What the Bills Said After Ravens' 47-3 Win


Head Coach Sean McDermott

(on whether he is surprised at their performance) "I thought the game got away from us early on. From a series of plays, and I give credit to the Ravens' defense and Coach Harbaugh. But the game got away from us because of a series of plays early on, be it the first or second quarter, and then right before the half as well. But we have to go back and look at the film and be critical and be objective about what we were doing. Penalties, you can't have penalties when you have success on first down. Offensively, that was hurting us. And when we did have success, we had penalties, and you can't do that and play winning football."

(on whether he was concerned with how the Ravens were able to move the ball) "Again, we've got to look at some things. Anytime you put up 40-some points, that's concerning. We want to be able to (A) stop the run and (B) be able to get to the quarterback. So, we've got to look at the film and be objective to what happened today. Like I said, I thought the game got away from us early, and they made a big play on second and long. Momentum shifted pretty drastically, and we had a hard time getting back. I thought our defense did show up at times. With a short field and field position got a little out of whack early there. I thought our defense did stand out and do some good things there."

QB Nathan Peterman

(on the Ravens defense) "They're a great team. We knew that they were well coached. They have great talent on their side. We came out and hurt ourselves in a lot of situations. We didn't put ourselves in the best situations with the penalties, turnover and things like that. We've got to do a better job of taking care of the football, not shooting ourselves in the foot, because when you're going against a team like that, you can't hurt yourself."

QB Josh Allen

(on the way the game started) "Baltimore came out ready to play. You could tell they really wanted it. On their opening drive, they kept the ball for eight minutes and scored a touchdown. That set the tone."

(on facing the Ravens' defense) "Baltimore has a really good defense. I was fortunate to see some things I had never seen before, so I learned some lessons from them. They're going to give a lot of teams a very hard time."

RB LeSean McCoy

(on the Bills' struggling with their running game) "We got off to a very bad start. It seemed like we came out flat. Collectively, we didn't play well. It wasn't one guy's fault, it was all of us."

DE Trent Murphy

(on the Ravens' gameplan) "We thought they were going to try and run the ball more than they did, especially with the weather conditions. That was the biggest surprise. The weather conditions are one of those factors you really can't control, so we really can't focus on things we can control like penalties, ball security; things like that you can control. So we let that one get away from us."

S Jordan Pryor

(on John Brown's long third-down conversion) "They ran a solid route. I think John Brown ran a post corner with [QB Joe] Flacco rolling out to his right. It was just one of those plays they were able to get. Those type of plays we will learn from. There's no concern. They beat the hell out of us today. It is what it is."

DE Jerry Hughes

(on what happened in the game) "Today just wasn't our day. Baltimore came out and they out-executed us. They scored more points than us. We couldn't get to Joe [Flacco] in enough time to create havoc on their gameplan and cause a stir back there. We tip our hats to them because they came out and played better than we did."

(on Flacco's mobility and the offensive play-calling) "They had a couple new wrinkles but it's Week 1. You expect that to happen."

S Micah Hyde

(on the disappointment of today's outcome) "At first, running the ball was tough for them. On the outside and in the back end, they were play-action passing and getting some guys open. The few times, Flacco got some time, he seemed like he had six, seven, eight seconds to throw the ball across the field. Those plays are going to happen. Their first 15 plays that they scripted, especially that first drive, they earned a lot of it. They had the sticks moving. Give the credit to them today. They did their thing today and knew how to beat us."

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