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What Dolphins Said After Ravens' Big Win


Head Coach Adam Gase

(on how frustrating the Dolphins' play was)
"I would say this was not one of our better performances. We can't waste opportunities early in the game on offense when you cross the 50 three times and get no points. We have nothing that really jumpstarted us. We couldn't make any plays."

(on Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense)
"They had a good plan. We felt like the big thing they were going to do was throw the ball quick. We had to tackle the catch, and we didn't do that. They were able to run away from us. We just didn't do what we talked about this week. We just have to make sure next week we do a better job as far as executing what we kind of talked about all week."

(on matching the Ravens' intensity)
"I felt good coming into this game. Pregame was good, and it felt good heading onto the field. When they started moving the ball, I didn't feel any type of deflation as a full team. I felt like guys were saying the right stuff. We were trying to get things corrected in that first quarter. It was just at the end of the day, whether it was the call, execution, just straight playmaking, somebody making something happen that could get things heading in the right direction. Seems like every week, we've usually had somebody make some kind of play that gets the avalanche going in the right way. We went the wrong way today. It was just one thing after another. We didn't execute, and they pounced all over it. That's what they do. There's a reason why they've won divisions, they've won playoff games, they've won Super Bowls – because they understand, at this part of the season, you've got to be on it early, because it can snowball one way or the other."

QB Ryan Tannehill

(on the interceptions today)
"I didn't make good decisions. It was something different on every one. We moved the ball very well on our first two drives, and then something happened. [Jarvis] Landry fell down on a third-down play, and then we missed the field goal. On the next drive, their safety made a great play on the interception in the end zone. When you're playing a good team on the road, you need to capitalize."

(on the Ravens' intensity)
"I don't know anything about that. They did come out, and they executed, and they played well. When you play meaningful games in December, every team's intensity level is higher. We have plenty of talent and plenty of opportunities to finish this season strong."

DT Ndamukong Suh

(on being held without a sack)
"The Ravens had a great offensive day against us. Flacco did a great job getting the ball out quickly before we could get near him."

(on his surprise that the Ravens threw the ball so much)
"We anticipated they would pass the ball quite a bit, so we weren't surprised. Their offensive line did a great job against us. We have certain calls we can make to try and get more pressure on the quarterback, but they are an NFL team, and they adjusted. They made plays; we didn't."

RB Jay Ajay

(on the game)
"We didn't do what we needed to do to get the win. It is what it is. They played a good game. We'll go back tomorrow and look at the film. Sweep this game under the rug. We're onto the [Arizona] Cardinals."

(on the condition of the field)
"It was slick out there. You saw some guys sliding around. No excuses – we just had to make it work as the game went on. At the end of the game, there were definitely some people losing traction out there."

WR Jarvis Landry

(on the biggest frustration of this game)
"Just not scoring. Really hurting ourselves. Give them credit, they're a good team. We were in positions a lot of times to make plays. We had penalties that took us back and put us behind the stakes. We had a couple of turnovers – that's how it goes in the NFL."

S Michael Thomas

(on the Ravens offense)"We have to find a way to get off the field. All season long, we've been very good on third-down situations, but, today, we struggled."

(on the Ravens tight ends)
"You have to give the Ravens a lot of credit. We knew that Flacco looks for the tight ends and likes to target them. But they executed very well and made some big plays."

DE Andre Branch

(on the loss)
"We started way too slow. We came out flat. They came out ready to play and took advantage of it. At the end of the day, this is the NFL. We compete against the man across from you. We waited too long, and they got their momentum rolling. We couldn't stop them."

(on the Ravens' passing game)
"They were getting the ball out quick. We just have to keep fighting, keep competing, and get better each and every day."

(on the Ravens' 18-play touchdown drive)
"We needed to stop them. That's the main thing. I don't care if it was 23 plays long. If they don't score, that's my mindset and our mindset on defense."

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