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What the 49ers Said After Their MNF Loss to Ravens

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy, right, is tackled by Baltimore Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey during the first half of an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Monday, Dec. 25, 2023.
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy, right, is tackled by Baltimore Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey during the first half of an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Monday, Dec. 25, 2023.

Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

On his message to the team after a game like this:

"I thought we came out hard, ready to go, offense, defense, special teams, getting the safety, moving the ball. But for that first half when you have those three turnovers and you do those things … I thought we blew a bunch of opportunities in that first half. In the second half… anytime you got five turnovers over a hundred yards in penalties, that's how it should be."

On whether Brock Purdy's interceptions were caused by his mistakes, or by what the Ravens did:

"I thought the one that he was off on was the first one. Just read the coverage wrong and didn't expect someone to be back there and made a bad decision on the first one. Second one, corner (Brandon Stephens) made a hell of a play blitzing and he couldn't get it over him. The guy tipped it and ended up making it to himself. The third one, scrambling. I didn't really see what happened on it. I saw the end result. I don't know what happened on the ball, whether 14 [Kyle Hamilton] made a play, whether they both hit it at the same time. But he broke out of the pocket on a big third down. He had [TE] George [Kittle] and 14 coming back to him and threw it right at them and it just bounced up and got another tip. Then the fourth one in the third quarter, he was making the right decision going to Christian [McCaffrey] on a check down and someone hit him from the right side and the ball came out sideways and went right to their linebacker. I thought, the first one was the big mistake and the other three were I'm pretty unfortunate for him."

On what he saw from Purdy's demeanor:

"I didn't mind his demeanor. He stayed in there, kept battling. Our whole team struggled there in the second half, so it just wasn't him. I know he was disappointed not being able to finish it there, but getting that stinger again, it was I just wanted to keep him out of there. I'm ready for him to bounce back next week."

On whether Purdy could have reentered the game if needed:

"Possibly. I didn't even ask. I know he had a bad stinger and we had three O-Linemen out at the time. I don't want him to go in and not be ready for next week."

On whether he had an update on Trent Williams' groin injury:

"I don't. He tried to go back in. The trainer didn't think it was a good idea, so we'll get the MRI tomorrow and see how it goes."

On whether the 49ers were demoralized by a convincing loss:

"No, I'm not going to sit and say they're demoralized or anything. We weren't very balanced throughout our whole team today and I thought they came out ready to go, but when you turn the ball over, it doesn't really matter. Then the way that third quarter went, that was some bad football and by the time the fourth started, it was out of hand."

On whether Purdy was due to have a game like this:

"I just think the fact he's played this long and never had a game like this is pretty unusual. I think that's the reality of the NFL. I'm not saying it's bound to happen, but I wish he didn't have as many picks today. We played a good team, didn't play our best football today, and that's what happens. We lost a game that we really wanted to win. We knew this was a big one. Our guys are real disappointed tonight. They should be."

On how well he felt the 49ers defended Lamar Jackson:

"There were times I thought we did a real good job containing Lamar, but just as a team we gave him too many opportunities. When they get too many opportunities, you're going to end up having this, and he did. He made some plays, we missed some tackles, which he's going to do to everybody when they give him space."

QB Brock Purdy

On what was the most difficult part of facing the Ravens defense:

"They were sound in what they did. I feel like they did a good job all around, starting with their front, the guys in their secondary. They did a good job just all around. They're a good team in general. When they had the momentum, they kept it rolling. Some tight windows and stuff, not a lot of room for error in terms of my decision making. But overall, they did a good job. They came ready to play."

On whether the first interception was the one he regretted most:

"Yeah, I mean, that starts it off. Obviously we were rolling, we had the momentum, had some really big plays on that drive. And then I throw the ball like that to end the momentum. That definitely hurt. Wish I had it back."

RB Christian McCaffrey

On the pressure on Purdy:

"He was fine. He didn't blink. I think turnovers are a team thing too. We have to help him out and do a better job. We got beat today and I know we have the right guys to get back at it."

On what the Ravens defense did to slow them down:

"I think we just can't beat ourselves. At the end of the day, we just have to stay on the field and can't put the defense in tough situations."

DE Nick Bosa

On what Jackson was doing that was working:

"I think he adjusted how he played throughout the year on tape. He was sitting in the pocket and read well in the pocket tonight. I think he was looking for that escape lane quicker, and then finding the guys downfield. The way he could change the way he played was super impressive."

TE George Kittle

On his impressions of the Ravens' defense:

"They did a really good job. On the first couple series they came out and had different defensive fronts the whole time. You're trying to go against nickel but you're going against base five with four down. That's difficult and I don't know if that hurt our rhythm or routes at all like that. I'm going to give them credit. They won the game forcing five turnovers. At the end of we weren't allowed to really run our entire offense because we had so many turnovers, especially there in the third quarter. They obviously did a great job of taking away our middle stuff."

LB Fred Warner

On putting this game in perspective:

"I mean, I have mixed emotions about it, honestly. We know the recipe for winning football games for our team. We have to take the ball away on defense. We didn't take the ball away. We have to protect the ball on offense. We gave it away. When you do that, that's how you lose games. Even through all of that, had we scored on that last drive, we would've been within one score and had a chance. But at that point, you're grasping to try to find a way back into the game but we didn't execute. They were the better team."

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