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What Former Ravens Said After Super Bowl 50


Broncos Head Coach Gary Kubiak

On his relationship with GM John Elway, and how difficult and special it is that their relationship has changed from players to coach and executive:
"It hasn't been difficult, it's been extremely special. You're right, we started as kids being players together and I watched John as a franchise player, I guess I'll use that word, and what he went through as a player. Obviously I was a background guy from that standpoint. I watched that take place and was very much involved with John. Back in our days as players you roomed together, you did all those things. Now days these guys get their own room and it's a little bit different. We're very close. Our families are close. Our kids are all kind of the same ages. And then we parted ways for a while and I came back and I had a chance to coach him, which I've mentioned was difficult and challenging, but it was great for me as a young coach because he challenged me everyday to be on top of my stuff and those type of things. And then another break ensues and we stay in touch, and then I get this opportunity. It's been many, many years. We're both getting up there; we're in our 50s now and life has changed a little bit, but he hasn't changed and hopefully I haven't changed. It's a very special moment to have this opportunity back and hopefully we have some more to come."

Broncos tight end Owen Daniels

On capsulizing his journey to a Super Bowl victory:
"It's 10 years of grinding in this league. I've followed Kub [Kubiak] everywhere that he's been. Eight years together in Houston and a year together last year in Baltimore, and I followed him here for this reason. I know that he knows what it takes to get it done. He's done it before. I respect him, I trust him and I looked at the team we had here, that Denver had, and thought, 'Hey, this could be it.' So, to be standing alone at the top, it means everything."

On finally winning the Super Bowl after his frustration with past opportunities to make it to the Super Bowl:
"I'm trying to figure it out right now [laughter]. I'm trying to figure this whole thing out. Just how I feel. I think I'm just kind of a little bit in shock, honestly. I had a ton of confidence all day that we could get it done and I wasn't worried about what could have been in years past, 100 percent focused on what we were doing at the time and being in the moment. I'm just so happy right now. I'm just so happy that I decided to continue to play football. This is the only reason I'm still playing, is to have this opportunity today. It means everything."

Broncos safety Darian Stewart

On whether he thought this kind of thing could happen when he signed with Denver:
"I knew that this defense was special when I signed here, you know?"

On whether he thinks the Broncos have the best defense:
"Hey, I definitely believe it, man. You got safeties that will hit you and can cover and you have corners you can call man any time of the day and they going to strap and then you got a D-line that can get after the quarterback and linebackers that can cover just as good as a safety. We had the best defense, man, without a doubt. I definitely feel that."

Panthers left tackle Michael Oher

On if the noise was a problem in the stadium:
"I mean, on the road you're using the silent count. We could have done a better job of zoning in more, better on the count and stuff like that. They're talented, they got after it and they won the Super Bowl."

On if it was tough to see QB Cam Newton get sacked:
"You want to protect your quarterback, that's what the offensive line does. We kept battling until the end and all we can do is fight and that's what we did. Just build on it from there."

On if he feels like LB Von Miller being named MVP is appropriate:
"I have to watch the film and see what happened, but I think he played good today."

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