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What The Bengals Are Saying About The Ravens


Head Coach Marvin Lewis

(on changes to the Ravens' defense since Week 3)
"Well, I think they've, obviously, had some injuries they've had to overcome at different spots in the secondary, and as a group, [they are] kind of playing and playing together now. Over the last eight football games, they're 4-4, and this is a group that, defensively, is so explosive up front. [They have] big, strong men up front and really good, athletic linebackers."

(on if Baltimore's victory over Pittsburgh put the Bengals on alert)
"As I said, regardless of ... This is a division football game in a very tough, physical division, year-in and year-out. So, we know this is a football team that has been 4-4 over the last eight weeks. We know they'll be ready to play, and we've got to play good football to have an opportunity to be successful."

(on the Ravens' upset over Pittsburgh)
"Coach Harbaugh, since he's taken over there, they play hard. They believe in him. He believes in them. They go out there and put it on the line each and every week. You stand on those sidelines of these games and see how physical these guys are. All those guys have got big arms, man. They're just like clones of each other. These are big people we are about to play."

(on why Cincinnati has had success in its four-straight wins over Baltimore)
"Every week is a new week and a new game. So, we're going to get ready, prepared, and we've got to go play great, sound football this week in order to have an opportunity to win."

QB AJ McCarron

(on his pre-draft visit to Baltimore)
"It was a great trip. It was pretty cool to just see their facilities and meet the coaches and get to talk to a lot of people and see some old teammates. And yes, it was definitely a cool trip."

(on if he remembers John Harbaugh comparing him to QB Drew Brees)
"Yes, I do remember that. We were sitting in his office, at his table, and he told me that. So yes, it was definitely a huge compliment, and [I am] very thankful for it. But Drew Brees is Drew Brees, and I don't know how close I am to that level, if any at all. But yes, [I am] very thankful for the comment, though."

(on the Ravens' defensive improvements since Week 3)
"I feel like they're playing hard. They're playing extremely hard and really believe in each other and are playing fast; and you can see it on film. So, it's always a great challenge for us, and it's always a great game between us two. And it's going to be fun."

(on competing against former Alabama teammates OLB Courtney Upshaw and ILB C.J. Mosley)
"It's going to be fun playing against 'Up' [Courtney Upshaw] and C.J., two good dudes, great players, and it'll be pretty fun to see them on the other side of the football for a change. And it'll be an experience for us." (Reporter: "Have you ever been hit by either one of them? What do you expect?") "I don't know if I have. I know I haven't [been hit] by C.J. I'm not sure. I can't remember, for real, but it's going to be, like I said, a great challenge for us as a team. And we're just excited to get back playing." (Reporter: "Are you going to try to work out a handshake agreement with them to take it easy on you, or what?") (laughter) "No, I doubt they'd do that; it's football. So, we're going to go out and play for our teams and our organizations, and afterwards we'll talk."

(on if Baltimore's upset victory of Pittsburgh put the Bengals on alert)
"No, it's the Baltimore Ravens no matter what. So, I don't think them just winning a game or losing a game does anything to our mindset. Our mindset is control what we can, and go out and play our game, and then leave it at that. We know Baltimore is a great team and a great organization. We just have to be ready to play."

(on the effect this week's game has on playoff position and momentum for Cincinnati)
"It's always big, like you said, to have momentum going into the playoffs, and then when it comes to the bye, we have to take care of our business. And then, whatever happens, happens with other games. But the only thing we can worry about is what [game] we're playing in, what we can control, and go from there."

(on if he will line up at receiver in a wildcat formation)
"I don't know. I might go for a deep post." (laughter)

LB Rey Maualuga

(on the chance to finish the regular season with a win)
"This would be the best record Marvin's had since he's been here, so what a way to bring in the new year. To give him that 12th win. I think everyone's ready for the challenge. We have the right tools and the right pieces to get that done on Sunday."

(on the Ravens)
"We know we're playing a football team that over the last eight games is 4-4. They didn't get off to the start they wanted, but they've had a number of injuries. They've played with different quarterbacks, but they keep finding a way to win football games and that's what we know going into this game. It's a division game."

OT Andrew Whitworth

(on if their mindset is to go into the playoffs hot)
"That's our mindset. Go into this game and be 12-4. Have the best record we've had here in quite some time. The biggest thing about this group is every year we've improved and this will be a chance this year to take it one more step and get that mark of 12-4. I think it's something that shows the kind of team we are. Be hot this time of year is what is most important. That's what we need."

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