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What's Up With Not Drafting Any Offensive Players? Ozzie Newsome Answers


Head Coach John Harbaugh joked that there was a line of hugs awaiting Ravens Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg at the end of Friday night's third and fourth rounds.

The Ravens have had four draft picks so far. They've spent all four on defense.

Some of Baltimore's biggest holes entering the draft were at wide receiver, right tackle and center. None of them have been addressed yet.

So what's up?

"If you would have told me yesterday at 3 o'clock in the afternoon that I was going to pick four defensive players [with my first four picks], I would have told you that you would not be correct," General Manager Ozzie Newsome said at Friday's press conference.

"But that's the way it played itself out."

Newsome's best-player-available mantra has taken over once again. He said the Ravens are looking to build a "very, very strong defense", but that doesn't mean he intended four straight picks on that side of the ball.

Newsome said there were some offensive players* *the Ravens were targeting Friday, but they were taken "right before us or two or three picks before us."

Newsome was likely talking about a three-pick stretch near the start of the third round.

The Ravens had the 74th-overall pick. At No. 69, the Los Angeles Rams selected Eastern Washington wide receiver Cooper Kupp. At No. 70, the Minnesota Vikings took Ohio State center Pat Elfein. At No. 71, the Los Angeles Chargers grabbed Indiana guard Dan Feeney.

"We know that happens," Newsome said. "We shuffle the deck and go on to the next one."

When the Ravens were on the clock again at pick No. 78, the could have taken either Alabama wide receiver ArDarius Stewart, Louisiana Tech wide receiver Carlos Henderson or Penn State wide receiver Chris Godwin. They went one, four and six picks later, respectively. Troy offensive tackle Antonio Garcia was wedged between at pick No. 85.

"Marty just came over and said, 'Hey, you've got to take that guy,'" Harbaugh said, referring to Williams. "This is a team effort, it's a team game. You try to build the strongest team that you possibly can based on what's available. You take the best players.

"When you have the best player sitting there staring you in the face, you take him. That's what we've done and it's turned out to be defense. And we're all happy with that. If it would have been four offensive guys, we would have been happy with that. This is just the way it's gone."

So would the Ravens pick three more defensive prospects on Day 3?

Newsome chuckled, seemingly not knowing whether to actually answer the question.

"We'll just see how it works out," he said.

"You can rule it out at this point!" Harbaugh chimed in.

All joking aside, the Ravens still have options to fill their offensive vacancies.

They reportedly brought veteran center Nick Mangold in for a visit in early April, but he left without a contract. There are some veteran tackles, such as King Dunlap, on the market. Harbaugh has talked about his willingness to bring back veteran wide receiver Anquan Boldin.

More players will be cut after the draft, as well as in training camp, and the Ravens have a history of making late impact additions, even at starting positions.

"We're not done acquiring players," Newsome said. "Before we play Cincinnati, this roster's still not complete."

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