What Bills Said After Loss To Ravens


Head Coach Rex Ryan

(opening statement)
"Obviously, it was a hard-fought game, and we knew it would be. It's tough any time you come in here. It's a tough team, and they made a few more plays than we did. We made some mistakes and had a couple of penalties that hurt us. … We had a couple of big ones like that that hurt us. We made one mistake. That was my fault. That's on me. We should have doubled on the receiver that caught the touchdown. Instead, we doubled somebody else. Other than that, our guys did well on defense. We had a chance to make a big play. Unfortunately, we didn't and that's really the story of this game."

(on the Bills offense)
"Number one, I think that's a pretty darn good defense over there. Just by looking at yourself, sometimes that isn't it. I'm probably one of the only coaches that will give credit to the opponent, and that defense played extremely well. They're well-coached, and they got after us. I thought we would make a few more plays than we did."

(on appearing to be conservative in the passing game)
"We did lead the league in passes last year. We're trying to do that, but you have to have protection. Quite honestly, they got after us pretty good in those situations."

QB Tyrod Taylor

(on what he thought of the season opener)
"What's disappointing is that 14 points would have won this game. We should be better in a number of phases of the game. On offense, we just couldn't get anything going."

(on the Bills' running game)
"The Ravens did a good job containing our running game. We just have to get better and we know we are better than this."

(on the pressure that he faced against the Ravens)
"They came after us. They showed us things we hadn't seen before, on third down especially. They brought a lot of pressure and they were very effective."

(on the lack of deep throws)
"It was hard. The safeties were playing very deep and they were giving us everything underneath. Basically, we were taking what they were giving us throughout the game."

(on his lack of scrambling in the game)
"It wasn't a conscious effort on my part not to scramble. I did run around when I had to, but it didn't always work out for us."

(on his return to Baltimore)
"I was excited. It was a great chance to come back and play against the organization that I started with."

RB LeSean McCoy

(on the offensive play)
"It was a bad day for us. We just couldn't get any rhythm going. We had only one long drive during the game, and that's not good enough to win. There were plays where I could have done better. Everybody could have played better. We practiced hard and I was confident we'd play well today."

(on losing on the road)
"It really sucks. We played hard and we were in the game. However, it's just our first game. Our goal wasn't to go undefeated, our goal is to win the division. We have no excuses, we just need to come back, figure it out and win next week."

(on the Ravens defense)
"They did really well shutting us down on third down plays. They had a number of third down packages that surprised us, and they were structured very well."

LB Jerry Hughes

(on the Ravens offense)
"We went out there and battled our heads off. You've got to tip your hats to them. They were very resilient. They played four strong quarters of football. We came out on the short end of the stick."

(on the play of the Bills defense)
"The secondary did a tremendous job of making [Joe Flacco] work. Any time a quarterback is going through his reads like that, it's a perfect opportunity for a pass rusher like me. The secondary was doing fantastic. [The defensive line] has got to get back there more times, help [the secondary] out and take some of the workload off of them."

(on the fourth-and-1 stop at midfield)
"I had the running back man-to-man, so I knew I had to take him. I didn't really think he was going to go into the flat. I was playing run. He went out into the flat, so I had to do my best to corral him, keep him from gaining that extra yard, so I know it was a good play."

LB Preston Brown

(on the defense)
"It's important to keep getting better each week. When we go out there and hold them to 13 points, that's a good job, but we had to outplay them on defense, and that's what we didn't do today. The Ravens had a better defense today, and that's why they got the win."

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