Week 17 Ravens Playoff Scenarios


Baltimore's playoff hopes aren't dead.

The Ravens can still make their way to the postseason for the sixth time in seven years, but they need some help from Head Coach John Harbaugh's old mentor in Kansas City, Andy Reid.

Here's a breakdown of what exactly it will take for the Ravens to get to the playoffs:

Baltimore clinches a playoff spot with…

-  Win over Cleveland AND a Chargers loss/tie to the Chiefs

-  Tie against Cleveland AND a Chargers loss

If the Chargers beat the Chiefs – 1 p.m. game in Kansas City – then the Ravens' 2014 playoff hopes will be dashed. There is no way the Ravens can make the playoffs if the Chargers win because San Diego (9-6) has the head-to-head tiebreaker over Baltimore.

The Ravens, Chargers, Texans and Chiefs are all in the hunt for that final AFC wild-card spot, and here are the scenarios at play for the other three contenders this weekend:

San Diego clinches a playoff spot with…

-  Win over the Chiefs

-  Tie against the Chiefs AND a Ravens loss

Kansas City clinches a playoff spot with…

-  Win over the Chargers AND a Ravens loss AND a Texans loss/tie

Houston clinches a playoff spot with…

-  Win over the Jaguars AND a Ravens loss AND a Chargers loss

The Patriots, Broncos, Bengals, Colts and Steelers have all already clinched their spot in the playoffs. But they do still have some seeding considerations at stake this weekend. The Bengals and Steelers are in a showdown where the winner takes the AFC North title, and the home playoff game that comes along with it.

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