Week 11: Chicago Bears Conference Calls

Head Coach Marc Trestman

On how critical it is to have a backup quarterback that fits into the system so that the transition is seamless when the player is called upon:"Well, we went through that a week or so ago with Josh [McCown]. Again, we're fortunate to have Josh with us. He's a veteran quarterback, he's been around a lot of different systems, and he's been with us since we started our program here in April. So, he's gone through all the meetings and all the installations and things like that, and he's been able to pick it up very quickly. So, we feel very fortunate to have him, and he's gone in and he's played well for us in times we've asked him to play, and we're certainly hopeful that continues on Sunday."

On if he sees the same RB Ray Rice when he watches tape:"You know what, I usually spend today on the defensive side. I know what Ray Rice is all about and I know the player that he's been. I'll spend more time looking at the Baltimore offense today; I haven't gotten into it yet, significantly enough, to answer the question."

On if he's been impressed with what he's seen from DT Arthur Jones:"I've been impressed with the entire defense in general. Their ability to rush the passer, create sacks on their back end, with the discipline that they play with, the physicality that I've seen them play with over the last month of the season, and the way that their backers go to the ball – they're very good at all three levels."

On what he's seen from Baltimore's cornerbacks, specifically Lardarius Webb and Jimmy Smith:"The same thing. We talked about it this morning in our offensive meeting, and we're just very impressed with these guys – how physical they are, deploying when they're in bump-and-run, and just the whole unit in terms of how sound they are in their play, how they have a sense for route structure, where to be and when to be there. They're great with their eyes, and it starts on the edges. These two guys are very impressive, as good as we've seen."

WR Brandon Marshall

On the Ravens' secondary: "Oh my gosh, man – [Lardarius] Webb. When I was in Denver, my last year in Denver, I remember traveling to Baltimore, and he really dominated me. I wasn't prepared. Right before he got hurt, he probably was a Top 5 cornerback in the league, if not maybe even playing right behind Darrelle Revis, pushing Darrelle Revis for the best corner. Now on tape, you're starting to see him get back to that form, and he's playing lights out. There are some things I see that he probably wants to work on and not give up, but this guy has the potential to be the best corner in the league. So, we have our work cut out for us. The young guy from Colorado [Jimmy Smith] – he's playing really good. He's trying to take away all the deep stuff. It's going to be tough."

On the team's confidence in QB Josh McCown: "If you're judging off the past weeks, [we're] really confident. There's definitely a difference between the two [McCown and Cutler], but as far as production and running the offense, there really hasn't been a drop-off. It's really 'pick your poison.' Jay Cutler – he's irreplaceable. He's our leader, he's the captain of our team, and we need him back as soon as possible. But while he's out, we've got someone who's really steering the ship for us."

On CB Jimmy Smith: "You can tell he's growing, and he's maturing as far as technique-wise. When he first got into the league, he was really raw, but still had playmaking ability in him. And now he's putting it all together, where he's playing the technique of the defense. He's doing a great job of staying over the top of wide receivers. This kid – he's big, and he has the ability to make plays with his hands and his feet."

On playing physical teams:"I don't get caught up in all of that. My game varies from week to week. Sometimes my approach is finesse; sometimes my approach is trying to be more physical. This week, with [Lardarius] Webb, I know he's a smaller guy, but he's one of the stronger corners in the league. He does a great job of fighting and getting physical with big receivers. I have my work cut out for me. As far as the defense, as a whole, it's a typical Baltimore Ravens defense. They're tough, and they know their defense inside and out."

On WR Alshon Jeffrey:"The guys did a great job of evaluating him and bringing him in. A lot of people passed on him for his work ethic and conditioning from college; that was a concern last year. I think that's one of the reasons why he was in and out of our huddle, banged up a little bit, and it kind of slowed his progress. But this year, he came down south to Fort Lauderdale, worked out at a facility, and he really came to work. He's 219 [pounds], 9 percent body fat – he's really a product of his work. He's putting in the work and now he's reaping a harvest. That just shows how hard he's been working, and that goes back to Combine training. He didn't come in sloppy or anything like that, but you can't make up for four years of work in three months. Now, he's been doing it for a little over a year now, and he's really coming into his own. He's got the potential to be the best wide receiver the Bears ever had – one of the best wide receivers this league has ever seen. He's a little different than most. He's not a Calvin Johnson-style; he's not a Larry Fitzgerald-style. He has his own style. Sometimes, it can look unorthodox, but the kid makes plays. He probably has the best hands I've ever seen."* *

On Hail Mary plays and his strategy on them:"Well, I'm not going to tell you our strategy on them, but, yes, a Hail Mary is definitely luck – that's where the name comes from. It's one of those plays where you just throw it up there and pray – Hail Mary – that one of our guys comes down with it. A.J. Green was in the right spot at the right time."

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