What Dolphins Said After Ravens Win


Head Coach Joe Philbin

Opening statement:
"I thought Baltimore deserved to win the game. They played better in the fourth quarter. I thought they coached better, they played better. I thought it was hard to believe that we had an opportunity in the fourth quarter to take the lead in this game, so we decided to settle for a field goal. That's kind of typical*… *but they played better. They controlled the line of scrimmage better, they put better pressure on our quarterback than we put on theirs and they played a better game."

On what changed after the first quarter:
"Well, we had some three-and-outs to start the game. This is a good offensive football team. They were averaging 27 points a game, so I don't know that – we knew that they were going to move the ball at some point in time. We made one play in the end zone there to keep them out in the first half, but they made some plays. They kept us off balance, they were managing down-and-distance, and we had a hard job getting them third-and-long. Conversely, offensively we kind of bowed down a little bit and weren't real productive."

On confidence to stop them in fourth-and-1:
"We'd stopped them before. We had. I was confident, but they converted the short-yardage plays."

QB Ryan Tannehill

On the Ravens' pass rush:"You have to give credit to their guys. They did a good job of getting around the edge. They were sinking underneath the deeper throws that would be first or second in my progression. They were doing a good job of getting to me. You have to give all of the credit to them."

On referee calls going against the Dolphins:
"Those were tough. We were getting chunks of yards, [but] we were moving backwards. That's out of my hands. I just play the game. They call it how they see it. I'm sure that they'll take a look at it on film and the referees will as well."

DE Cameron Wake

On the loss of momentum:"I mean, going into the game we obviously knew this was a big one and guys came out firing on all cylinders and we just had to carry that momentum into the second half and it didn't happen on all fronts. It was disappointing to say the least, I mean, one of the biggest games of the year, probably the biggest and to finish out the game like that is just ... it's a little mind blowing."

WR Mike Wallace

On the loss of the 10-0 lead:"Yeah, we had the momentum. We had one drive that kind of stalled and they came back and ran a two-minute drill and went all the way down the field, and they kept the momentum for the whole, entire game after that. So, from the two-minute drill, when they got the ball and went 97, 98 yards to the end of the game, they had the momentum. We never got it back from that point."

G Daryn Colledge

On matching Ravens' physicality:
"I thought the offensive line did a great job in the first few series. I thought we were in a situation where we kind of had them reeling backwards and we settled for a field goal on the first drive, which I thought we had a chance to score seven there. We came back on the second drive and scored the seven. [After] the first two drives, we're up 10-0 and we're where we want to be. From that point on, we kind of let it slip away. We weren't matching what they were doing."

LB Jelani Jenkins

On the fourth-and-1 play:
"They did a decent job window-dressing it. They came in empty. They motioned the backend. We kind of were looking for the quarterback sneak. They just executed it better. We probably could have had better pad level. I don't know. That's one of their top plays in short yardage. They got us with that."

DT Earl Mitchell

On how surprised he was that the fourth quarter fumble was overturned:
"I was upset that they overturned it, but they then made a play."

On if they heard Joe Flacco protesting the fumble: "We didn't, I mean they were trying to get the ball away from me, so I'm pretty sure they obviously thought it was a fumble. So usually if you aren't worried about it, you aren't trying to get the ball back."

On not getting much pressure on Flacco:"I mean, he was getting rid of the ball quick, but when you're playing teams that play under center like this, the ball is definitely going to come out quickly on you, so it's definitely hard to get pressure up the middle or pressure in general when they don't have a five-step drop back, it's a lot more three step, a lot more quick pass game and we weren't anticipating them throwing the ball more."

CB R.J. Stanford

On his interception in the end zone:
"It was coming off a long timeout. It was third down. Coach called the play. They had lined up in it the first time. They called the timeout, came back in the same formation and [I] really just played my technique. I saw the ball kind of ballooned up in the air. It was me and [Baltimore Ravens WR] Steve Smith, so I just knew I had the chance. It was floating in the air. Those balls are 50/50 and I just had a mindset [of] I'm going to come down with it and it worked out."

On how much trash talking Steve Smith Sr. did:"Surprisingly, it wasn't a lot. He didn't really have any smack talk. We were just out there playing. [I] got a chance to say hello [to] an old friend I used to play against in Carolina, but there was no smack talking."

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