Vegas Has Ravens With Second-Best 2021 Super Bowl Odds

Ravens fans may be tired of hearing about Super Bowl odds considering Baltimore was the favorite to win this year's big game and instead suffered a shocking divisional playoff loss.

On the other hand, it might feel comforting to know that Vegas – which is generally pretty good at predicting this stuff – is high on the Ravens' chances for next year too.

Caesars Entertainment and SuperBook USA released their 2021 Super Bowl futures odds on Tuesday, and both have the Ravens with the second-best odds to win it all. The Ravens have 7-1 odds at Caesars and are tied with the San Francisco 49ers at 8-1 at SuperBook USA.

Only the Kansas City Chiefs, who are in this year's AFC championship game and led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes, have better odds.

The Ravens entered the 2019 season tied with the 15th-best odds to win the Super Bowl at 32-1. They ended the regular season with the best odds to make the Super Bowl at 42 percent.

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