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What Bengals Said After Beating Ravens


Head Coach Marvin Lewis

(opening statement)
"I am extremely happy for our guys and how we came out and played today. For whatever reason, we still have that lull in the third and fourth quarters, but in all three phases, we did a very good job. That was important for the guys to continue to compete together, have fun together and enjoy each other. As we know when you move forward, nothing stays the same, and so that's a great way to end this season and hopefully kick off 2017."

(on what it means to see them play like that in a meaningless game)
"I've said all year that I've been pleased with what we are, the character and the work and so forth. Early on we just didn't create enough to make this thing meaningful. The way the schedule was set, these last three games were going to be meaningful and we didn't quite get it there."

(on the play of Andy Dalton)"His biggest play was at the end of the first half to get us lined up correctly when those guys lined up incorrectly. Tyler (Boyd) failed to get out of bounds and our guys lined up incorrectly, for him to have the presence of mind to get Rex (Burkhead) up on the ball to get us a legal formation, that to me is part of Andy Dalton. To me, he has had his best season, unfortunately, we as a team we haven't. He continues to grow and be the quarterback that we expect."

Quarterback Andy Dalton

(on ending the season with a win)
"To end the year on a win was big for us — it gives you a better feeling going into the offseason. Anytime you're out there competing, you want to win, and we were able to do it today."

(on what worked so well)
"There weren't a whole lot of third downs — was it two or three, maybe? We were taking big chunks off on first and second down, and we were able to stay out of third down situations. It just makes it easier to keep drives alive and keep going. I felt like we were running the ball well, and I felt like we were throwing the ball (well). We were connecting."

(on playing on a non-winning team for the first time in his career)
"It's just different, especially going into this week. It's a different feeling if you didn't know the season was ending today. We kind of knew this was going to be the last game, so for me, it was just doing what I can to finish strong."

(on whether this was his best season)
"I definitely feel like I did (take some steps). With some new guys, a new coordinator and some new pieces, I felt like I was able to get everybody on the same page and get everybody moving. I felt like I did some good things. Obviously, I want to keep getting better and I'm going to take this offseason to look at what I was able to do this year and the areas I can improve. I definitely felt like there were some things I did better this year than I've done at any time in my career."

HB Rex Burkhead

(on his 144 yards from scrimmage)
"I appreciate it. It was fun. I appreciate the opportunity to play with this team. A lot of credit goes to the offensive line."

(on how he was able to find room against the Ravens defense)
"We did some different things to break tendencies and throw them off a little bit today. We were mixing up the interior and exterior runs. The offensive line did a good job sticking with their blocks, and also climbing to the linebackers at the second level."

DT Domata Peko

(on beating a division rival)
"Heck yeah, it was a big afternoon for us. It was great to get after Baltimore and beat them the way we did. We came out ready to play. Defensively, we held our own. What a way to finish the season strong as a team. It wasn't the season that we wanted, but the last eight weeks we really stepped up our game. Defensively, we elevated our play and have really played well. We have a bright future ahead of us."

(on the mentality of the team)
"At this point in our season, we were not fighting for playoff position — we were fighting for each other. We simply went out today and battled our opponent. We went out and showed that we're still fighting for our coach, fighting for this team. We never gave up, and we're still here."

OT Andrew Whitworth

(on finishing the season against Terrell Suggs)"Yeah. Me and him have played against each other a number of times. It's always tough when the season comes to a close, especially at this point in my career."

CB Adam Jones

(on going against Steve Smith Sr. in his final game)
"I've got a lot of respect for the dude."

CB Dre Kirkpatrick

(on going against Smith in his final game)
"He broke the ice today. He talked a little bit. But it was more respect than anything. I kept the trash talking down. I didn't want to take away from his day. I feel like he's going to put that [Hall of Fame] jacket on some day, so I just wanted to show respect to him and let him do his thing while still competing at a high level."

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