What The Browns Said After Ravens' Comeback Win


Head Coach Hue Jackson

(Opening statement)
"We are not going to complain or anything about the calls or anything like that. I just think we have to play better. We started off like a house of fire the first half, and then we weren't able to maintain it and finish it that way. That is what happens in the National Football League."

(On if the taunting call at the end of the game was fair)
"I'm not going to say if it was or wasn't. I haven't seen it. I've heard different sides of it, but they called it so we have to do a better job of making sure that we get the ball to the official and go from there."

(On if the game came down to the blocked extra point and missed FG)
"I'm not going to say it directly did. There were a host of other plays, I'm sure, but when you look at the point swing, that is what people will point to will be the difference. Obviously, it had a huge effect on the game, but there were so many other plays that I saw that we were standing out there that we had chances at. We just have to continue to grow from it."* *

(On how close the Browns came to taking QB Josh McCown out of the game)
"I came very close until the medical staff told me that he is back up. He is out until he is up so there was a point he was out, and then they came back and said, 'Josh is back.' He went back out there and played."

QB Josh McCown

(On his left shoulder and arm)
"It is alright. I just fell on it a few times. I'll be alright, though."

(On what X-rays on his shoulder showed)
"I'm going to defer all of those questions to the medical staff. They will take a look at them and let me know what they find out."

(On if he ever questioned whether or not he would be able to return to the game)
"No, not really. It wasn't in my mind."

(On getting hit continuously and landing on his left shoulder and playing through discomfort)
"It think it is just not wanting to not be out there with your guys. I have a dad and an older brother who get up and go to work and sometimes they don't feel great and they go. They go and they grind. I have two little boys that are playing football now. They get hit and they get banged up, and I am trying to teach them what toughness means. For me, it is those things and just knowing the window for me right now and understanding that I don't want to miss snaps. I don't want to be out there without my guys. Unless it is going to fall off, let's try to make it work and make it go. That is my mentality." 

(On if he felt the Ravens defense was targeting his shoulder, specifically after the play when he was hit when giving himself up)"I don't know. I can't speak for them. I just know in that moment that I thought I had given myself up. I thought that was clear. More than anything, I just thought there would be a little bit more protection there from the refs, but they make their calls and we trust their calls and we move forward. I don't know. I can't speak for what their defense was doing. They are a hard-nosed defense. They play hard and they play physical. They did that today."

RB Isaiah Crowell

(On his 85-yard touchdown run in the first quarter)
"It was just a power play. The linemen did a great job blocking the double team, got a great push. I just owe it all to my linemen. I think it was them that really got the touchdown. I just ran it."

(On what the Browns offense accomplished early to jump out to a lead)
"We really had momentum just running the ball, throwing the ball, just everything. We were capitalizing, that's why I feel like we were able to get the lead."

DB Joe Haden

(On having the Ravens on the ropes)
"We felt pretty good, but at the end of the day, we knew they would make plays. I said before the game, Joe Flacco is a Super Bowl-winning quarterback. He is very comfortable with his game. He was able to matriculate and make a lot of plays."* *

(On the officiating)
"I try to leave that stuff out of it. If I am worried about the officials, then that is going to hinder my game. I just hope for the best, but you can only control what you can control. You just have to go out and make the next play."

WR Terrelle Pryor Sr.

(On the taunting penalty)

"I'm just saying there's other people that can catch a ball and spin it and look at players in the face. But if I get up and drop the ball – clearly I wasn't trying to drop it on nobody. But I'll let Coach Jackson handle that."

(On the shift in momentum after the blocked extra point)
"We have got to keep on fighting. Defense played a phenomenal game. Hats off to the defense. Special teams played awesome. We have got to step up on offense and that is on us."

(On the Browns liking their chances on the final drive)
"I thought we were going to go down there. We were on the way."

WR Corey Coleman

(On his first regular-season game at FirstEnergy Stadium and his performance)"I would rather take the win than the way I played, but it didn't work out that way. We are going to go back to the lab and keep on working."

(On the momentum shift in the third quarter)
"We just have to keep on going and have to finish better. We played a great team, and we just have to focus on finishing."

LB Demario Davis

(On what happened during the Ravens' comeback)
"We started fast, but we have to find a way to be consistent. There were a couple plays in there that we needed to get back. We just need to find a way down the stretch to get off of the field. I have to look at the film and find different ways that I can get better in order to help this unit out. Our defensive guys played phenomenal, but it wasn't good enough. I have to find ways to help out a little bit more."* *

(On Ravens QB Joe Flacco's play)
"He has been an elite quarterback in this league for a long time. For a guy to be an elite quarterback and have that type of consistency, it tells you the kind of toughness that he has. I have nothing but respect for them and the way they play. They fight until the very end and you have to give them credit."

DL Danny Shelton

(On the Browns defense's performance)
"I definitely think we fought out there. Nobody went out there with a mindset that we are going to let them walk away with a win. We tried our hardest to bring that W."

(On the pressure put on Flacco)
"He is a veteran quarterback and he knows how to play his position. He got the ball out quickly and we had to continue to push the pocket. We didn't come out with the win, but we have to continue to fight to be a dominant defense."

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