured a little bit. I think the feistiness in his game can probably help us. He definitely brings some edginess on the back end. It was a good pickup for us to bring a guy that's familiar with the defense back in."

On whether he is looking forward to going against T Michael Oher: "I'm pretty sure [Michael Oher is] going to be fired up to come home. He was with us and he was part of the special team that got something done [in 2012], so we will always have that bond with Mike. But he's going to see different colors. We're going to see different colors when he walks in here. Both sides are going to try to compete and get a win." (Reporter: "With that quick step back move?") "I'm definitely [going to] point it out to the referee, [and say], 'Hey, you might want to watch that just a little bit.'" *(laughter)


G/T Rick Wagner

On how this season is going so far for him: "I'm pretty happy with the way I've been playing. I think I've made a pretty smooth transition to my starting role. But obviously, you have to play better to win some more games here toward the end of the season."

On where his game has improved since last season: "I think pass protection has been pretty well [improved]. Run blocking as a whole O-line, we've been pretty good. It's great playing next to [Marshal] Yanda. He really helps me out."

On how G/T Marshal Yanda has helped him: "It's phenomenal playing next to [Marshal Yanda]. The communication, the double-teams we have together – it makes my job a lot easier."

On whether he thought he would get a chance for the starting right tackle position after T Michael Oher left the Ravens: "After I found out [Michael Oher] was leaving, that was the first thing on my mind: 'I have a great opportunity to take over the right side.' [I am] thankful that the coaches trusted in me."

On how much T Michael Oher helped him last season: "It was great backing him up last year. He's a good vet, and I watch his film to study his technique, and he's a good player."

On his impressions of offensive line coach Juan Castillo's coaching methods: "I think coach [Juan] Castillo is a great coach. He focuses a lot on technique, which I think is very important as an O-lineman. Everything starts with technique, and that's his main focus."

On whether he is more comfortable in Pittsburgh or in front of a microphone: "Pittsburgh." (laughter)

On whether it's humbling to get national recognition in his first year as a starter:"It's great. It's definitely a big confidence boost, and hopefully I can keep playing well."

On whether he has missed a snap this season: "No." (Reporter: "Knock on wood.") "Yes."

On whether it will be a challenge going against OLB Shaun Phillips: "Every week there are phenomenal players, and I can't look at anybody else any different."

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