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What's Your Uniform?


Go to any Ravens home game, and a mash-up of purple, black and white always dots the stands. From afar, it is the mix of fans sporting their favorite colors in support of their favorite team.

Upon closer inspection, the picture gets even more detailed. In addition to the various single-color jerseys and t-shirts is the ever-popular and ubiquitous "Ravens" camouflage, a smaller version of that distant snapshot of M&T Bank Stadium

Now, the Charm City faithful can get their hands on officially-licensed purple camouflage directly from the club, as the Ravens recently launched a new line of apparel available at the Ravens Team Store.

The special items include boxer shorts, pants and a t-shirt, all proudly emblazoned with the Baltimore bird head.

"For years, people have worn purple camouflage at the stadium, so we decided to meet that need with this exclusive apparel from Reebok," said Chris Inouye, the general manager of Facilities Merchandising, Inc., which manages the Ravens' stores. "It's the first time purple camouflage will be available directly from the Ravens.

"It's exciting, because nobody else has it."

Judging by the high turnout of fans in camouflage at training camp last month, the new line could be a hit.

"I always wear my camo to Ravens games," said Chris Bates, a Westminster resident that donned baggy camouflage cargo shorts. "The colors just go well together, but it's also about the tough look that represents our defense."

In the future, fans will be able to purchase the cargo shorts and other items officially-licensed by the team and the NFL, diversifying the choices available to the public.

"We're already looking into expanding the line to up to 10 different products specifically tailored to children, men and women," Inouye explained. "Moving forward, it is only going to grow. This is just the launching point for us."

That suits Janet Geary, a mother of two who traveled to McDaniel College from Glen Burnie, Md., displaying a camouflage visor.

"I wish they had some more camo things for women," she said. "Like a shirt that doesn't fit me like a dress or some shorts women can actually wear and not have them come down to their knees."

In 2007, the Ravens introduced the Purple Friday collection coinciding with the initiative to show Ravens spirit in the workplace every Friday during the season. The apparel featured a more executive look, such as a Ravens blazer for men and a fitted lavender dress shirt for women.

Fans can currently check out the Purple Friday line or the team-sponsored purple camouflage online at and at both Ravens Team Store locations (M&T Bank Stadium and the Sports Legends Museum).

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