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What the Bengals Said After Their Week 6 Loss


Head Coach Zac Taylor

On how the Ravens shut down Cincinnati's running game:

"They were just being physical up front. That's what it was. I wouldn't say they were doing anything schematically."

On the challenge of facing Lamar Jackson:

"Very challenging. That's the most frustrating thing for a defense. You have a play covered, and he's an elite athlete. We've played a couple of good athletes. He's one of the rarest I've seen in person. Just one little crease and he's got 30 yards on you."

QB Andy Dalton

On how the Ravens defense took away wide receiver Tyler Boyd:

"They had a plan for him. He got a bunch of double teams in this game. That's how they were playing him."

On how Baltimore limited Cincinnati's running attack:

"They had all their guys in the box. They made it hard for us to run."

S Shawn Williams

On the defensive play:

"We are getting better. We came out at times, and at first, it was a little shaky. We had to figure out what they were doing, but when we did, we did a pretty good job of adjusting. One thing I feel like we could have focused on more was keeping Lamar in the pocket. He is a good athlete, a good quarterback. He makes that team run."

On Jackson:

"He is a really great athlete. He is special. He can hit the edge and run like no quarterback I have ever played, at least that I can remember at this moment. We just have to go back to the game plan for when we face him again. We kind of know the recipe. We have to stop them on first and second down, get them in third down, third down and long, keep [Lamar Jackson] in the pocket and make him throw to beat us. When he steps outside the pocket, he is as good as anyone. And today, he also made throws outside the pocket. So, they kind of won that today."

On defending the Ravens' entire rushing attack:

"We cannot just tee off and rush. You have to be disciplined in your rush lanes. Lamar does a good job of extending plays on third down and getting them the extra first down that they need."

DE Carl Lawson

On Baltimore's running game:

"Lamar Jackson and Mark Ingram II; that combination is dangerous when you have a running quarterback and a Pro Bowl running back. We have to keep [Jackson] in the pocket. We would rather him throw than run because he is so dangerous."

LB Preston Brown

On quarterback Lamar Jackson:

"It's tough, they did a lot of empty stuff, so he [Jackson] got easy reads and if they weren't there, he was going to take off. He does a good job of making people miss. He's one of the most elusive, best players. They did a good job utilizing him and having him with a lead blocker. He was cutting it back, throwing outside and running around. He was just having fun on us, and that's what you never want to have done." 

LB Nick Vigil

On the defense:

"We gave up a lot of rushing yards. We let No. 8 [Jackson] get loose a couple times, but I think we did pretty good in the red zone. We held them to six points in the second half and it gave ourselves a chance." 

On Jackson:

"He's a good player. He's tough to contain. We didn't do a good enough job setting edges and that was a lot of their run game – him getting outside."

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