What Texans Said After Beating Ravens


Owner Bob McNair

On the win:
"It's our biggest win [of the season]. Very few people gave us a chance. [Head Coach Bill] O'Brien brought them together and told them, 'Look, here's our plan. Let's execute our plan and we can go out and win this game.' They listened to him, they followed, and they executed, and played hard. I can't tell you how proud I am."

*On the job Case Keenum did:                    *
"I thought it was fantastic coming in like that. What did he have one turnover, I believe? That made a big difference. Our defense just dominated to such an extent. It's just unbelievable."

Head Coach Bill O'Brien

On the offensive philosophy today:
"We felt like we had to mix things up against a great defense. We think that Baltimore has a hell of a defense and we were able to move the ball a little bit but give them credit, they stopped us at times, but overall we played a pretty good game offensively."

On the defense today:
"I think the players on defense have really done a good job of improving every week, especially over the last two weeks. When I say improving I'm talking about within the scheme of what we're trying to do. They've done a really good job of doing their job. I thought today was a great example of that. We came out for 60 minutes, played physical against an offense that had really been playing very well and a great quarterback. I give our guys a lot of credit for doing their job for 60 minutes. We rushed the passer, we played good coverage, we stopped the run for the most part, I just thought it was a hell of an effort by our defense."

OLB J.J. Watt

On today's game plan and how it worked:
"What we were able to do today on the defensive side of the ball was pretty special. I think it was a lot of fun to get everybody involved, everybody making plays, you never know where the next play is coming from. That's really when you're clicking, and it's a blast on defense. It was pretty cool."

On the win today with everything that has happened this week:
"I think if you'd told people all week that we were going to sign a guy on Monday and he was going to come in and we were going to win the football game on Sunday, technically, a fourth string quarterback, and everyone kind of thinking the other team was going to win and nobody really giving us a chance – it's pretty special."

On how physical the defense played today and the effect it had on the game:
"It's something that we talked about all week. They're a very good football team. They're a physical football team. They're a tough football team. But we're no slouch ourselves. We're not going to let somebody come into our house and just try to walk all over us."

On the injury to his nose:
"It kind of feels like I got hit in the face with a sledgehammer. It is very painful. I've got a couple of stitches in there. Our medical staff did a great job. I'm not a hundred percent sure how it happened, but I think I hit one of their players and my helmet kind of, last year it always popped down, and this time it popped up and kind of messed my nose up a bit and tore this thing open. It's alright though. Everything feels better after a win, so I don't feel it too much. Tomorrow morning, I'll probably feel it though. Get some Advil maybe?"

RB Arian Foster

On how long he's been practicing passing:
"My whole life, actually. Everybody wants to be a quarterback, but I feel like I have a good arm, man, so I've been lobbying since I've been in the NFL. They finally called it."

On QB Case Keenum's performance:
"He's been the first one up here, the last one to leave the entire week and that's hard. People don't understand how hard that is—going from one offense to another within a week and just picking up the lingo and the checks and there's so much that goes into it and he came in here and just studied his [butt] off and I just, my bad, whatever, but he did and I'm proud of him, man. This is like his home city. Crowd loves him and he loves it here. He got a little emotional after the game and rightfully so, he came out here and played a hell of a game. That's hard to do. My hats off to him and he came in here and played well."

QB Case Keenum

On the win:
"First of all, the defense played incredible. That's the best defense I've ever seen. The guys around me on offense, that was a lot of fun playing. We had a great plan; the coaches did an incredible job of getting us all ready to go."

On where he was when he got the call from the Texans:
"I was in a tree with a bow in my hand, hunting white-tail deer out in a field about 30 minutes outside of Missouri. My wife was texting me actually during the Texans game that Ryan [Fitzpatrick] had gotten hurt and that Tom [Savage] was in there and Shane [Lechler] was warming up. I got a call from my agent and my heart kind of jumped a little bit, and it's been pretty wild since then."

On Bill O'Brien's pregame speech:
"I got fired up. I was fired up. That's probably the most I've been fired up in a long time. I didn't even need it. I was pretty jacked up from the get-go. He brought it to another level."

CB Kareem Jackson

On if QB Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense felt frustrated:
"For us to hit him and knock him down a little bit, the secondary definitely wanted to get him off his first read. For us, anytime we can cover the quarterback's first read, we know that our front seven will definitely get there."

On the plan for TE Owen Daniels:
"We just wanted to be physical with him all day. I think we were able to be physical with all the receivers. Owen Daniels, he is definitely a veteran crafty guy. He can definitely get open. A quarterback like Joe Flacco, he will definitely find him, so for us, we just wanted to be physical with those guys and definitely be close in coverage."

FS Kendrick Lewis

On if he thought the pressure would bother Flacco:
"Honestly, I saw it in the game getting to him, but coming into the game I didn't think that our pressure was going to work like it did today. Our front seven was unbelievable. We were able to get three interceptions. He was lobbing it up and we were taking it down."

On if the Ravens were frustrated:
"Yes. Yes, those guys seemed frustrated. Balls were sailing on them. They had their head down and shaking their head. They gave us bad posture. We just kept the pressure on those guys and kept it going."

S D.J. Swearinger

On seeing that the Ravens weren't ready for the team's intensity:
"We saw that from the first drive. We hit them in the mouth early and it shocked them a little bit. It worked and we stayed on it on both sides of the ball and on special teams. I think we did a great job of playing smash-mouth football."

T Duane Brown

On O'Brien's pregame speech:
"Very interesting. A lot of expletives, a lot of stuff I can't repeat. Just the kind of message he wanted to get across to us. Just what kind of game it would be. Just what message you wanted to send with this game. Baltimore is a great team. They are a very physical team. He just wanted to go out and send a message."

ILB Brian Cushing

On if it helped that The Texans are familiar with Ravens Offensive Coordinator Gary Kubiak's offense:
"I'm not sure. Obviously there were some familiar plays that we've seen before, but for the most part he's a good offensive coordinator that knows how to switch things up."

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