What The Bengals Said After Their Win


Head Coach Marvin Lewis

(opening statement)
"It's hard to do it twice in a game and hats off to our guys. Driving down the field twice and getting back control of the game. … It was a hard-fought win. The way the NFL is supposed to be. That's a good football team that we came on top of today."

(on the way in which they won)
"The resiliency to keep playing and overcome the adversity we put ourselves in was huge. We know they have a good player in 89 [Steve Smith Sr.], who we didn't do a very good job on. He's what we knew, and he made plays today that made the difference in the game, and we didn't do a very good job."

QB Andy Dalton

(on the 80-yard touchdown pass)
"It was one of those plays that we had designed, and I knew the way they lined up, I thought A.J. [Green] would be open. Our guys did a great job against the blitz, and he ran a great route. He made a few guys miss, and he took it in. I'm really happy for our guys, especially up front."

(on concern when Ravens went ahead)
"The history in this series is that you've got to play all four quarters, and we expect that. We never had a doubt that we were going to come back and score. It's the mentality you have to have, or you're not going to be successful."

(on whether the Ravens miss OLB Terrell Suggs)
"Any time you lose a guy like Terrell Suggs, you're going to feel it. He's one of the best players in the league. They tried several different things to put pressure on me today, but we were able to do a great job containing. Obviously, you can tell that they miss him."

WR A.J. Green

(on playing at M&T Bank Stadium)
"It feels great to come in here and make plays and come away with a victory. This game was very similar to a lot of other games we've played here."

(on how the Bengals responded when the Ravens took the lead)
"This isn't our first rodeo. We're not going to flinch, that's one of our mottos. We just go out and run our offense."

(on comparison to last year's game here)
"It is crazy how similar the two games were. It's like déjà vu all over again. It's a dog fight every year when we come in here, and we just stay true to what we do well. It's great to win here two years in a row."

(on his 80-yard touchdown reception)
"I started the play; I was in a slot position, so they couldn't jam me. I knew I had a safety on me, and he gave me a big cushion. It was a great ball by Andy. I made a move, broke a tackle, and I broke away into the open. It was a big play for us."

(on WR Smith)
"He is incredible, I love watching him. When you think that he's in his 15th year in the league, it's amazing. I hope I can do that when I'm in my 15th year in the league."

DE Carlos Dunlap

(on playing the Ravens)
"It doesn't matter what the record is, when we and the Ravens play, that's what you're going to get. We know it's a heated rivalry. I'm glad we're on the better side of it today."

(on being undefeated)
"We're 3-0. How do you think 3-0 feels? It's early in the season, but I'd rather be 3-0 here than where Baltimore is right now."

WR Mohamed Sanu

(on having the Ravens take the lead, then coming back)
"It is an AFC North game. It is a typical AFC North game. We know when we come out here, it is always a fight, and having seen what happened last year and stuff like that, that's [the Ravens] a great team. We know that, and we know it is going to be a dogfight."

(on the last touchdown to Green)
"We had it. He [Dalton] changed protection. We had our routes locked. They played man across the board, and when you do that, you're susceptible for it not to be in your favor. They played man the whole fourth quarter. They were trying to throw exotic blitzes on us to slow us down."

LB Vincent Ray

(on WR Smith)
"He's tough to tackle, he's good at getting open but our team played better today. We made the plays to win. He's a great talented individual, but we were the better team today."

DT Domata Peko

(on winning an away game in the division)
"It is a big win for us. Anytime you play a conference team and a caliber team like this, the Ravens – coming into their house and getting a 'W' here – is big for our organization and big for our team. And it is a great way to start out the division games. We're 1-0 in the division now, 3-0 in the [overall] record. It is a good start for the AFC North."

(on the defense)
"I thought we did really well against the run – we stuffed the hell out of the run. They've got one of the better [running] backs in the league, a Pro Bowler back there. Coverage-wise, I thought Steve Smith did some stuff to us, but we'll be good. We played great as a defense."

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