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What the Browns Said After Their Hard-Fought Loss

Left: Browns QB Baker Mayfield; Right: Browns DE Myles Garrett
Left: Browns QB Baker Mayfield; Right: Browns DE Myles Garrett

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski

(Opening statement)

"Obviously, very disappointed. We came here to get a victory, and we did not. Very hard-fought game on both sides. I appreciate how the guys battled, but we just did not do enough to get a win. We made mistakes, really from myself to the coaches to the players to the offense, defense and special teams. We just were not clean enough to beat a good team, and that is disappointing. It is almost going to be midnight here and it is almost going to be Tuesday, and we have a game coming up on Sunday. We will own this, and we will move on and put all of our efforts into next week." 

On how QB Baker Mayfield battled back tonight after the interception:

"He did battle. On that interception, I will tip my cap to them. That was a good defensive call. It was a great play by [Ravens OLB Tyus Bowser] dropping on a Fire Zone. We got fooled there. I got fooled there. Again, you mentioned it, Baker kept battling and was leading the team, and we were moving the ball."

On Ravens QB Lamar Jackson's performance tonight:

"He is a great player. Again, reigning MVP. We know he is great. We played him before, and he made a bunch of plays. Again, I give them credit."

On the Ravens fourth-and-4 touchdown conversion after the two-minute warning:

"We blitzed. He made a play. Not exactly sure what happened on that play. We will look at it and get to the bottom of it, but he should not be able to escape the pocket like that. Disappointing. Those are the mistakes that we have to clean up."

On the Ravens' final series and Ravens K Justin Tucker's game-winning kick into the Dawg Pound:

"We knew he is obviously a great player so we knew where his range was. We were trying to keep him out of that range, and they made a couple of nice plays there. We just have to do better."

On if he allows himself to acknowledge that the team played well at times tonight and Jackson just made some incredible plays at key times:

"No doubt. This is a player's league, and guys are going to make plays. We knew that going into it that you are not going to pitch a shutout versus Lamar Jackson. He is going to get his. Having said, that there are a bunch of plays I know we can do better. We have to really look at those and make sure that we correct those mistakes." 

On Jackson coming back from the being in the locker room late in the fourth quarter to finish the game-winning drive:

"That was strange. I knew he was in the locker room. Did not know he was coming back. Unfortunately, their player (Ravens QB Trace McSorley) got an injury there and then [Jackson] was back in and made a play. He is a good player – I know that is not breaking news. We just have to put the focus on us and what we can do better."

QB Baker Mayfield

On the fourth quarter and going back and forth with Jackson:

"A back and forth game. We were trying to do whatever it took to win in that second half. I know we left a lot of points on the board in the first half. I played pretty sloppy in the first half. That turnover, that really, really hurt us. I have to be better. When you play a team like that, Lamar is an unbelievable player and he is just going to make a lot of plays. You go into that game knowing that you are going to have to score points. We win as a team and we lose as a team. We just have to be better, and that is that."

On takeaways from tonight' game going forward:

"Obviously, the second half, we did what we needed to on offense, but like I said, we just left so much out there. Turning the ball over – we have talked about it – it hurts you. That one hurts me, and it hurt the team. We just have to build on the fact that this team fights. I am really proud of this team for fighting. That is what I would take out of this game, but we just have to be better."

On the interception:

"They did a good job of dropping out, showing a look with three big guys on the edge on the left side. No. 54 (Ravens OLB Tyus) Bowser made a great play. I just have to be able to see him dropping in underneath that stop route and take care of the ball. Plain and simple, just take care of the ball and give ourselves a better chance to win. They got points off of that so it sucks."

On Jackson's performance tonight, including when returning from the locker room to finish the game-winning drive:

"He is an unbelievable player, an unbelievable guy. His work ethic is unreal. Obviously, he is extremely talented. It was like a scene out of a movie. I hate that for (Ravens QB) Trace McSorley. Praying that he is OK. As soon as he went down, you could see Lamar come trotting back onto the field. It was like geez. He is a great player. You are just going to have to try to contain him. You are never going to be able to stop guys like that. He is just a great player."

DE Myles Garrett

On the Browns defense's performance tonight:

"It was not good enough. They won. They put up 40 on the board. We did not get the stops we needed to win the game."

On his reaction when Jackson came out of the locker room for the fourth down play:

"We have to stop him. It was the same as when he was in the rest of the game."

On what made Jackson so difficult to cover tonight:

"Everybody saw. The man is dynamic. That is what he has been doing all year and his whole career."

On if tonight felt like it was a classic or dramatic game:

"It felt like it was a playoff-like game – two teams battling for a spot. It was a good game."

On if he was surprised to see Jackson return to play in the fourth quarter:

"Not at all. The guy is a playmaker, a former MVP. He is going to go out there and be that guy."

RB Nick Chubb

On Mayfield's performance:

"He fought, just like everybody else. We follow Baker's lead. We had a little adversity throughout the whole game, but that didn't steer us away from what we wanted to do. We kept fighting to the end. This team competed today. Props to the Ravens. They played hard and ended up winning."

On his reaction when Ravens Jackson came out of the tunnel to finish the game-winning drive:

"He is great. He is definitely a game-changer and a big playmaker. He came out and made a great play on us."

On whether or not this game made a statement to the rest of the division that the Browns will be competitive moving forward:

"We have certainly improved from the first time we played them, but we still have a way to go before we get where we all want to be. This game did show that we can come out and fight and compete with some of the better teams in this division."

On if it is a heartbreaking loss and if he is concerned about the team's playoff chances after the loss:

"It is hard. I always say that the close losses are harder than getting blown out. We have to take it one game at a time. I don't know where we are right now [in the playoff scenarios], but the only thing that matters is the next game. We will focus on the next game and figure everything else out after that."

RB Kareem Hunt

On how this game will help prepare the Browns for tough matchups moving forward:

"Honestly, I think that was a good test. We just have to find a way to win that game. We have been in that situation now, and next time, we have to make it happen and find a way to win that game."

On whether the Browns proved something tonight given the result in Week 1:

"We believe we can play with anybody. Honestly, this just shows that we can play with anybody. We have to find a way to win those type of ball games like that."

On Jackson's performance and returning to finish the game-winning drive:

"He is a big time player. He is a heck of a player, and we have to find a way to disrupt some of those big plays right there at the end when he came back. Hats off to him."

DT Sheldon Richardson

On what the Browns defense was unable to do in order to contain Jackson:

"Stopping him running. Like I told you Week 1, he is a run quarterback. He had 88 yards passing. Pretty much, he beat us with his feet, like I thought he would."

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