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What It Means to 'Play Like a Raven'


It started years ago with **Ozzie Newsome**, the team's general manager and executive vice president, who stated that he looked for players who "Played Like a Raven."

Head coach **John Harbaugh** picked up on the phrase last season. "We have players who play like Ravens," he said often.

And what are some of the characteristics of players who "Play Like a Raven?" Passion, strength, good character, courage, intensity, humility, determination, intelligence and pride to compete at the highest level.

Now the team's marketing department is extending "Play Like a Raven" to the fans.

This season, Ravens fans will have various points of exposure to the elements that make up the year-long mantra, including applications in game-day programs, schedule cards, in-game video, the media guide, yearbook and merchandise.

The first and most significant introductions to the campaign are the team's season tickets (artwork attached), which fans have received. Each home ticket features an individual player with a corresponding characteristic that describes what it means to "Play Like a Raven."

"We are pulling back the curtain and allowing fans access into the team philosophy," Ravens vice president of marketing Gabrielle Dow stated. "Plus, tying each characteristic to a particular team member for home games marks the first time we've showcased individual players on tickets."

The various publications, merchandise and game-day elements mirror what the Ravens will experience on a daily basis in 2009, including slogans on players' playbooks and Coach Harbaugh's weekly messages to the team.

Fans can obtain "Play Like a Raven" merchandise online at the **Baltimore Ravens team store**, in person at the Official Ravens Team Store at the Sports Legends Museum or on game day in Ravens Team Stores at M&T Bank Stadium.

"You can see that our fans get it. We see it every day at camp," Harbaugh stated. "They show us they can 'Play Like a Raven.' We are impressed by that!"

**Download "*Play Like A Raven" *wallpaper »**
Fans can be a part of this year's campaign as merchandise includes posters,***T-shirts**** and hats. It will be available at the Team stores at M&T Bank Stadium on game day, as well as the Sports Legend Museum. It is also available at the***team store online,*** and at the training camp retail trailer. Fans can also call FMI at (410) 230-8224 & SLM, which will be open 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 7 days a week.* 

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