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What the Bengals Said After Ravens' Lopsided Win


Head Coach Zac Taylor

Opening statement:

"Tough loss. (We) lost to a good football team that's playing with a lot of confidence right now and they've obviously had a lot of success this year. They made a lot of plays. We challenged our guys at halftime (that) we're going to have to win some 50/50 plays, and I thought Baltimore came out and did a great job. They won those 50/50 plays in all areas — offense and defense. When there was an opportunity to make a play, their guys stepped up and played with a lot of confidence, and did a great job making those plays, so hats off to them.

"The quarterback on their side (Lamar Jackson) is a heck of a player. He's one of the most exciting players I've ever seen. (He's) dynamic. I'm interested to see what teams do down the road here to stop him, because he certainly is hitting on all cylinders right now, and the way they complement each other on offense there running the ball — throwing play action — they've done a great job. They've got some great pieces over there that make it really difficult on you.

"On our side, we made some progress. I felt the first four drives in the first half, aside from the first drive — the three-and-out — we were making some progress there and (then) they had the pick-six. Obviously, that killed some momentum there. We're down 21-3 and trying to make it down 21-10 and then (Baltimore defensive back) Marcus Peters does a great job (with the interception). He's made a lot of money in this league doing stuff like that. He jumped the route and had a pick, and it was a great play by them taking advantage."

On whether the pick-six was more of a poor throw or poor decision:

"Yeah — and a combination of a veteran DB who's got a history of jumping plays. That's one you would love to take back. You know, I wish maybe we had called the time out maybe a second before — but again, he's going to learn from stuff like that. It's not all going to be easy, and I coached with Marcus Peters last year and he does a great job. I've seen a lot of quarterbacks fall into that trap against him. And that's the second time I've seen him do it in three games, as a matter of fact, with the Ravens, so — (Seattle Seahawks quarterback) Russell Wilson did it as well. It's tough, and we've just got to learn from it."

On how much a different Lamar Jackson makes:

"They run similar concepts that you've run your whole life, that you've seen other teams run, and he gets the ball to people where it's like, 'What do you do?' There's no way the ball should get there, and he gets it there, somehow, some way. The touchdown run he had — it's electrifying. It deflates you a little bit when a guy is playing with that much confidence. What really kills you is those play-actions, because you're so hell-bent on stopping all those run variations they give you, and then all the sudden, he's dropping back to pass. People (say), 'There's no pressure,' but you've got a lot of things on your mind there, and it's hard to generate some pressure. And their tight ends — that's the most impressive group of tight ends catching the football. Those were some tough catches those guys came down with, and that team has been building that way for a long time. I think they're built for, obviously, a really special season right now, and unfortunately, we got the brunt end of it right now."

On whether he would kill to have the next Lamar Jackson:

"He's a special player. He's a special player and I think (Ravens Offensive Coordinator) Greg Roman does a great job. Greg has a history of being at the (San Francisco) 49ers and the (Buffalo) Bills and running that similar style of offense and getting the most out of those guys. Hats off to them and they've got something really special there."

On what he saw on Jackson's 47-yard touchdown run:

"Poor tackling. We had some opportunities to tackle, and we didn't do it. I thought we met the running back on the two-yard line one time — I think it was second-and-goal or third-and-goal — and we met him at the two, and he ran through us and scored a touchdown. Those are those 50/50 plays I'm talking about, where we have just as much opportunity to make the stop as they do to make the play. There's some really key examples there where we didn't do that."

QB Ryan Finley

On what he saw on the pick-six:

"Just a bad throw. Just can't leave it inside. We got our pressure look that we talked about all week. That was going to be one of our checks. Marcus Peters made a good play. He just jumped it. He gambles, and he gambled right. It was just a bad throw. I've got to leave it outside."

On whether the Ravens are more aggressive in person than on film:

"They're a good football team. Their record shows it. They have a lot of good players on both sides of the ball. They're just a good football team. We know we can compete with them, but today just wasn't our day."

C/G Trey Hopkins

On whether Baltimore did anything different defensively this time:

"Baltimore is Baltimore. They have those big guys, and they load up the middle. That's what they did the previous game, and that's what they did this game. I wouldn't say there was much of a change."

S Shawn Williams

On the crowd chanting MVP to Jackson:

"He has my vote, definitely. He's definitely the best we've faced this year. Hats off to them, and what they are doing over there. When he can put up those points, look at what the defense can do with a 20-, 30-point lead — you can just tee off. You get more confident, you have nothing to lose at that point. That's why you are seeing Earl (Thomas) making plays and (Brandon) Carr making the plays."

S Jessie Bates III

On Jackson's rushing touchdown:

"It was as simple as tackling the quarterback on triple option. We practiced it all week, and didn't execute it. It's a repeated thing, and is why we're not having success. Me, myself, I need to make that middle of the field tackle. I'm the last line of defense."

On if there's anyone else in the league that can do what Jackson does:

"Maybe Kyler Murray. Those two guys are very dynamic."

On how hard it is to beat the Ravens:

"When you have a guy like that with swagger, that's the first to touch the ball every time, it's tough. I've been playing him since college, and I know that once he gets going, he's hard to stop. That's a very good football team. Their offensive coordinators are putting them in great positions."

DE Sam Hubbard

On why the Ravens' tight ends were so effective:

"They have some of the best tight ends in the game. They're good blockers, and they showed today they can catch the ball too."

On what makes the Ravens hard to stop:

"They're playing with a lot of momentum and confidence right now. They won a lot of matchups today. They have a great scheme, great players, and work well together. They're tough to stop."

On what makes Jackson hard to stop:

"They do a great job of throwing in wrinkles. They do a great job of motions and different blocking schemes that make you miss your assignments. We did that too much today."

DE Carlos Dunlap

On what makes Jackson so hard to stop:

"You have to be disciplined. He makes plays, and is second to none in the open field."

On how much of a difference-maker Jackson is:

"It's a quarterback driven league. You see the way they protect them. They're the face of every organization. When you have someone playing at his level, you're going to beat good teams like the Patriots. He makes plays every game to put his team in a position to win."

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