What the Browns Said After Loss to Ravens

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield (6) and cornerback A.J. Green (38) head to the bench after a series against the Baltimore Ravens during the second half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Nov. 28, 2021, in Baltimore.

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski

(opening statement) "Very disappointing and frustrated in that game. Credit to Baltimore. They did a good job. They beat us, and we've got to get through this bye week, fix some things, get healthy, unplug for a minute, and then we've got Baltimore again in a stretch run. That's what is in front of us, but, ultimately, disappointed about tonight." 

(on why the offense can't score anymore) "It's frustrating. It is very frustrating. To not score enough, it's always a combination of things—staying on the field on third down, trying to run the ball effectively and getting in the red zone, all of those things. But we're just not doing a good enough job, and that starts with me." 

(on whether it was a matter of the Ravens devoting guys to stopping the run) "I think they played how they play. That's certainly how they play. We just didn't run it efficiently enough." 

(on whether they have to get the ball down the field against the Ravens stacking the box) "Yes, you do. Our run game had been very good, and we've run against loaded boxes like that. So, I think, as a run offense, we expect to do better than that. And we will look at how we can." 

(on the Browns' defensive effort) "It was outstanding. [I'm] really pleased with how those guys played. They were relentless. I thought they were running to the ball all night. [Lamar Jackson], like he does, he made some plays. You understand he is going to make some of those. That's what happens when you are playing him. But, by and large, I thought the guys really executed the gameplan and played well." 

(on how Baker handled the Ravens' pressure) "They did a good job, and that's kind of what they do. I think there were a couple of opportunities they had, but, by and large, we have to find a way to get guys open." 

(on his thinking about the Jarvis Landry play and the screen on Baker's fumble) "The Jarvis play? Listen, hindsight is 20-20. If I had known that was going to happen, obviously, I wouldn't have called it. But he has been really good in those moments with the ball in his hands and making a play when it is there and making a play when it is not there. Unfortunately, we lost the ball on that play. On the screen, they gave us a pressure look. [I] figured they would come after us. I didn't see exactly what happened, but they got to us." 

(on whether David Njoku said he had his fingers on the ball during the touchdown) "He didn't say anything. The initial look is one of those where it is going to be hard where if they ruled incomplete, they are probably going to say it's incomplete." 

(on his views of Lamar Jackson's scramble and touchdown throw to Mark Andrews) "Again, he's a great player. He makes plays like that. You've got to try and find a way to get him on the ground. And you know you've got to cover your guy for a very long time when you're playing him."

QB Baker Mayfield

(on his mobility today) "I definitely felt a lot better physically today. I just need to keep improving in that sense day to day. Nope, no major setbacks. [I] just need to continue to do all the rehab and just taking the extra time to take care of my body. This Bye Week coming up comes at a crucial time to make that turning point to get back to 100%."

(on the state of the offense right now) "We just need to make more plays. I mean, as simple as that sounds, that's really the way it is. There are plays there to be made, and we need to make them. We have to have answers for the zero pressures when we face them. Baltimore did a good job today; when they showed zero pressures, they bailed out. And when they weren't showing it, they brought it. We just need to recognize that and make more plays. We need to have a little bit more confidence and regroup and trust that we have the guys that can make those plays."  

(on how frustrating was it to not cash in on the four picks) "Very frustrating. To me, that's kind of the story of our season so far. As far as not being able to play complementary football to our defense, the defense I thought played great. And when you play an offense like that as talented as they are with Lamar; I mean he's running around making plays and our defense is right with him. Our offense needs to make more plays - it's really as simple as that. We need to play complementary football down the stretch if we want to have a chance."  

(on why the running game had so much trouble today) "They're a really good defense. They were timing up some of our cadences, shooting the gaps, and they played really well. They played really great, to be honest with you." 

(on what happened when he fumbled the ball) "[It] just happened on the pump fake; I lost the grip on the ball. It's just one of those things, I absolutely hate it. The sequence of events was crazy. We get the turnover and get good position, [and] then we turn it over. So, like I said, we just have to play complementary football, and the offense just needs to make some plays."  

(on what happened on the fourth-down play of their final drive)"Our only answer to the pressure was the shallow route, and it really was a lot for David [Njoku] to get away from that guy [Tyus Bowser]. He made a great tackle, and we just didn't have an answer." 

DE Myles Garrett

(on not capitalizing on Jackson's four interceptions) "It's hard to process. We've got to be better. We've got to turn those plays into scores on defense, and we've got to make more stops when we're backed up. We let them drive out a couple times when they were backed up at the 30, 25. We have to give a shorter field for our offense." 

(on how frustrating it was to play that well defensively and not come out with a victory) "It's very frustrating. None of the other guys can tell you otherwise. Like, when you have that kind of performance, I'm not saying you expect a win, but you expect to have a chance. That's all we were given. We were given a chance, and we didn't get it done on defense or on offense." 

(on his conversation with Jackson at midfield after the Ravens' touchdown) "I said it was a hell of play. He told me, 'Good stuff' but, you know, a little more explicit. I mean, he made a hell of a play, and that's what he does. I hit his arm when he was throwing. I was expecting it to be a fumble or an incomplete pass. And he gets it 30 yards down the field, into the end zone. The guy is a great player. I dapped him up, because I have sportsmanship. At least in my eyes, I help guys up, and I dap them up when they make a play like that, that he made. And I don't think anything should come out of us having respect for our opponent. I don't think there should be any doubt in our heart or who we are on that field." 

(on how the team looks at the playoff picture) "Just keep fighting. You never know what is going to happen. [We've] got enough games left now, [to] where if we keep on trying to win out and it so happens, [and a] couple of teams lose, we can find ourselves in the playoffs and find ourselves in a good position. It's a little more out of our hands than we'd like, but we have to take it one game at a time. Recover in this bye week, self-evaluate, see how we need to get better and keep the train moving." 

(on how frustrating it is to rush Jackson, given his ability to escape) "It's frustrating – everyone knows that. Anyone in the league will tell you [that] rushing against that guy is tough. And you are rushing against the tackle and him, because he is fast, dynamic and shifty. All the words apply. But you have to find a way. We found a way multiple times. We put pressure on him, had hits on him, a couple of sacks and made him throw the ball where he didn't want to, and it still wasn't enough. So, we have to find a way to do more. In two weeks, we have to find a way in our house." 

(on if he knows why DE Jadeveon Clowney was mad after Jackson's touchdown pass) "I didn't even notice. I don't know if it was because he didn't make the play or because he got blocked in the back – either one. He could have made that play. I could have made that play. I could have went further on the arm, reached further for the ball. Hindsight is 20/20. I know he [Clowney] went to bat. We all went to bat. I am not mad at him for showing his emotion." 

(on if that was the best the Browns have played against Jackson) "It's one of the best times we have played Lamar [Jackson]. Four picks, constant pressure, had him looking over his shoulder – that's a decent job." 

(on if he caught wind of the criticism for dapping up Jackson) "It got told to me that people had a problem with me dapping up a guy that made an extraordinary play when I was right there in his face. I almost made an extraordinary play. The guy is a baller. It's a game, and he is one of the best at it. I appreciate greatness. I mean, he dapped me up, too. It wasn't like I was patting him on the head and letting him go by. He appreciates my play; I appreciate his. We should do that more often instead of tearing each other down." 

CB Denzel Ward

(on how frustrating it was to intercept QB Lamar Jackson four times and still not prevail) "Yes, that's a little frustrating. I mean, this is the ultimate team game, and we have to play as a team and complement one another. We just didn't do enough to get the win today, and that's really the biggest thing." 

(on Jackson's touchdown pass to TE Mark Andrews) "That one was on me. It got away from me. I was looking to make a play somewhere else."  

(on what happened on the touchdown pass to Andrews, and why he's taking the blame for it) "Because we were in zero coverage, and I was driving on it. I thought the ball would come out quick, but I saw something else opening up, so I swung back to help make a play, and then he threw it up the middle, and I wasn't there."  

(on how much the defense emphasized slowing down Andrews during the week of practice) "Obviously, a lot. Mark Andrews is Lamar [Jackson's] guy. He puts his emphasis on trying to get him the ball. He's big, and we tried to take him away."  

TE David Njoku

(on if he was confident that the touchdown he scored would not be overturned) "Yes. It was a good ball by Baker, and I came up with it." 

(on if the length of the replay on his touchdown made him nervous) "I was very confident that it was a touchdown."

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