What the Bears Said After Last-Minute Loss to Ravens

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy walks onto the field before an NFL football game against the Baltimore Ravens Sunday, Nov. 21, 2021, in Chicago.

Head Coach Matt Nagy

Opening statement: "Compliment the Ravens for playing hard and finishing that game with the win. Obviously for us, it's unfortunate to lose the game the way we did, back-to-back weeks like that. The guys are battling but in the end we are not finishing. So I want to compliment Andy Dalton for being able to come into this game in this environment and right away have two plays and get going with that. And in the end, with crucial situational football, for him to make plays the way he did, I think shows who he is as a quarterback and who he is as a person. … He gave us a chance to win.

"The defense I thought swarmed all day long and did what they had to do with the tackles and the sacks but in the end, you know, I know that they are frustrated because of not being able to close that game and finish the game. So the result of that is that we lose. And obviously special teams, too, we had the 40-yard missed field goal and we had the partially blocked punt."

On going for it on fourth-and-1 in the fourth quarter: "Yeah, there was a headset issue. My headset went out completely right at that point. I thought I was talking to the guys and I wasn't. So then at that point I had to, you don't have a play. You don't know what you're going to. Tabor was down there with me as special teams coordinator so I was essentially playing the field position to punt the ball. But then once I was able to get it back and know what we wanted to do, we got a aggressive there and went for it."

On that play-call: "We felt like that's the play we had all week long. That's not a new play or anything we made up. That's the play that we had, and if you get it, it looks good, and if you don't get it, it looks bad."

On why Justin Fields struggled more than he did against Pittsburgh: "They are a good defense and they are going to present different things to us. I think we had 17 plays before the two-minute warning. It's hard to get into a rhythm, and I think it starts with that first drive. We got down there and ended up missing that field goal. You have to check me on that but I'm pretty sure, rhythm-wise, we weren't getting into that."

QB Andy Dalton

On what he saw on the fourth-and-11 touchdown: "They had Cover 0 and this one was Cover 0 with a different look. That's the style of play that Baltimore likes to play, and we had an answer for it. Put it up there and let Marquise make a play and he made a big one at that point in the game."

On if being in the AFC North previously helps: "Yeah, I've faced them a lot. The nine years I was in Cincinnati, and even last year when I was in Dallas we played them. I've played against the Ravens a lot."

On his emotions after his first touchdown: "Yeah, tried to just be calm and go play. Have some fun out there. You know, that's the thing, you can't take any opportunity, any time for granted and so that was the thing, just go out there and have some fun. It was a sweet drive to go two plays and a touchdown."

On his drive before the fourth-and-11 touchdown: "Yeah, you're thinking about all the different scenarios, 'OK, where you are down and distance? What's going to be called? What could they present to you?' So yeah, I think experience plays into all that. You're not just thinking about the play that's happening. And so, I mean, to end that drive the way we did, making a play when we needed to was big."

DE Robert Quinn

On when he found out Lamar Jackson wasn't playing: "Literally we found out right before we went out and started hitting and really didn't change anything. No. 2, he's a mobile quarterback, just like him. We just stuck to our game plan. We just didn't finish."

On the Ravens' final drive: "The last drive, it sucked, because, again, it was in our hands, but there's bits and pieces. I know one drive, I got out-leveraged and on that drive, they got three points. If I did a better job, maybe three points off the board and it's a whole different game. At the end of the day, defense, we had an opportunity to close the game as a defense, which we pride ourselves on, and we really didn't do that. We have to look ourselves in the mirror and figure out who we really are."

WR Darnell Mooney

On having more focus with Allen Robinson II out: "No pressure at all. I just tried to take every opportunity that I could and tried to make the best of it, knowing A-Rod was out, a big focal point of our offense, so I knew I would take the other load that he has, and I was up for it. There was a lot of opportunities missed out there that I definitely am very mad about, but I can only just go for it and just work on it and try to get back and have a great game on Thursday."

On his touchdown: "Oh, I mean, me looking at the coverage-wise, I was just hoping that [Dalton] did throw the ball because he has a read on that. He gave me an opportunity to do it, and like I said, I try to take the most of every opportunity I can do."

On the Ravens mixing up their coverages: "Some stuff was a little confusing but most of the part, it was some -- some of it was. Most of it was what we liked and what we were supposed to get. I just know on [a missed deep crosser] it was a little different than how they covered it [on film]."

LB Alec Ogletree

On the breakdown on the Ravens' 29-yard play to Sammy Watkins: "I didn't really see who it was. I just kind of saw a guy wide open. Usually those kind of things happen with, you know, a little bit of miscommunication and just not being detailed at the end. You know, a lot of games in this league are won just, or lost, really, by you beating yourself. Most games that are lost, you lose them by not being detailed and not doing your job. That's kind of where we at with it as far as that play. And I thought we played well all game and then like I said, just right at the end, crunch time is when you got to be at your best. Today we didn't go out there and finish the job like we needed to."

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