What Steelers Said After Their Blowout Win


Head Coach Mike Tomlin

(Opening statement)
"Obviously it was a big game for us, but really we just did what we had to do. They beat us by 20 at their place. We evened the score. We won by 20 tonight, and we will move on."

"They were the No. 2 red-zone defense in football. To get down there and be able to put touchdowns on the board, I thought that was significant and it allowed us to win in the manner in which we did."

(On turnovers in the second quarter that turned the tide for the team)
"I didn't feel like the tide needed to be turned. I just thought we just weren't gaining traction in the early stages of the game. The defense provided the splash that created a wave that we rode."

(On James Harrison's performance)
"He is who he is. He is not a regular guy. He is James Harrison. He is getting up to speed and getting into shape and doing James Harrison-like things, which quite frankly is what we expect."

(On Ben Roethlisberger's past two games with 12 touchdowns)
"He is doing the things that we need him to do, obviously, but I don't think any of us are surprised by anything that he does. We have been looking at it for some time. We appreciate it nonetheless, but we aren't surprised by it."

(On not getting many penalties)
"I thought we did a good job of being combative, but doing it in the proper manner tonight."

QB Ben Roethlisberger

(On it being a defining win)
"It was a good one for us. Prime time, it was at home, an AFC North, physical opponent that we know and have faced many times. It didn't start out pretty at all. I've said it before, as long as we win that's all that matters."

(On the touchdown to Antonio Brown)
"I believe the play was a third down. If I'm correct in that it was really just to get a first down. Any time you get the ball into his hands he is something special. That's why I said earlier this week that the receivers that I play with, he's at the top of it. He is something special and he's fun to watch. I'm glad he's on my team, I'll tell you that much."

DE Cameron Heyward

(On the pass rush)
"We applied pressure and made them one dimensional. When we do that, we are able to set our hair on fire and we got some turnovers."

CB Brice McCain

(On what former Steeler "Mean" Joe Greene told the team before the game)
"He said a lot of stuff. He said about Steeler football, coming in and whipping somebody's butt -  –*  *let them know, stepping on them. You know Joe Greene. He's going to speak his mind. He gives the good word."

OT Marcus Gilbert

(On Roethlisberger's night)
"You know, Ben, he's one of the best in the game. You expect that from him. He's been doing it for a while. You just expect that from him. When the running game wasn't going well, he picked us up and he made some plays. And we executed them well, especially in the passing game."

(On this game being personal)
"I'm just glad that we were able to get this 20-point win over the Ravens. We responded well. They beat up on us pretty bad the first game we played them. But that was a good response, especially [from] our defense. That was a heck of a job. That's Steeler ball."

(On Terrell Suggs' hit)
"He should be getting a FedEx in the mail. If he doesn't, I'll be very surprised and very disappointed. You don't play football like that, especially when the play is already over. You don't go back at a guy's knees."

RB LeGarrette Blount

(On Suggs' hit)
"I don't know what [Suggs] was doing. I don't know what he was thinking. He's known to be a dirty player. As long as he does that, he's going to continue to have people come after him and do whatever we did to get in his head."

OLB James Harrison

(On Suggs' hit)
"That was unnecessary. That looks like you're trying to hurt somebody. I believe there will be a fine."

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