What Ravens Said After Their Win


Head Coach John Harbaugh**

On the overall victory:
"Heck of a game. Without getting into all of the things, two things came to my mind at the end – first thing is faith. Faith in one another and, most of all, in a higher power. The other thing is guts. Our guys just played their hearts out. To be depleted the way we were, especially on offense, with guys going down and the things that happened in this heat. To start off the way we did and come back and get stronger as the game went on is such a statement for our guys."

On responding after a 10-0 deficit:
"We stuck together. We didn't panic. We did stay with our game plan, all three phases. We overcame some things, some penalties and things like that that hurt us. Our pass rush was brilliant. I mean, that's where it started. We got them into some situations that were a little bit longer. Then we got some huge sacks. I thought our coverage was exceptional."

On his decision to go for it on fourth-and-1 from the Ravens' own 34-yard line:"That decision right there depends on the guys. And, I tell you, the guys up front did a great job. I mean Eugene Monroe came all the way down from his left tackle spot and knocked the guy 4 yards off the ball. I thought you start with Jeremy Zuttah, both guards. When you've got an offensive line that we've got, you got a chance to do something like that. And that was big. In your own territory it's hard to make that call but not with our offensive line. I'm proud of those guys for that.)

OLB Elvis Dumervil

On his 3.5 sacks:
"It was a great team win. Sacks come in bunches. I'm truly grateful, man. It's a great opportunity, a great organization and great teammates. I'm grateful to be in a great situation and I'm here to take advantage of it."

On setting the Ravens' single-season sack record:
"It's a blessing. Without Haloti, it's harder to come by. I can't take all the credit. All the unselfish guys that I play with – Courtney Upshaw, give him a special shout out to help me stay fresh. We've got Pernell McPhee up the middle. Obviously playing alongside of Terrell Suggs, it really helps. The coverage did a great job today. I'm just with great players and taking advantage of it."

On the playoff race:
"I'm not an expert on those scenarios, man. All we could do is take care of the games we could take care of, which was the Dolphins. Now we come in front of our home crowd against Jacksonville, it's another great opportunity for us. We're excited, but it's not over. We still have a few more games and it starts with Jacksonville."

On losing Ngata and playing well:
"It's huge. He's the big guy. His presence is definitely missed. Missing a guy like that is huge. We fight for him to give him an opportunity to come back in the playoffs. We definitely want to see our guy back out there."

WR Kamar Aiken

On his breakout game:
"It feels good. It's always good to have a good game in front of your home town, your home fans. A lot of them are Dolphins fans. They switched over today to Ravens fans, so it's all good."

On Flacco's 15-yard scramble to start the drive:
"All the people out there underestimate Joe's speed. He has a little speed behind him, moreso than a lot of quarterbacks around the league. We like when he runs when he has a chance. He slides nice so it's always


On his larger role:
"I talked to Torrey. He told me to have his back. I told him I'd have his back. We are a brotherhood in our receiver room. If one of our guys is not going or not feeling too well, we're going to pick up the slack and we're not going to skip a beat."

On going for it on fourth-and-1:
"The game wasn't going our way. We needed it to swing our way. So it was just all or nothing and it went our way."

QB Joe Flacco

On getting wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. involved early:
"I honestly didn't talk too much to [Offensive Coordinator] Gary [Kubiak] about doing that. I think he is at his best when you get him the ball early and I think it was just one of those games that it worked out like that. ... It was great to get him involved early and he was big for us down the stretch."

On getting the fumble overturned in the fourth quarter:"All of our sideline was saying "It looks like a pass, it looks like a pass." But of course our sideline is saying that. You don't know until [the referee] comes out and says."

OLB Terrell Suggs

On the six sacks without Ngata:
"It's a lot. But you've got to understand that those are two big shoes that are damn near impossible to fill. Timmy Jernigan, he did an outstanding job today, and the rest of the interior linemen did an outstanding job today: Chris Canty and Brandon Williams. They all did a fantastic job filling in for the big guy. We just have to win out so we get him back."

On the pass rush:
"We have a very ferocious pass rush. When we're able to do what we want to do, when the offense is having tremendous success, we can get after the passer a little bit. We were able to do that. We started out a little slow, but we were able to play phenomenal as a team down the stretch – offense, defense, special teams. You've got to take your hat off. It's a great team win; an emotional win."

On Dumervil's record:
"That's good. It stood for so long. It was Peter [Boulware], right? It was really good. Now we can set some new records."

Terrell Suggs celebrated his sack on Miami QB Ryan Tannehill with a Tongan sack dance.

On his Tongan dance:
"It's called the haka. It's a Polynesian dance, Tongan dance. I did it for [Ngata] because it's the first time I've ever lined up without him. I wanted to salute him. I wanted him to know that I miss him, and we're going to hold it down till he gets back."

On going for it on fourth-and-1 and sending a message:
"Definitely. We know what our expecations are on this team, and we were going to have each other's backs whether we got it or not. We were going to have to hold them to three or hold them to a three-and-out. We were very confident whether they got it or not."

On beating another playoff contender:
"You just learn more about yourself. You can go win on the road after an emotional loss. You learn a lot about yourself after that. Our fate is in our hands. We don't want to have help going down the stretch. We win, we're in. That's the kind of mentality we're having down the stretch. We got this one we go 4-0, we got a good chance of being in the dance."

TE Phillip Supernaw

On his catch:
"With all this stuff this season, going back and forth from other teams and everything, it felt good. It kind of solidified the fact that I needed to be here. It was only one catch, but it felt good to get rolling and get that one off my back."

On being close to scoring:
"Yeah, I'm pretty sick about it. I'm not going to lie to you. I got up and realized I was about 2 yards away. I wasn't happy about it, but it is what it is."

RB Lorenzo Taliaferro

On getting back in action:
"Coach [Kubiak] tells us every week that every guy is going to contribute in some way, whether on offense or special teams. You've just always, as a group, be ready when your name is called."

RB Justin Forsett

On Lorenzo Taliaferro's game:
"We need him. This time of the season, it's all hands on deck. He came in and did a great job and was a spark for us at the beginning. Bernard Pierce did a great job, too. It was all hands on deck and good to see."

On his health:
"This time of year I doubt anybody's 100 percent. I'm just battling through some soreness and things like that. But you best believe, when I'm out there, I'm going to give it my all."

On going for it on fourth-and-1:
"It's great to have that execution, that trust from Coach. Right now we're all in. Playoff atmosphere for us this month. Sometimes it's going to take those gutsy calls, and we've got to execute."

CB Lardarius Webb

On the secondary's performance:
"It was a great feeling. We kind of just make sure that everybody was on the same page. We made sure we communicated well. We didn't want any easy big plays over our head. If they were going to go over our head and make a big play, they had to earn it. They made plays,too. One thing, I was just making sure they competed the whole game. I was getting in their face to compete and challenged these guys. I just challenged them to give us 120 percent. That's what I was trying to do as a leader."

OLB Pernell McPhee

On Elvis Dumervil:
"He's a dog. I want to congratulate him. He got in the zone today, and he was balling out."

On the defense's performance without Ngata:
"We showed people that we're special and we still got it. We're putting it together. We're starting to come together and play. Our secondary did a great job. That's why we ended up with a lot of plays like we did. It was crazy out there. It was a good opportunity to show the world we're going to still come play together so we can get to the playoffs and get big No. 92."

DT Brandon Williams

On playing without Ngata:
"We had to step up. Guys had to step up and execute. We definitely want Haloti back, so this one was definitely for him. We want to have him back and have him back in the playoffs."

On Timmy Jernigan's performance:
"Timmy did great. He balled. I love what he does. He's aggressive. He's like a pit bull out there, always going. He did a great job and everybody did a great job."

WR Steve Smith

On the other receivers stepping up with Torrey Smith (knee) limited:"It's outstanding. Marlon [Brown] and Kamar [Aiken] are always joking, saying that if I want to take any plays off, every play is more toward their player performance bonus. You can do nothing but smile. At the same time, those guys are working their tails off. They do an outstanding job during the week and it pays off during the weekend. Those guys push me and I try to push them. All we try to do is push each other."

On the touchdown drive before the half:
"It was good, especially when you have an easy catch and you can relax a little bit. Those guys picked me up and Joe still relied on me [despite a dropped touchdown catch earlier]. … It's great for the offense when those guys step up, but it doesn't surprise me because I see how hard they work."

On rebounding after the Chargers loss to this win:
"It boosts us, but we can't look at it like we've arrived. We just have to keep playing hard."

On Baltimore liking his style of play:
"Ask the Coach. They enjoy the way I play. They ask me to come down and block the safety and I put the safety on their back. They ask me to block a linebacker, I'll put a linebacker on his back. They ask me to block and run, and I do that. They appreciate it. They know when they need a big block or a big play, they come to me. I enjoy that."

On Justin Forsett's season:
"That's the great thing about sports. You can scout a player, you can write a write-up on a player. But that player gets to do what you can't do. He gets to act it out. I think that's a fantastic part. I think sometimes we get so enamored with evaluations. We get mock drafts or [Mike] Mayock or this guy or that guy, Mel Kiper. You get all these guys with their slick hairdos and their ball-point pens and they get to evaluate a guy. But at the end of the day, just because a guy walks through the door and looks like Tarzan, sometimes he plays like Jane. You can't evaluate a player just by watching him. You have to see what a guy can do, and Justin is one of those guys. He's a formula breaker."

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