What the Browns Said After Holding Off Ravens

Left: DE Myles Garrett; Right: QB Baker Mayfield

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski

Opening statement: "It is tough in December. That is what it is like. I thought guys stepped up really on all three sides of the ball with guys who were unavailable due to injury or otherwise. Guys stepped up and did a nice job. It goes down there to an onside kick, and they get the ball. Those are nail-biter situations. I do not think we wanted to be in that situation. Listen, that is the NFL, and that is certainly December football versus a good football team, a well-coached football team. Proud of the guys in going 1-0 today. 

On Denzel Ward's fourth-down tackle: "I think it was a great play by Denzel, but it is indicative of when everybody does their job – coaches, we put those guys in position and then you get 11 guys to do their job. One guy may blitz a certain gap and he does not make the play, but he opens up the play for somebody else and then the ball has to come out and Denzel is right there to make the play."

On if the wind impacted their decision to receive the opening kickoff: "We did take the ball so we would have the wind. With Tucker, he is a great, great, great kicker. Even with that advantage in the fourth quarter, he is somebody who you are never feeling good when he is attempting a field goal."

On why they had difficulty closing out the game: "It is a good team. It is a good team. They are well coached. They have great players. I would have to look at it to give you a real good answer, but ultimately, we got the ball there and we did not sustain drives certainly on offense in the second half like we needed to. We went on some long drives in the game, but there in that second half, we just did not do it a couple of times."

On how much they knew about Tyler Huntley: "He played recently. He played all of that Chicago game so you got good tape on him. Skillsets are similar. He can throw it. He can make plays late in the down, as you saw. He is hard to get on the ground. We felt good about our plan and not having to dramatically change with him in there."

QB Baker Mayfield

On how the offense played in the win: "We did enough to win the game so check that box off. We got conservative. I think we need to put that team away. We got ahead early. We just need to capitalize when the defense is playing like that and holding them to points. We need to put it away. That's what good teams do, so we need to improve on that. We were better in the red zone today and on third down. That is something that obviously I have talked to you guys about. We just need to play better in those situations to put the game away."

On what he liked most about the Browns offense in the first half: "Besides the first two drives, we were in two third-and-longs, which we talked about trying to stay out of those. We were in two third-and-longs on the first few drives. Obviously, a penalty bailed us out with (WR) Donovan (Peoples-Jones) on the defensive pass interference. I liked that we were efficient on first and second down for the most part. We kept it manageable on third down. That is why were a lot better today so we need to keep improving on that."

On his health after the bye: "This is the best I have felt since Week 2 so yeah (laughter)."

On his mindset as the Ravens mounted a comeback: "I had all of the confidence in the world. Obviously, the onside kick was unfortunate. It looked like Jano was trying to go block (FB Andy Janovich) and there was somebody to recover it back behind, and it just happened to take a bounce and hit him. I had confidence in our defense. They had been playing great all game long. They stepped up big – obviously (DE) Jadeveon's (Clowney) sack and then (CB) Denzel (Ward) making that tackle in a very critical fourth down. They played extremely well today, and they did it especially when it was crunch time."

DE Myles Garrett

On his touchdown: "I knew I was going to make a play. I saw JD (DE Jadeveon Clowney) bobbling it, and I was getting ready to block. The ball was on the ground and nobody was going for it so I will take it."

On Tyler Huntley: "The way he looked, he might have been faster than Lamar. The guy was playing pretty well. He looked like he was not starting his second game of the season. It was good with efficiency and running out when he needed to, and he was ready to take off at any moment."

CB Denzel Ward

On the Ravens' last offensive play: "We were in zero coverage. He (Ravens WR Rashod Bateman) just tried to hesitate and then run a quick slant. I was able to get my eyes on it, drive on it and make the play."

On if he read something that indicated a slant was coming: "No, I just went through my keys that we were taught. I was able to attack on it and get him down before he got the first down."

On what he thought when the Ravens recovered the onside kick: "I was excited. I love playing the game of football. Just ready to go back out there, make a play for the team and do what we have to do to get the win."

RB Nick Chubb

On Myles Garrett's turnover: "It is one of his great plays, but I missed it completely. I looked up, and we had six points so I liked that. I saw it on replay, and I think he is the only one who knew it was a turnover."

On running the ball better than the first time against the Ravens: "I think it is a mindset of us not liking how things went last time. Coming out here and having a different mindset and playing better overall. We had a week to digest and make corrections."

DE Jadeveon Clowney

On facing Tyler Huntley after preparing for Lamar Jackson: "He is a little quicker. He made the whole defense miss. He juked us all. I said on the sideline that I think we need Lamar back out here (laughter). I thought he was quick and just as good."

On his sack late in the fourth quarter: "I just felt that we needed to make a play. I said somebody needs to make a big play for us right now, we just need a play and I tried to make one."

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