Veterans Get First Look At Rookie Class


The 2013 rookie class is back in Baltimore.

After a week away from the Under Armour Performance Center, the rookie class was back at work Monday as part of the offseason training program.

And Monday's workouts were the first opportunity for the veterans to see their new teammates in action.

"You can see the nervousness in their face and all that," veteran safety James Ihedigbo said. "But they're young. It's all a new experience for them."

The Ravens are still in the football school phase of the offseason, so there's a limit to how much on-field work the players are allowed to do. Veterans and rookies did get on the field together Monday, but they are not in pads and the practices aren't full* *speed.

Still, having the veterans around to run through the drills made a difference.

"We met a number of them out on the field, and were able to ask questions," rookie receiver Aaron Mellette said. "It was good to see people that know what they're doing because you can watch and mimic them, instead of you going out there first."

The biggest transition for most of the rookies, Ihedigbo said, is that they have to quickly adjust to a big change in the level of competition.

"They go from being the man at whatever college they're at to playing with the best in the world," Ihedigbo said. "It's good to have them here and get to know them and who they are and what they're about. It's a good start."

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