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What Raiders Said After Beating Ravens


Head Coach Jack Del Rio

(Opening statement)
"A lot to smile about there. A heck of a ballgame to be a part of. This is a tough place to play. I spent three years here. A part of the organization. It was a tremendous part of my life. I see a lot of those good people are still here. That was a great game. A great finish. A back-and-forth affair. Our ability to come back. And for Derek [Carr] to come back against a really good defense. And to come back and lead us to a victory like he did. For us to do enough defensively to do a stop like we did when they got a field goal kicker that's out of this world. Their quarterback got hot in the second half."

(On the Raiders' pass rush)
"Our guys are rushing really hard. I thought there were some drag-downs where, usually, they come back and say 'Yeah, we could have called holding there,' but it's a tough deal. Officials, that's a lot of judgment calls. We're not getting as many as I'm seeing."

QB Derek Carr

(On his game-winning touchdown pass)
"They gave us a cover-4 look with their cornerbacks. 'Crab' beat his guy and dragged his foot in the end zone. That drive meant so much to us. Baltimore has had one of the best defenses in the NFL for, it seems, forever. You look at their roster, they have Pro Bowlers all over the field. Their defensive staff may be the best I've ever seen. They come up with so many different looks to try to confuse you. I'm just very happy we came in here, made some plays and got a win."

WR Michael Crabtree

(On his game-winning touchdown catch)
"The corners were playing me outside. I made up my mind I was going to execute, and I wasn't going to stop running. I knew I had to drag my toe, and that's something I've had problems with in the past. I used to just tap my toes. But you can give [WR coach] Rob Moore credit for that. He tells me to drag my toes, not tap them, all the time. I did that for him today."

OLB Bruce Irvin

(On putting pressure on Joe Flacco)
"We had to affect Flacco. When they started out being down, it gave us the opportunity to rush them, and I think we did a great job doing that."

(On the forced fumble)
"I was just being opportunistic. I saw the opportunity the way Flacco was holding the ball, and I just went and made the play."

S Reggie Nelson

(On the Ravens' last play)
"I was just trying to make a play. Unfortunately I missed a tackle, and I knew I had to make a play to make up for it. I was reading Flacco, and I came across the ball and made the play."

(On the defense's pass rush)
"It always helps our defense when our D-line gets going. They came alive today, and that's what we need them to do. We got a lot of work still to do at the end of the day, but we came out with the win, and that's all that matters."

DE Khalil Mack

(On getting the win on the road)
"That was very important to us. We were coming in against a great team; a championship-caliber team; a championship-level quarterback. It was big for us."

(On what the win says)
"It says we are a contender anytime, no matter home or away. So that's going to be big for us down the road."

WR Seth Roberts

(On the offense)
"We won. I think the offense came through. We never stopped. We kept progressing. We kept our foot on the gas. I think this is going to be a really big win for us, to let people know that we're on the fray, and we can play against great defenses like Baltimore. We stayed strong and kept fighting."

CB Sean Smith

(On playing the final Ravens' drive)
"It was really no pressure. We definitely practice those situations. We have a defense full of playmakers. We actually love those situations when the clock is ticking, and they're trying to get a field goal to win. You might feel that pressure on the outside, but for us, it's just us coming to work and doing our job. If you don't love those situations on defense, then you can't play on this defense."

(On covering WR Steve Smith Sr.)
"It's fun. I've known Steve since my days in college, so growing up and seeing the guy in the NFL making plays had me looking up to him. Now I get a chance to play against him and see how good he is on the field. It was a tough challenge. It was good to see him back out there and making plays. It was fun."

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