What The Browns Said After Wild Finish


Head Coach Mike Pettine

(opening statement)
"Tough one to wrap your brain around. Frustrating. Our guys battled back, came back from some deficits but didn't finish it. That's the frustrating thing. A lot of little things, but anytime you give up 14 points when your defense isn't on the field, you're not going to win a lot of football games. Like I said, frustrating, hard to look at the men in the room to see just the look on their faces of being that close and coming up short, the competitiveness, the pride, that's a tough one to deal with."

QB Austin Davis

(on if WR Travis Benjamin was wide open on the touchdown pass in the fourth quarter)
"Yeah, he looked really open. He looked open, the 'please don't miss him' he's so open. Pulled his coverage, and I had a little pressure from the left and stepped up underneath it. He did a good job getting behind him, a lot of fun. Wish we could have finished it off."

(on QB Josh McCown's injury)
"First and foremost, hope Josh is healthy. We obviously don't know exactly the extent of his injury. Probably one of the toughest guys that I've ever played with. You pretty much have to drag him off the field. His arm was falling off, and he went back out there and tried to keep fighting and keep playing. He's also helped me a ton to get where I am in this offense and learning it. Just wish the best for him. Hope he gets healthy."

K Travis Coons

(on the final field goal attempt)
"It wasn't different. It's the same kick every time. I just hit it the way I usually hit it, and it got blocked."

(on if the kick felt rushed)
"No, it felt like a regular kick. We were driving down the field, and I didn't know where we were at the time. Then, they called the field goal team, and we went out there and did what we could."

(on how the Ravens timeout affected his attempt)
"Nothing, it just gives me more time to find my line."

(on if he was surprised his kick was blocked)
"I was actually really surprised. It felt really good coming off of my foot. I don't know what happened, whether it was me or if they just did a really good job and blocked it."

LB Karlos Dansby

(on the loss)
"It's a tough one. We're going to have to do some soul searching. Guys really have to get ready for this adversity and this opportunity that we have to show what kind of character we have as men. We've got to bounce back."

(on the field goal at the end of the game)
"They made a play. It's a game of inches. They got their inch."

OL Alex Mack

(on the loss)
"This is a big one. We would've liked to get more yards on offense, get the field goal a little closer. I think with the distance, you had to push it. Would love to see the replay. Thinking you're going to win, expecting overtime, it's the worst case to have it rebound like that and it's unfortunate."

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