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What the Browns Said After Ravens' AFC North Title Win


Head Coach Gregg Williams

(opening statement): "As you see, a lot of hard fight in that room. A good, young team fought through a lot of challenges. In the first half, I don't think we tackled well enough on defense. Give them credit though. Until you are on the field, and see how quick Lamar Jackson is, and understand his ability to make plays in space and juke and make some people miss out in space. We had the space populated at times. We just didn't make the plays. They fought, and I thought they did a really good job at halftime making some adjustments that we had to make. And you saw offensively how fast we got back and made some chunk plays. A nice little gimmick play there to start the second half that we have been repping for quite a while. Where Baker [Mayfield] threw a pass to himself and then he threw a shot down the field for a touchdown, we were right back in it. I wish it would have gone different at the end of the half on the defensive touchdown, but that is what it is. We made a really good, nice play down there on the goal line and [Jabrill Peppers] scooped it up and was gone in the other direction, but they blew it dead. At least we got the ball back on the challenge on that. This team is a no-give-up team. You saw all the energy and all the drive and all the continued enjoying and supporting each other. Respect and trust are earned, and there are a few young guys in there today that really did from a few of the old guys earned some respect and trust by their efforts and toughness, and they continued to pound it all in there. Close game, and give Baltimore some credit. As I told you before, at the start of this week, I think John [Harbaugh] and his staff have just done a phenomenal job on what they've done and how they turned around the season. They've done a very good job of coaching to the skill set of the players that they have. And they won the takeaway battle. We need another takeaway and another stop and congrats to them."

(on whether he thought letting Greg Joseph have a try at the long field goal): "We did, but we put it in Baker's [Mayfield] hands. That was my choice. That's who I wanted to see with the last opportunity. No, it wasn't within the range. I put it on Baker. We've just got to make that play. They made a nice play."

(on what he is seeing in Baker): "He's just scratched the surface. If you think he's satisfied with that, there's no way, no how. He wants to keep on playing. That's who he is. I'll make sure I say something to him on the plane ride home, because everybody needs a pat on the back. Even when you are as competitive as that young man. And he is competitive."

QB Baker Mayfield

(on the last play that ILB C.J. Mosley intercepted): "We knew they would blitz us on every play that is there M.O. They were giving us one-on-one match ups all over the field. The play that hurt was the pass to [Jarvis] Landry."

(on playing in the playoff atmosphere): "Obviously, we would have like to have won. But, there are a lot of positives we can find from this game. Playing on the road, in this kind of atmosphere, we put ourselves in a position to win. When we fell behind, we never gave up. We just kept playing hard."

(on setting the record for touchdown passes for a rookie): "It's pretty special to me, considering some of the other guys that are on that list. But it's not just me, even though I get credit for the record. A lot of guys helped me. On the offensive line, the running backs and receivers, this is their record too."

(on whether or not this is the first game of a rivalry between him and QB Lamar Jackson): "Lamar [Jackson] is a great player. He did so many great things today, running the ball and passing the ball. I think it's going to be me versus him for a while in this division, and I am looking forward to it."

(on his style opposed to QB Lamar Jackson): "Everyone sees it differently. Quarterbacks are different. It's all about winning, winning is the most important thing. Lamar [Jackson] is a winner."

RB Nick Chubb

(on not giving up at any point during the game despite trailing): "We never stopped. We just kept fighting, kept pushing. We knew we were going to have to come back and make some plays. We ended up getting one [score], but you've got to finish."

DB Jabrill Peppers

(on whether the Browns have caught the AFC North's attention with this strong finish): "Absolutely. Pittsburgh knows they snuck away that first time. They got us that second time. This game could have gone either way. We gave them two quick scores early in the game, then got adjusted to what they were doing, holding them to field goals the rest of the way. You know, defense wins championships, and they made a great play defensively with two minutes left. That's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes."

(on the goal-line fumble of QB Lamar Jackson being blown dead after it happened): "I can't believe they blew it dead. Plays like that, usually, they let them finish, and then review it afterwards to determine whether he got in or we scored. But they blew the play dead. That's a big moment in the game, and in my opinion, it was a six-point swing right there. It would have been [20-14]. It is what it is. Things haven't gone our way all year with the officials, so I'm not going to cry about it too much. We still had [opportunities] to win that game otherwise, but it is what it is."

(on the Ravens' offense with QB Lamar Jackson at quarterback): "It was definitely different. You see the speed on film, but it's another thing to be out there with him. They hit us on two big plays early on, two quick scores, but we adjusted nicely. We made great second-half adjustments. What they're doing with him is definitely effective. They run a lot of misdirection plays, zone reads, which mess with defenders' eyes, so you really have to be disciplined when you play these guys. They got this one. We'll see them next year."

WR Jarvis Landry

(on the close game): "I had the opportunity before halftime to put six points on the board. I just didn't make the play."

(on the loss): "I'm a competitor. I feel like I had an opportunity to put us in position to win this game. And regardless of how it plays out, if I catch that ball and score a touchdown, we would win by four or five."

(on the Browns' play in the AFC North): "We play everybody tough, especially in the AFC North Division. These types of games, you have to find ways to finish. If I make that play before the half, we'd be celebrating."

WR Breshad Perriman

(on his touchdown catch): "It's something we drew up in practice. It's something we'd seen on film that they have a hard time covering the seams, and we took advantage of it."

(on his catch near the end of the game near the sideline): "Basically, it was just a scramble drill. I saw Baker [Mayfield] rolling out, and I just stopped, and he put it on the money."

(on the play of Baker Mayfield): "Baker's a force. He's a beast. He goes out there with a killer mentality, and everybody just follows behind him. He makes great throws, [and] does a good job leading this team."

(on returning to play in Baltimore): "It was great. I wish it would've ended a little better. It was OK."

(on the fans' reaction to him): "You know how they cheered me. I expected it."

LB Joe Schobert

(on the play of QB Lamar Jackson): "He's very slippery. He's a very athletic dude. I think he made a lot of good decisions. They didn't try to throw it too much, but when they did, he made some pretty good throws. [The Ravens] are going to be a pretty good team in the playoffs."

DT Larry Ogunjobi

(on the play of QB Lamar Jackson): "I played against him in college. He's one of those kinds of guys. While the ball is in his hands, he likes to make plays with his feet. The option is hard, because you think one guy has the ball, but he really doesn't, so you just have to have better eyes."

G Joel Bitonio

(on the game): "It was a battle. It's a testament to [the Ravens]. We went out there and tried to go toe to toe and came up a little short. Every time I go out there, I feel like we're going to score. On the last drive, I felt like we had a good chance. We had been moving the ball well. We were one play away from getting into field goal range. It was a tough way to end, but I had confidence in our ability to go down there and get points."

(on playing in the AFC North): "It's a battle every year. I think it's one of the toughest divisions in all of football. We beat each other up, and they've got to understand when they play the Browns, it's going to be a battle, just like every other team in the division."

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