What The Browns Are Saying About The Ravens


Head Coach Mike Pettine

(on what he liked about RB Terrance West and why he didn't remain with Cleveland this season)"We liked Terrance's skill set. I felt he had a chance to be a complete back with his ability. [He is] a thicker guy; he could still hit some short-yardage runs but had the ability to either run a guy over or make him miss. He did some good work for us out of the backfield. That's been a point of emphasis, to get the ball to the backs more. It was just … Some of it was maturity issues with Terrance, just the accountability, the day-to-day practice habits and being a pro. It was unfortunate, because Terrance is a likable guy, but we just felt at the time that it was in both of our best interest to move on."

(on preparing for QB Matt Schaub)"He's obviously very experienced. He has played for a very long time in this league and played at a high level. I know he hasn't done it recently, but I don't foresee the offense changing significantly. It's not like the Pittsburgh situation where they went from a [Ben] Roethlisberger to a Michael Vick and had to really change the offense to fit the skill set. So, he's still a prototypical, big pocket passer, but he's better on the move than I think people give him credit for, having played in that system in Houston for all those years. And he throws the ball well on the run. He's an experienced guy. He has seen everything thrown at him over the course of his career. So, we're expecting him to play at a high level."

(on the excitement level in Cleveland for a Monday Night Football game against a division rival)"I think you all know how our fans feel about the Ravens. So, that will be a big game no matter what. That's what I love about our division, just the natural rivalries that exist. Whether, for us, it's Cincinnati, the Battle of Ohio; whether it's Pittsburgh, which is everybody's big rival because it's Pittsburgh; and then the circumstances that surround the two franchises [Baltimore and Cleveland], obviously, make this a big rivalry as well. So, it's a big game here, the fact that it's Monday Night [Football]. I know we're not where – with both teams – where we want to be record-wise, but I fully expect to see two teams, passionate, wanting to win, going after it on Monday night, and hopefully our crowd is behind us."

(on FB Kyle Juszczyk's developing role)"You can see – in comparing and contrasting their offense from the first game – you can see he has become a bigger part of [the offense] and for good reason. He's a good football player. He made some plays against us last year, he made some plays against us in the first game, and he's a guy we certainly have to be aware of. They do a good job of using him outside of the role of the traditional fullback."

(on Baltimore's secondary)"I know there [have] been some lineup changes, but having been in Baltimore for as long as I was and knowing the pride that's taken in the defense and knowing, still, a lot of coaches on that staff and how important it is, that … We're expecting a group that's going to be fully prepared to take away what we were successful with the first time [we played them], and we just can't go in with the game plan thinking we're going to be able to throw it all over the lot. I know there will be some adjustments made, and we're going to have to find ways to move the football and score points."

QB Josh McCown

(on the Browns' second matchup with the Ravens)
"Obviously, when you face a division opponent, you get to see them a second time. The chess game, so to speak, is a little different because you take what you did well, and you wonder if you can use that again and try to match that off what you've seen on tape from the last few weeks and if it's available to you and how you can count [on] those things. So, that's really the approach when you're going in."

(on Baltimore's defense since the last matchup)
"I would agree [that Baltimore's defense has tightened]. Sometimes things just happen in a game. We got rolling, but we have a ton of respect for this defense, especially the front. And it's certainly evident on tape that they've tightened things up. We'll be aware of that, and just like every approach, go in there being smart with the football, but at the same time, doing the things we need to do to move it. We definitely see that, though, on tape, for sure."

(on earning the starting role again)"I think, in fairness, it's hard to use that word, 'earned' it, necessarily in this situation. And it's more of a … It was just the product of the circumstance, and it's unfortunate. You understand that you have a job to do, and the coaches make the decision and tell you you're playing; and you move forward accordingly. But at the same time, I'm in the room with that guy [Johnny Manziel] every day, and we've built a relationship. I'm a big advocate of his and a fan as well. Anytime somebody goes through that … I'm sorry, as a fan and a friend, as well. And so, when somebody goes through that, you don't want anybody on my team to have to deal with circumstances like that and go through stuff like that. That's hard, because at the same time, you understand that you have to go do a job, but you want to be there for your friend and your teammate as they're processing some hard things. I just kind of go out and do the job that I'm asked to do and do the best I can."

LT Joe Thomas

(on moving on from the Manziel decision)
"I think we've got a great opportunity on Monday night to get a win and kind of compartmentalize this season as a six-game season."

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