What Bills' Tre'Davious White Saw When Ravens' Papers Blew Onto the Field


Head Coach John Harbaugh might need to invest in some Trapper Keepers for his coaches.

When a wind gust in Buffalo sent some of the Ravens' game notes onto the field during the third quarter of Sunday's game, Bills cornerback Tre'Davious White figured he'd take a peek to see if he could glean any quick info.

White scooped up the papers and tried to decipher what they meant before a referee snatched them from his hands.

On Monday, Harbaugh confirmed that they were Assistant Special Teams Coach Randy Brown's papers and revealed what information they carried.

"It was mostly field goal blocks. So, Tre'Davious White got a good look at the 10 field goal blocks that we had in for the game – any of which we could have run at any time," Harbaugh said with a chuckle. "That was pretty amazing."

The officials had some questionable calls in Sunday's 24-17 win, but Harbaugh was appreciative of the crew's work retrieving the papers.

"When I saw it go out there, I did have a little concern about somebody grabbing that before it got all the way over to the other bench," Harbaugh said.

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