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What the Texans Said After Their Playoff Loss to Ravens

Texans QB C.J. Stroud
Texans QB C.J. Stroud

Head Coach DeMeco Ryans:

On his message to the team after the game:

"The Ravens are a really good football team. They came out in the second half, and they executed better than we did. We did not execute well enough to be in position to win the game. Credit to Lamar [Jackson]. He made a ton of great plays, probably, that's why he's the MVP. I'm proud of our guys for their effort, being relentless throughout this entire season. I'm proud of them for getting to this moment. It's not a moral victory just being here, and it's not what we set out to do, but I'm proud of our team. This team accomplished a lot this year and is looking forward to the future."

On the difficulties the Texans had running the football:

"We couldn't get going. Up front, they made plays on us as they moved. They had a lot of stunts, moving their line a lot. They were playing on our side of the line of scrimmage."

On why the passing game struggled:

"The Ravens are a really good unit. I think they've been No. 1 throughout the entire season for a reason, starting with their personnel. It's tough to handle up front when it comes to the run game, and then just schematically, with presenting the pressure, dropping out, they did a really good job of just changing up their looks. The penalties really hurt us. We had something going there with those pre-snap penalties… we reverted back to when we weren't winning games. We were playing sloppy, and you can't have penalties against a really good defense."

On the reasons for the penalties and sloppy play:

"It had nothing to do with the crowd – it's us. Being on the details of our job. Our message with our guys throughout the entire week was about execution. We weren't disciplined pre-snap wise, and we didn't execute post-snap."

On what changed after telling his team they were "right there" at halftime:

"They came out and they got a big return on the kickoff. We were on our heels there to start the second half. Then Lamar pretty much just took it over. He made some exceptional plays, and we couldn't get him down."

QB C.J. Stroud

On how far the Texans came this year:

"First and foremost, I want to thank my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. It's been a heck of a year and I think DeMeco hit it on the nail; our future is bright, but these types of losses suck. That's a great Ravens teams over there, and they deserve the win. It's tough to get embarrassed like that, but definitely, I think our future is bright. "

On his thoughts on Lamar Jackson:

"Lamar is a dog. I've been a fan of his since high school – since the highlight of him juking the guy back and putting his hands up. Since that moment, I was like, 'Who's this dude?' So, it's really an honor to share a field with a player like that. He's a generational talent and a hell of a quarterback. He can run; he can throw. He's an underrated thrower. He was tossing it around in the wind today. I'm just really a fan of his. I got to talk to him after the game and to see mutual respect is love, and I appreciate that a lot. I hope the best for him."

WR Nico Collins

On when they'll get over the disappointment of the loss:

"Whenever the clock hits zeroes, at the end of the game man, that's when we get ready to look at next season. The outcome of this game is not what we wanted, but it is what it is. Baltimore is a solid team. We knew that."

On what the Ravens defense did to contain the Texans offense:

"Just making plays. Like I said man, Baltimore's defense is solid; D-line, secondary, those boys huddled over there. They came to play and made plays, and I feel like offensively, we couldn't really find our juice. Good luck to Baltimore. Make sure those boys stay healthy, man."

On if he sees anybody stopping Baltimore:

"No, I don't. Baltimore's solid. Those boys deserve it all for sure."

DE Jonathan Greenard

On what made Lamar Jackson so effective:

"He was just himself. I mean, he took what we gave him, he made plays when he needed to. A guy like that, he's seen us already and saw how we wanted to attack him. We had his number for a little bit and then he just started to make more plays."

CB Desmond King II

On if anything Lamar Jackson did surprised them:

"Nah, I mean, everyone knows what Lamar is capable of. You know he's a threat with his legs and with his arms, and he did that today, and he did his job."

RB Devin Singletary

On what the difference was in the game:

"They were the better team today. It's a great team over there. They made more plays than we did, and they got the 'dub.'"

On how the Ravens' pass rush was so successful despite not having any sacks:

"They were eating us up. They just had our number today. That's all it came down to. All the way around, they were just the better team today."

On if the Ravens did anything on defense to surprise them:

"We were ready to go, and we were locked in. It just wasn't our day."

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